Best Online Slot Tournaments 2019

Going back a few years you’d probably associate a tournament with poker, right? But nowadays more and more online casinos are launching their own slot tournaments. But, what is a slot tournament? Whilst the precise details will change from casino to casino the general consensus remains the same; you compete against other players on selected online slots to get your name on a leaderboard. You can win a range of prizes with some tournaments offering a life-changing profit!

Getting to Grips with Slot Tournaments

There’s more to slots than meet the eye as most casinos now host online slot tournaments, but how do slot tournaments work? They’re an exciting feature of any casino and if you’re a slot machine fan, these could really put a spring in your step. 

A Slot tournament is usually fast-paced and offers a prize pot which can be split between multiple players. Your job is usually a simple one and that’s to spin the reels of selected slots to earn points against your opponents. 

Enter an online slots tournament to earn points against your opponents to win a prize.

Now the next question you’re probably asking yourself is how to win a slot tournament. Well, this one is a difficult one to give an exact answer to, but usually you just need to make it onto a leaderboard in a winning position. 

However, all slots tournaments are different. Some you may win by getting a high win/bet multiplier, others you might win by completing missions, others will also have their own rules too. What’s important here is that you read the rules before you take part in online casino tournaments. 

Top Tip: Spin those reels as fast as you can, because you want to jam in as many spins as possible during your allocated time to increase your chances of winning! 

Pay Attention to Detail

And this brings us nicely onto what exactly you need to pay attention to before you enter a tournament. Since each tournament is different, here’s a universal list which should pretty much apply to all tournaments and mobile casino slot tournaments too:

  • The Rules – Vital! You must read the rules before you enter any tournament, because chances are you’ll never find two of a same kind. Read the rules, understand them and it’ll avoid any disappointment further down the line
  • Is it a Buy-in or Freeroll – Another important factor you need to check. Some tournaments are completely free to enter, whilst others will charge you a buy-in fee. This means you’ll pay a fee out of your balance in order to take part. On the plus side these kinds of tournaments usually boast better prizes
  • The Prizes/Awards – Well, we all want to know what the prizes are! You should check this first, check how many prizes there are and how they’ll be distributed. Also, check when the prizes will be paid out and how
  • The Fun Factor – Is the tournament fun? Let’s face it, who really wants to take part in a boring tournament? If it doesn’t sound like something that’ll appeal to you look for another one. There’s plenty out there
  • Minimum Bet – Most tournaments will impose a minimum bet per spin. This can usually be found in the terms and conditions, so make sure you check this because, if you’re spinning under the minimum, they won’t count

Speaking of terms and conditions, you need to read them! Everything you need to know in order to enter will be in the terms, so make that a priority before you play. 

What Not to Do!

Finally, before we go, let’s just touch on the dangers that could lurk behind online slots tournaments. Almost all slot tournaments are fun and legit, but of course there’ll always be rogue ones too. 

How do you avoid a scam? Well that’s pretty simple actually. Make sure the casino you’re playing in is a reputable one and that’s what we’re here for. Just type in the casino at the top of our home page where you can check out our reviews and player reviews before you even get started. 

Make sure the casino is licensed before you play and, as we mentioned earlier, take a few moments to read the small print! If the casino looks dodgy and the terms are dodgy, that’s because it probably is. Play safe and have fun!

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