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Best online casino bonuses

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The first online casino appeared in 1996. Then the first bet was made. But over three decades, the online gambling industry has grown so much that it began not only to compete with land-based gambling establishments, but also developed its own system of standards. Thanks to this system, there was a kind of standardization of online casinos.

Thus, the leading companies offering online gambling services, as a rule, use high-quality software, which nevertheless does not strongly distinguish the operator from others. In terms of design, certain standards have also been developed, not related to aesthetic preferences, but with the convenience of placing the keys. The range of games, of course, has expanded during the formation of the industry, but also is not a hallmark of the quality of online casinos.

The real hallmark of the online casino has become a bonus system. The best ones are those that allow you to withdraw funds in the shortest possible time with the help of convenient payment systems, as well as those that have a competent and generous bonus system.

Online casino bonus should not be confused with credit. Mainly because the loans should be repaid, and the bonus is a kind of gift from the casino. If the user loses the accrued funds, he does not remain in debt.

History of bonuses in online casinos

Many experts are of the opinion that the most successful are those online casinos that have adopted the experience of land-based gambling establishments.

It is believed that the first company to offer a bonus system as a solution was Playtech Software. The peculiarity of its work is that it began with cooperation with land-based gambling establishments. Therefore, when the online casino had a problem of monotony and had to stand out from the crowd of competitors, Playtech turned to the old-timers of gambling establishments, which at that time had already solved the secret: “give the client something, and he will definitely come back.”

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So, free drinks and free accommodation in the rooms of luxury hotels transformed into getting “free money” that can be spent on gambling. The secret of success spread like wildfire, so soon every online casino began to offer their bonuses-a myriad of rewards for everything: loyalty, regularity of games, the amount of time spent on the site and most importantly-for registration.

Psychological factor

Any person treats the given money less carefully, than to earned. Accordingly, the bonus money players often without fear of losing try something new, such as a game in which they have not previously played. In addition, there is a factor of carelessness: users become less cautious.

Initially, due to the high competition in the market, companies were constantly trying to offer something outlandish to stand out. Bonuses became more reckless, but over time, and this is standardized. In addition to standardization as a natural process in an orderly business, there were several other reasons for its emergence.

First, users stopped spending their own money at all, everywhere expecting a “planned handout” from online casinos. Secondly, because such phenomenon as abuse of culture of bonuses began to be traced. In other words, there was a cluster of users who created new accounts to receive bonus funds. At that time, only a few online casinos developed a policy of counteraction, which was why a lot of money was spent.

This abuse of bonus culture is also called casino farming. The industry has regulated this and many other excesses without giving up bonuses in principle.

Types of bonuses

Despite the fact that the initial bounties from online casinos in the form of an exorbitant number of bonuses have already been discontinued, there are many varieties of bonus programs. However, among other things, there are two main types of bonuses, each of which corresponds to a number of requirements. These are so-called Deposit and no Deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonus

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No Deposit bonus in the online casino can be offered in exchange for registration on the site. It’s a way to try new games without risking your own money. Thus, the user does not open his own account and does not make a Deposit to receive the promotion. If the user wins by placing a bet through the bonus, the online casino pays him the amount of winnings using payment systems under special conditions, among which may be “wagering” or making the first Deposit with a specified amount. In any case, since the security policy on online casino sites has been improved, in order not to be disappointed, it is always necessary to carefully read the terms of bonuses on each particular site. Another type of no Deposit bonus can be a bonus with a certain period of validity (a few days or a few hours).

Deposit bonuses


A common practice of online casinos is to provide bonuses for the first or subsequent deposits made. To do this, the operators offer to open an account and Deposit a certain amount, after which they double the funds as an incentive bonus.

On this type of bonuses, as a rule, there is an upper threshold, which is necessary to protect against high rollers.

The purpose of operators with this type of bonus is not to give the player money, but to encourage him to play, giving the opportunity to participate free of charge for a limited period of time. Typically, the requirements of bonus programs involve a certain number of games or bets that must be played before the user can withdraw funds. In addition to these main types of bonus, there are also monthly bonuses, bonuses for inviting and registering other users, as well as bonuses for special types of deposits.

Registration and bonus for a big win

Separate programs are special bonuses for high rollers and loyalty program, which involves the accrual of monthly payments to regular customers.

  • Reload bonuses. 


The first Deposit bonus on the site can be 200%, which in itself is unusual for online platforms. At the same time, the operator can additionally offer free spins, as well as bonuses for the second Deposit and subsequent ones (usually in a smaller percentage). In addition, as part of the loyalty program, some foreign operators offer a reward for each bet in the form of points with the ability to convert them into cash equivalent.

  • Percentage bonuses


In some establishments, the online casino bonus program offers a 100% first Deposit bonus, a 300% first Deposit bonus on larger amounts, and a 600% first Deposit bonus on particularly large amounts. The second Deposit has a 60% bonus. This solution is non-standard for the market.

Depending on the choice of payment system, the user can be given a bonus of 15% or 10% of the Deposit amount. A bonus is also offered for introducing new customers to the game. Usually it is $50, accrued after the new user makes the first Deposit. However, this solution is standard.


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