2017 AffiliateCon Sofia Conference Coming September 12 in Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria will be home to the 2017 AffiliateCon conference. This is especially an interesting point that will make for a big deal with regards to how casino operations can run over time.

2017 AffiliateCon Sofia

The event is going to include a number of private meeting spaces and should especially be prominent as it is offering a number of special opportunities for affiliates to get together and work with a number of plans for marketing casino activities. The event is particularly being held in Sofia where many parts of the online gaming market have been growing in.

This is not being treated as a trade show but rather as an event where numerous promotional activities are to be held at. It is going to particularly be held at the Sofia Event Centre, a popular meeting space right in the middle of the capital of Bulgaria.

AffiliateCon – Connections To Work

The efforts from AffiliateCon have planned on being to help with establishing a number of connections between companies. This is to work with creating new affiliate programs and to prepare a number of plans for making it easier for the gaming industry to continue to develop and grow over time. This is all about making it so the online game industry can continue to build and thrive.

A number of prominent operators are to participate in the conference. These include such groups as Spilleren, Ladbrokes Partners and Kindred Partners among others. Additional details on who is going to participate in the event and what they will have to offer are expected to be published in the future.

Key Scheduling Points

There are a few points about the schedule for the conference to take a look at. The event is to be held September 12-13 and is planning to start at 10am with an event for networking. It works with the intention of setting up meetings between many people in the casino industry.

Stage presentations will then start at noon. Another networking and meeting outing will then take place after that break. Some added entertainment will take place until 6pm when the day ends. An evening party will also be held for additional opportunities to get people to talk with each other.

There are going to be more meetings for networking during the second day while keynote speeches are to be held during the later part of that day. Details on what the speeches are to be about and who will deliver them have not been listed but it will be interesting to see what can be offered during those speeches.

This AffiliateCon conference is one of the more appealing events to look forward to with regards to getting more out of the casino industry. The potential for more casino groups to get to know one another will certainly be fascinating and worth looking into in terms of what can develop over time.

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