7 Gambling secrets that no player will tell you

Discover the 7 secrets that will make you a successful Gamber: Forget luck – Gambling is hard work and dedication. When Don Johnson won $15.1 million in Blackjack in three Casinos in Atlantic City within a few months, his story was a kind of shock to the Gambling Community.

Not only was he virtually unknown – Johnson was also not a professional player and tried to play, neither to register nor to complex systems in which many Blackjack players trust. Asked about the secret of his success, Johnson answered that he simply needed only two things to beat the house: his own abilities and a good Plan.

Since then, Johnson has become a celebrity in the gambling world, and he was often seen celebrating with his new buddy Jon Bon Jovi (with whom he had once in a Bar a bill of over $270,000). In recent years, Johnson has been seen with Charlie Sheen, he also gave a birthday party in Las Vegas for the former Playmate, Pamela Anderson, and he even started his own fashion line. Definitely not bad for someone who was with 30 managers of a race track. Some would even say that he really lives the American dream.

Needless to say, there are many others who would like to follow Johnson’s footsteps and make such a life-changing profit.

Day after day, the casinos of Vegas and Atlantic City are full of people who share such dreams and hopes. Even more log in to Online Casinos – and while many end up making one or two fast dollars, the majority is without substantial profits. Then you inevitably wonder what these winners have in common and what the usual players lack? What do you know you don’t share with others?

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The fact is that there are no secret Tricks or Hacks that make the big players win. In fact, they win because they know and respect some holy principles of gambling.

1. But think

It may seem like an obvious finding, but it is incredible how many players influence their decisions in gambling from superstition.

The irony here is that in many Hollywood movies the main character gets into a streak of happiness as a result of their superstition.

In reality, nothing more is away from the truth than that. There is no place for superstition in gambling and it is difficult for you to find someone who is superstitious and successful. If you change your views very often and are easily influenced by the (misleading) forces of superstition, then gambling may not be right for you.

2. Focus

More than anything else, gambling requires focus and concentration.

Just like a Quarterback looking for the right Pass, you can’t afford to lose your concentration even for a Moment.

This means once you’re at the table, you can’t think about your problems at work, your child’s homework, or the mortgage due. When you play for money, your mind and eyes should only be focused on the Hand you have just been assigned.

3. Emotions

Each successful professional player treats gambling as a Sport, and the last thing they can use in the competition is that emotions prevail over them.

There will be bets that you win and also those that you lose, and if you let yourself be influenced by both, then the chances are that you will end up making bad decisions in the game.

If you’ve lost a few Bets, it’s better if you just start over again, instead of being mentally affected by it.

Think of the batsman in Baseball, who is attacking each new round with a fresh spirit. The only way to success for him is that he forgets his failures in the last round.

4. You accept the bad times

Ask any old player, how he survived at the tables, and he will tell you that how good you may be, it is inevitable that a bad run or even a whole bad year.

Any experienced player will tell you that it is simply impossible to avoid losses in the Bankroll. So if you think about money in the way you could buy all of it, and you don’t have the mental strength to cope with losses – then you might prefer not to play until this changes.

Similarly, it should not mean to you if your balance reaches a new high – that you pull off and spend it right away for the latest Ferrari.

In the gambling industry, things can turn from good to bad very quickly, and it is crucial to always maintain capital.

5. What do you mean? Building a Bankroll

…and since we’re talking about capital, you can’t play $5,000 hands in Blackjack if your entire Bankroll only consists of $50,000.

Most people suffer losses and ruin their gaming experience because they play with all the money they have, even with the one they need for food or rent.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see how easily this can lead to a disaster. Like Don Johnson said, “Casinos beat most people in the long run because the average citizen has no Bankroll. But I have my own Bankroll. If you can tolerate the Swings, you’ll win too.”

But after all, gambling is also a form of entertainment. If you want to take it seriously, then you should build your Bankroll gradually. And with Bankroll, we definitely don’t mean a credit card.
Many professional players start by saving 10% of their paycheck and depositing it into a separate account. Over time, a substantial sum will come together on this account, giving the player a risk-free Bankroll.

The same applies to all profits. A naïve player will probably go out and spend it on luxury goods and other things he will have forgotten in two weeks. However, a player with a long-term Plan will add this Extra winnings to his Bankroll.

6. What are you doing? Be disciplined

If you play to enjoy the competition and maybe make some money, then the thing should also treat accordingly seriously.

It is very tempting to take one or two Drinks … or even take gambling lightly, but even the youngest player can confirm that this is nothing but an easy recipe for disaster.

Gambling is a Sport in which the Person wins with the sharper mind and a secure Bankroll. And if you like to drink half a bottle of Jack Daniels during the card game, then the chances are that you end up with a very thin wallet.
If you make a bet, then you should do it as a result of logical thinking. Only doing it because they felt obliged to do anything, or because they wanted to compete against their fellow player are the wrong reasons.

This is one of the Golden rules of gambling – make a Bet, if it makes sense. To leave the game, Thinking his Ego is an absolute disgrace. As Jim Wortman, a renowned gambling expert said, “many people have the Knowledge and the Bankroll, but they fail because they suffer from a lack of discipline.”

7. Record

If you follow all of our advice and smile at your luck, you will most likely find a lot of money in your pockets. However, it is not time to celebrate – not yet.

If you have made no precise records of your wins and losses, then you will get problems in the paper-war when it comes to taxes.

It does not matter whether you have achieved your winnings in a Live Casino or at an Online provider. There is a myth that Online winnings do not have to be taxed – but that is not correct.
Therefore, it is very important that you keep records of your profits and losses so that you are always on the safe side in the event of such cases.

In the end, gambling is like any other sport you exercise because of some extra money. The advantage is that with some planning and knowledge you can win a decent amount of money.

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