They were “once” the leading site of reviews and they were in truth the players watchdog when rooke casinos thought they could get away with scamming players for their winnings …

It was back then, but today it sadly looks very different, they remove bad reviews against certain casinos, they give them right in complaints and close cases as resolved without these being in any way resolved …
An example, if you look at Casino Betchan, “which has a middle trustee.” This casino has no less than 27 resolved complaints.
What’s more strange is that this casino does not have 1 single bad player review since April 2017, where the last is to find out in the player’s reviews of the casino.


There are many less good and bad reviews written by many different players, and i know that for a fact!
“I even wrote several, but gave up when my 4 review was removed by Askgamblers staff”
They justify it by claiming violation of the rules, but if you write the exact same review, but with another casino’s name then there is nothing wrong with it, and it is allowed to remain standing.
Worse is that if you lodge complaints against these favored casinos, you think they really help one, but you are mistakenly mistaken for suddenly, the casino gets right in an irreparable accusation and Askgamblers closes the matter as resolved without the player having the opportunity to make a comment.

This was the case when I won 3000 Usd from Betchan casino.
I had turned 18 years of age some months back, moved away from home and played on the PC I had received in birthday gift.
It was so cool for 3000 Usd could pay my rent for almost 7-8 months, or I could buy new things for my apartment.
But that was not how it should be, I was denied the winnings that I had won in a fair way, and played from an account wich the casino already had verified.

I approached Askgamblers when I was sure they were there to help the players and thus me too, and it looked like this for a long time until suddenly the casino got right and excerpts of t & c beat up with 3-4 different options, and the case was closed as resolved without the opportunity to comment.

I found this completely conclusive and tried to search for other people who had experienced something similar, and found many.
I would appreciate that there were laws.

So to anyone considering using Askgamblers, you should know that they are runned by the big casinos, its their say that drive and dictate this page, and those who pay the most advertising money “which of Askgamblers earns money as affiliates every single time you and I are moved on to a casino website from the Askgambler’s website ”
It is also those who decide which complaints are being resolved and which reviews are allowed to stand.
As for example, Casino Betchan, a casino with so many “resolved” complaints, and yet you have to go down to the bottom of over 20 reviews and 1 full year to find 2 bad reviews as the only ones out of all that are written and has been allowed to stand back by the staff at Askgamblers 🙁

They are bought and deep in the pocket at the casinos and should not be allowed to bear the name Askgamblers, as this is totally contrary to reality.

No, you’d rather move on to a credible place like ex casinomeister, the-pogg-etc
This page loses credibility day by day, as players find out the real truthI!
Shame on you Askgamblers, as you dare to keep calling yourself.

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