13 million euro Mega Moolah Jackpot cracked in January 2019

At the end of January, the Microgaming Jackpot dropped relatively suddenly. Now Details about the first Mega Moolah Jackpot winner 2019 have been announced. One player had won € 13.3 million at Zodiac Casino. Here are a few details about winning and paying out through the Mega Moolah Jackpot network so far.

In January 2019, all players watched the Mega Moolah Jackpot with excitement as it had risen to over 20 million euros or pounds. However, it was somewhat strange that, after the release, he had already risen again to more than 8 million euros. Accordingly, the profit had to be made in a different currency, as this is the only way that such a phenomenon can occur.

Ultimately, when paying out Jackpots at Microgaming, it is always the Jackpot amount in the Online Casinos is the same, around which you play, but the currency may be different. Before the withdrawal, the winning amount is then converted into Euro at the current rate and paid to the player. It happens that some of the sums paid out are lower than actually shown to other players around the world. The difference is not lost, but remains in the Jackpot pot and is then paid out if necessary next Time.

Where to Play Mega Moolah Jackpot Slot

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Player has won about 20 million Canadian dollars at the end of January 2019

Most likely, a Canadian player at Zodiac Casino will be playing at the casino on September 30. ^ A b c d e f g h i n a n c i A L s tat E M E N T s. Due to the conversion,it was “only” 13,328,028.16€. About the winner no longer known.

This is the 68 millionaire that was created by Microgaming’s Jackpot network. Unfortunately, he is unable to reach the best Mega Moolah winner to date from September 2018 through the currency in which he won. There, a player in the Grand Casino Mondial had won more than 18.9 million euros. It is, therefore, in addition to the current world-record winning at Mega Moolah (which was still won by Jon Heywood at Betway in October 2015 with 17.880.800 euros), the third-highest payout on Mega Moolah.

Only from Zodiac Casino there was a brief comment on the jackpot win:

We are speechless after we made another big win at Zodiac Casino and the first Mega Moolah Jackpot in 2019! What an exciting ride. We could no longer be happy for the winner who has been playing with us for a long time! Breaking the Jackpot in less than 30 minutes is just incredible. Congratulations from Zodiac Casino!

Microgaming Jackpot network pays 1 billion euros in winnings

Microgaming is currently particularly proud of the jackpot network established in 1999. In the meantime, you have paid out more than 1 billion euros only by the Jackpots to players. With the 1 billion milestone, you can now be the largest online Jackpot network, which has paid players the most money so far.

Since 1999, 68 Jackpot millionaires have been created by the network, so you have created an average of 3.4 millionaires per year within the last 20 years and paid out about 50 million euros annually to the players.

For the anniversary it is certainly very impressive figures, on which the managing director of Microgaming John Coleman is quite proud:

What an amazing milestone for Microgaming’s progressive Jackpot network! We are incredibly proud that the total disbursements exceed the EUR 1 billion mark. Congratulations to all lucky Mega Jackpot winners who have participated in this remarkable story. The network has seen life – changing profits since 1999, including thousands of five-and six-digit amounts, and we look forward to expanding this remarkable success in the future with the development of even more innovative and rewarding player experiences for players.


As beautiful as a Jackpot prize may be, it is as rare as a jackpot at the end of a Lotto. The payout percentage of Jackpot Slots is usually worse than with other Video slot machines and often you lose all your money on the Slot because you only hope for the Jackpot. Therefore, be careful when playing the Slots. Although you can play Mega Moolah sometimes long, because you get winnings again and again, but the receipt of the jackpot is associated with a lot of luck.

I personally have played Mega Moolah several times, but find the Slot relatively boring. If he didn’t have the big potential with double-digit million wins, I wouldn’t play him at all. Ultimately, the look of the slot is not exactly special and the Gameplay is also not very innovative. Slot machines with Jackpots like Hall of Gods by NetEnt, Gunslinger Reloaded by Play ‘ n GO or Ozwin’s Jackpots by Yggdrasil are much better here, even though the Jackpot sums are usually lower.

But in the end everyone has to decide for themselves whether to play Jackpot Slots and which ones he likes. However, as always in the field of gambling, you should only use money, which can be dispensed with.
In the end, we want GambleJoe the anonymous winner of the jackpot. Hopefully, he will make his win well and not end up like a few Jackpot winners who have lost everything in the end.

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