3 Reel or 5 Reel Slots

3 Reel or 5 Reel Slots – What is the Question!

3 Reel or 5 Reel Slots

We’ve all had that moment when we arrive at our online gambling site of choice, scan over the massive list of slot machines and been at a loss to figure out where to start. It’s okay. We’re here to help. While there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a game, a good way to whittle down your list of potential machines is to decide whether you’re looking for a 3 reel or 5 reel slots. While the basic premise of both games is the same, the experience can be dramatically different between the two. Unsure which type is right for you? Let us break it down for you to help you make up your mind.

3 Reel Slots

Those coming from the old school or looking for an introduction to the world of slot machines need look no further than 3 reel slots. Based on the original slot machines from the days before digital screens, these games often feature just a single payline stretching across three spinning reels. While these games are traditionally more simple than their 5 reel counterparts, that doesn’t make them necessarily less exciting. Players can still hit some big paydays on 3 reel slots without sacrificing any of the thrill that comes with an extra pair of reels.

Advantages to 3 Reel Slots

  • The 3 reel slot machines’ simpler design makes it easier for new gamblers to understand, and is also a nice throwback for long-time slot players.
  • Players are generally limited in their betting options, meaning these games can be enjoyed as intended by players on a budget.
  • While players will generally win more often on 5 reel slots, 3 reel slots tend to pay gamblers more when they do hit, giving players the hope to get on a quick run and get a big payout.

5 Reel Slots

While the 3 reel slot machines can at times feel like relics from an earlier age, 5 reel slots have advanced beyond new frontier status and are now generally the most popular  option among online gamblers. Because the board is larger, 5 reel slots can create more diverse chances to win, with many games featuring upwards of 25 paylines for players to gamble on.

Advantages to 5 Reel Slot Machines

  • 5 reel slot games feature more reels (duh!) and also more paylines, creating more ways for players to win. Because of this, payouts are more regular on 5 reel slot machines.
  • These slots also generally feature more in the way of bonuses, such as free spins, bonus rounds, wild and scatter symbols, and, in some cases, progressive jackpot mini-games where millions of dollars might be paid out on a single play.
  • Because 5 reel slots are generally also video slots, the graphics and interface tends to be far more exciting. Some games, like Immortal Romance online slot, are even highlighted by clips from the movies they’re based on, creating a sense of entertainment that the 3 reel slots may lack.

Popular 5 Reel Video Slots:

Immortal Romance has a vampire theme to it albeit one with a ”dark take of love and intrigue”. What are the key features to look out for? The first one is the ‘Wild Desire’ which is randomly triggered but the star of the game is its ‘Camber of Spins’ feature. It’s triggered when you hit 3 or more Lion Door Knocker icons. What makes this feature tops is that it comprises of 4 levels each with its own character: Amber, Michael, Troy and Sarah. The good news is that the free spins can be re-triggered.

Avalon 2 online slotAvalon II is an updated version of the original Avalon video slot game from Microgaming. The player is greeted by Merlin as they start playing Avalon II, who becomes their guide throughout the mystic world that is the setting for the Avalon II online slot. The player takes part in the legendary grail quest, and will hopefully win some riches on the way. A great new take on a classic online slot game from Microgaming.Everything about Avalon II scream quality. The original Avalon slot has been one of the most successful launches for Microgaming ever, and Abalone II picks up on that success and updates it.

Twin Spin SlotTwin Spin Slot is designed with a total of 5 reels, 3 rows and a huge 243 ways to win pay line structure. The Win Ways are made by getting identical symbols anywhere on adjacent reels from left to the right.The coin values you can choose from when you set up Twin Spin are as follows: €0.01, €0.02, €0.05, €0.10, €0.20 and € 0.50.  When you increase bet level in amount of coins with the coin value, you can then calculate the minimum and maximum bets you can make whilst playing Twin Spin Slot.


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