Apple banned gambling Apps from the iTunes Store

Apple had removed some gambling-related Apps from the iTunes Store at the end of last week, as they wanted to reduce fraudulent activity in the App Store. Private developers must therefore no longer offer gambling applications. As they pointed out, not only Gambling or Casino Apps were affected.

Only recently, Norway has succeeded in removing all gambling Apps from the iTunes Store for the country. The IT group is now seeking to further reduce the spread of illegal gambling. This includes not only real money Casino Apps, but also applications that are intended to simulate the casino visit only with Play Money.

You have adapted the guidelines of the App Store accordingly. However, the new rules only apply to individual developers. Verified accounts of registered companies can still offer gambling Apps. It is currently believed that the US group wants to ensure that applications with gambling content for iPhone or iPad are operated only by providers that are legally tangible and have obtained a license for gambling.

What new regulations can be found in the Apple App Store

Many Apps have been removed from individual developers. As a reason, Apple could only read in an e-Mail:

In order to reduce the amount of fraudulent activity in the App Store and meet the government’s demands to combat illegal online gambling activity, we no longer allow individual developers to submit gambling Apps. This includes both Real Money Apps and apps that simulate a gaming experience.

Private developers may no longer be able to offer gambling Apps, but other applications for iOS mobile devices, as long as they do not contain any type of casino game or sports betting. Europe-wide, some companies were affected by the Problem. For Germany, there are only a few real money Casino Apps in the iTunes Store, but there were a lot of games with slot machines.

The Apple App Store and the Casino Apps

In the terms and conditions of the Apple Stores, you can find relatively quickly the reason why there are only a few iOS Casino Apps in the :

5.3.4 Apps that offer real-money gaming (e.g. sports betting, Poker, Casino games, horse racing) or lotteries must have a valid license and permit of the place where the App is used, must be limited to this area and must be free available on the App Store. Illegal gambling aids, including card counters, may not be offered in the Apps Store. Apps for lotteries must require a consideration (e.g. a fee), be random and offer a prize.

This means that only Casino Apps in one Store may be offered here in Germany if the respective gambling provider has a German concession. Since until now only in Schleswig-Holstein licenses for online gambling have been granted, only providers with a current license from the state can offer an App for Download.

In the past, for example, the 888casino had provided an application for all players from the state in the Store for free. However, the 888casino is not a really recommendable gambling portal, so we would not advise to register there.

Some Apps have been removed incorrectly

On Twitter and other social networks, developers from all over the world reported that the gaming-related Apps were branded, even though they had nothing to do with it.

Simon Støvring, a developer from Copenhagen, said that his Gif-Sharing App called Giffrent was also sorted out. If you have any questions, please don’t tell him why the App was suspected of gambling. For him, it was an unfortunate mistake on the part of Apple, but it was now cleaned up.

The Polish employee Wojtek Pietrusiewicz, who works on the iMagazine App, which actually only provides News and articles for Poland, was also removed from the Store. It is said to have happened shortly after an Update of the News Portal had been removed and published. There was no warning that you might be considered a gambling App. Especially since you had not even provided gambling-related content. The developers think that the App has been removed, because it sometimes leads to websites and thus also games of chance could theoretically be called over them. Although the App had thousands of users according to its own data, it was 15 hours offline, resulting in angry comments from readers and a lot of Stress for the Team.

Niall Watchorn also had negative comments about the spell wave, because his App was actually intended to share Xbox Game recordings. It was reinstated after a few hours, but since the spread had just started a little drive, it was still very disappointing for him.

At least 10 other developers had contacted Støvring via the social media and said they had the same problems. When searching for gambling-related Apps, you are therefore shot a little beyond the goal.

Primarily removed apps with gambling related

Despite the discussions in the social media, it is assumed that primarily Apps with gambling content were removed. For example, a Poker simulation game called THTouch has also been removed. The developer Pit Garbe has said that it ultimately doesn’t matter whether you play for fun or real money gambling Apps from individual developers are prohibited, therefore, you have to find something Else to Offer.

The bugs in the selection of some Apps were concealed in typical Apple manners. Major damage had not been caused by software manufacturers, but it will have an impact on revenues and Download statistics.

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