Bonus in the Online Casino-how to implement?

It is a Horror-scenario: You win a high amount in an Online Casino, but has played with a Bonus and it still has a relatively high amount. What is the best way to behave? I will tell you what strategy I have in such a

Today I received via my Facebook Account a request from a User, which it succeeded in one of the Online Casinos to win on Gamblers a relatively high amount of about 6.000€. Unfortunately, this User has accepted at his first deposit a Bonus in the amount of 300€, which he now has to implement 25x. With the following letter, this User has now turned to me:

Since the privacy of my visitors is important to me, I waive the naming of the user and the Online casino. The request in the following block of quotations is therefore slightly modified.

Hello Gamblers! I’d have a question for you. But before that I want to tell you that your Videos always talk very much! It’s really fun to watch your win: D!

Now on my question. I signed up for an Online Casino yesterday and deposited€ 300. With the welcome bonus I was then at ingesammt 600€. Now to the real Problem. I have now won 6.000€ (without ever getting below the 300€ limit) and played only on high amounts (2,5, and 10€).

My account is currently being confiscated. However, I’m not quite sure about the bonus terms… “The stakes have a different weighting depending on the game type, which is distributed as follows:” weighting for the Slots 100% is there.

Do you have any idea what I’m doing best? Currently, you still check my account (identity copy etc.) is afraid that I have to lose my money again by some mistake. Would be happy about an answer and possibly help from you! I also got pictures of the profit etc.!

Greeting a loyal viewer!

The good news is that this User has played at a Great and trustworthy Online Casino, and therefore not have to Worry about his profit. The bad news is, unfortunately, that he now has to make the deposit plus Bonus a total of 25 times. For a total deposit with a Bonus of€ 600, a total of€ 15,000 must be implemented. In plain text, this means that 15,000 spins must be made on an Online slot machine with a bet of€ 1 or 1,500 spins with a bet of€10.

A weighting of 100% means that with a turn of 1€, 1€ is also counted as turnover. In most Online Casinos, the weightings of Roulette or blackjack are lower. Is there a weighting of, for example. 50%, the same use of one Euro contributes only 50 cents to the turnover. Low risk bets such as Red and Black at the same time do not contribute, however.

How should we behave in this Situation?

The most stupid thing you can do is resign and downplay everything on the maximum bet, even if you realize, that the Slot at which you play high is not running.

Basically, it is quite feasible to implement a Bonus and is not as often suspected to make a Trick of Online casinos winnings impossible. I myself refuse bonuses today mostly, but have already won with it and once even more, than I originally wanted to pay out.

Of course, it will be difficult to implement such a high Bonus but with a current win of€ 6,000 quite feasible. Unfortunately, I can not make a profit promise or present this User a strategy, in which he will implement the Bonus 100%. I can only give at this point tips on how to meet his chances of increasing the sales conditions:

  • Make the sales to Online slot machines. So you are definitely on the safe side and everything is counted to 100% of the sales.
  • Be more careful with the operations. The Slots often change and test if it runs well raise bets. As soon as it runs worse again, unscrew the inserts again.
  • Online slot machines with low variance search. These often pay smaller intercompany profits, but rarely very large. Many in-between profits and increase sales.
  • Always check the status / progress of the Bonus.

I think if you play according to this strategy, your chances of fulfilling the wagering requirements in Online Casinos are significantly increased, even if you come into a Phase where the online slot machine makes.

With such a high Bonus as in the example described above, it will certainly be a hard fight, but it is feasible anyway. Just because this player is a “loyal viewers”, I wish him all the luck and hope that he can increase his profits, maybe even more!

Addendum: in the meantime, the player has reported again. I have now released this player Interview completely. There you will also find out if the player managed to implement the Bonus and which Online Casino it was.

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