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American Express CasinosAmerican Express (Amex) is a multinational giant in the worlds of Finance, Insurance and Travel. The corporation was founded 168 years ago, and in 2014 managed just under $36 billion in revenues. American Express offers a host of services but this review shall focus on using American Express credit cards for making deposits and withdrawals with casinos online.

After all, American Express is mostly known for its credit card service, which accounts for around 25% of total credit card usage in the USA (in terms of $ volume). Amex credit cards are among the world’s most popular, so one would be forgiven for thinking that Amex is a prevalent banking option with online casinos.

However, stringent US anti-gambling legislation serves as a deterrent for many establishments which do not permit Amex transactions.

How American Express Works

Using Amex credit cards to bank with online casinos requires more or less the same processes as using any other standard credit card. Once a player is registered with an Amex casino, he/she must select Amex as a banking option with the casino’s cashier. He/she will then be asked to enter the Amex card information required by the casino, which consists of the card number on the face of the Amex card, the expiration date (MM/YY) and the CVV code found at the back of the card, which with Amex, is a four-digit rather than a three-digit code.

The additional information required by the casino would normally consist of the cardholder’s name and billing address. Once this information is submitted, all that is left is for the player to indicate how much he/she would like deposited into his/her casino account. Making withdrawals with Amex is not a common affair. Many online casinos that accept Amex deposits do not permit withdrawals using Amex credit cards. More often than not, players would have to choose an alternative banking option to cash out. It is always advisable to inquire with your chosen online casino before making a deposit.

Transfer Times

Speed is one of the main reasons players would want to use an Amex credit card for online casino banking. It is one of the quickest methods to deposit, making funds available in your casino account in real time. Many report Amex transactions to be quicker than others made with competing credit cards too.

Customer Support

Amex offer direct customer care through telephone and list the telephone numbers corresponding to different country offices on their official website. Most of these lines are open on a 24/7 basis. This list, however, is far from exhaustive and numbers are not listed for all countries. In any case, it is advisable for players using Amex credit cards to seek help from the finance institution from which they would have acquired their Amex card. It is the card provider that should be the first port of call for any users seeking support.

Express yourself the American Way!

Amex credit cards are always recommendable, due to the company’s long history and brilliant reputation for speed, security and good service. Online gamers should be aware however, that the US’ UIGE Act of 2006 is not the only reason many casinos don’t offer Amex as a banking option. While all credit card companies may charge merchant fees for their cards’ use, Amex charge the highest ones (around 2.5%).

This deters many casinos from offering Amex as a banking option while it incites others to charge additional fees for using Amex cards. On the other hand, Amex users are rewarded for every transaction through an Amex rewards programme offering points for every dollar spent, which may then be exchanged for gadgets of travel packages. Also, if Amex users choose the right casino, they may be rewarded through deposit and reload bonuses

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