Alternative deposit options to PayPal-Neteller & Skrill Casinos 2018/19

PayPal as a payment service provider has withdrawn from the Online gambling market for German players. The reasons are obvious, the damage caused by chargebacks will have been too great for the e-Wallet. Here are some alternatives.

The withdrawal from PayPal to the German Online gambling market is not surprising. Various players had had four-digit to high five-digit sums posted back by PayPal through the banks. GambleJoe had spoken out against such practices in the past. If you play for money, you can lose it – this is the risk you take when using Online Casinos. The posting back of losses from a payment provider is thus morally on a level of fraud. Especially since you do not even damage the Online Casino, but only a payment service provider.

On 17. On December, PayPal will bid farewell to the Online gambling market for German players. Since it is one of my favorite payment options, I have to look for new e-Wallets at the latest, with which I can also deposit quickly and easily. Therefore, I present in the following Neteller and Skrill once more.

What is the Alternative to PayPal

PayPal is a fast and easy way to pay Online. Ultimately, you can store there a credit card or checking account, from which money can be debited. In general, PayPal therefore goes in advance, immediately sends the money to the Shop or Online Casino and then book it from the deposited account. In Online Casinos, the Option was particularly popular because you did not have to deposit any bank details or credit card details with the gambling provider. In addition, deposits were immediately on the casino account. Withdrawals were usually within a few hours on the PayPal Account.

I had already reported in the past about free current accounts with debit card to control the cost of gambling on the Internet. These providers would still be an Option to Gamble. However, you always have to specify card details and thus the deposit is much more protracted.

If you are looking for a similar convenient way to deposit, you should turn to Skrill and Neteller. These are PrePaid e-Wallets on which you have to download money to use them. It is not a 100% Alternative to PayPal. But since the payment service providers ‘ business model is largely based on gambling, the two options will always be available in some Online Casinos. In the following I present Skrill and Neteller shortly, showing how to register there and which Online Casinos offer the payment option.

Neteller as a PayPal Alternative

Neteller is now a brand of Paysafe Financial Services Limited. It is a British company based in Cambridge. It was originally founded in Canada in 1999 and moved to the United Kingdom in 2004. In 2015, the merger came with Skrill, the largest competitor until then. Since 2015 both brands belong to the Paysafe Group, which also offers the Paysafecard System.

The Paysafe Group is currently regarded as an authorised electronic financial institution. You don’t have a banking license like PayPal!

For this reason, you must first upload money to the Skrill account in order to be able to deposit it online at a Shop or online Casino. The payment service provider is now offered in 200 countries with 26 different currencies.

In 2003, the NET+ Card was also introduced (then called the Neteller Card). This is a digital MasterCard debit card, which can be used as a payment method in many Shops. A new card number is generated for each transaction so that the payment option is more secure. Otherwise, you can also receive a Prepaid Mastercard via Neteller.

How to register with Neteller?

To register, simply go to the Neteller website and click on the Register Button. There you have to select an E-Mail address, a password and the account currency. In addition to personal data, an address and a telephone number are requested.

The registration is confirmed immediately, you get a Neteller ID and get the relevant data sent once again by Mail. After that you can log in with the Mail and the password. In the area of cash receipts you can then choose between 11 different Deposit types. There are VISA, Klarna, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Giropay, sofort, Neosurf, flash, transfer or classic Transfer.

If you want to specify an account for withdrawal, this can take one day. Neteller then posts a certain amount to the corresponding account. You must then specify this exact amount in the account and have the money transferred again. Costs are not incurred for the operation. But it takes time to complete it. The System only serves to confirm the account.

How much does the e-Wallet cost?

Creating a Neteller account is free of charge. However, a fee of 2.5% will be charged for deposits. Transactions via Neteller to the Shops or Online Casinos are made without fees, unless the payee himself charges. Payments from Neteller to the bank account are then calculated with at least 50 cents, but it is usually 1.45% per transaction.

For the Prepaid Mastercard Neteller charges a shipping and handling fee of 10 Euro and an annual card fee of 8 Euro.

If Neteller has been inactive for 13 months, the company will charge inactivity fees as of next month. However, you will receive an E-Mail beforehand. In most cases, US $ 30 is indicated as an administrative fee, but these will only be debited if there is still money in the account. Otherwise, there are no charges. Many Online Casinos have similar rules for inactive accounts on which there is still money.

The Neteller Bonus Program

I have kept myself at the cost of the Standard rates, which everyone gets once after the deposit. However, if one can show a corresponding annual turnover, the fees for transactions will be reduced. Neteller’s loyalty program includes 5 VIP levels. From a turnover of $ 10,000 in the year you reach the Bronze level, $ 50,000 in silver, $ 100,000 Gold, 500,000 Platinum and $ 2 million in the year-Platinum.

With each level there are new perks. As of silver status, Neteller’s own account is free of charge. In addition, you get all credit cards without charge. From the Gold level you also have a VIP Manager.

Online Casinos with Neteller

All gambling providers game with the payment provider are summarized on the comparison page for Neteller Casinos. Nevertheless, I have once again created an overview of the various Casinos with their deposit limits and the fees:

[portholes included_tags=”667,521,42,12″]

Skrill as PayPal Alternative

Skrill was founded in 2001 under the name of Moneybookers. Since February 2003, the London-based company has a licence as an electronic money institution and can be used for payment in the Online market. In July 2012, the acquisition of the Austrian Paysafecard group by Skrill was announced. In February 2013, it was then completed. Surprisingly, in August 2013, Skrill was sold for $ 600 million to private Equity Investor CVC Capital Partners. In 2015, the Skrill Group was taken over by the Optimal Payments Group, which later became the Paysafe Group.

The payment methods Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard are now part of the same company. Skrill is also a PrePaid E-Wallet like Neteller.

How to register with Skrill?

To register with Skrill, you simply have to enter your first and last name, email address and password. You can log in immediately, the e-Mail does not need to be verified beforehand.

As soon as you want to deposit there, you will be asked for the address and date of birth. Once you have entered the data, you can specify further Details. Opening the account is also easy and takes only a few minutes. Additional ID Checks are not performed.

Deposits can be made via credit or debit cards, Rapid Transfer, Neteller, Klarna, Trustly, Giropay, Bitcoins or manual bank transfer. Except for the classic bank transfer, the money is immediately loaded into the account. The Bank Transfer can take 2 to 5 days.

What are the costs of the e-Wallet?

Registration is completely free. However, there is a fee of 1% on deposits to the Skrill account. Especially the first deposit takes significantly longer than with Neteller. More problematic are the fees for withdrawals, which amount to 5.50€ for each transfer, as well as 7.50% for withdrawals via VISA. It is also important here that you remain active, for inactive accounts a fee of 3 Euro per month is charged, so you should log in to the account or make a transaction about it once within 12 months at least.

There is also a digital Skrill Prepaid Mastercard. For 10€ you can apply for it. An annual fee of € 10 will be charged for the credit card. It is less than one Euro per month, which is to be wasted from my point of view.

The Skrill Bonus Program

There is also a bonus program at Skrill, which is based on monthly turnover, if you transfer more than 6,000 euros per quarter via the payment service provider, you get the rank Bronze. From just 15,000 euros per quarter, there is the rank of silver, from € 45,000, silver and 90.000 Euro diamond.

With each new rank you can manage an account. In addition, you get a personal banking consultant, the transactions are settled preferably and from rank silver there are no more transfer or withdrawal fees. With the silver Status, the fees for the Skrill MasterCard be omitted.

Online Casinos with Skrill

There are now relatively many Online Casinos that allow deposits with Skrill. A good overview of gambling providers can be found on our comparison page with Skrill Casinos. Otherwise, I have in the following table the most important providers once summarized:

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Important: sometimes Skrill and Neteller are excluded from bonus promotions. However, this must be read in the bonus terms of the respective Online casino. Otherwise, the e-Wallets can usually be used without restriction.

There is also a good PayPal replacement for Low Stakes players

The problem is, in my opinion, that Neteller and Skrill always incur high fees. For this reason, I would also like to refer to the prepaid card system Paysafecard. You get the PrePaid cards in the value of 10 Euro to 100 Euro at many petrol stations and at various supermarkets, discounters or can buy them online.

I had already given Details to the System and the organization, as I have warned of the Paysafe generators. The only difference to PayPal is that you have to enter the 16-digit Paysafe card Code when registering. Otherwise, the procedure is similarly simple and you do not have to specify any bank details. A list of PaysafeCard Casinos can be found on our casino comparison page.

Similarly, Trustly, Giropay and Sofortüberweisung would be relatively good alternatives. In contrast to PayPal, however, you have to work with account numbers and PINs as well as TANs. You get used to it, but these possibilities are not quite so comfortable.

Conclusion: There are many Alternatives to PayPal

Although PayPal is still my most used online payment method, but for playing in Online Casinos I have some time already brought me a separate credit card, which I usually only use when gambling. This allows me to better assess and control the costs incurred. It should be similar simple about Skrill and Neteller too, so I find the two e-Wallets are a reasonable Alternative to PayPal.

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