Casinodaddy: real professional player or just a Fake?

To understand that they advertise bad casinos, just try to play in these casinos. Today these 5 casinos are the flagships of the industry:

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CasinoDaddy – fake or not

Now, I ask myself the question whether this is real or Fake? And if it was actually real, like the guys from casino daddy to win so often in Online Casinos. What Tricks do you have, what strategies will you use? The boys may have a large start-up capital and the right strategy, and have succeeded in from to now from the gambling life?

Such or similar questions I get and to put players in the E-Mails. Some of the Questioning have not yet collected even play no experience with happiness and think of a strategy to deal with your tedious together savings to start-up capital of a maximum of€ 10,000 for “professional players” …

Casino Daddy fake

Because in this scene often have no education takes place, I try to catch up with this Post.

First of all inexperienced players understand how slot machines work. You can read about in our Guide section of our website. To understand the Post, you should have first read the advice article on the topic of slot machines and slot games and understood, otherwise you can’t follow the other versions.

We now assume, that the casino daddys play like all the other players with your real money.

Best casinos for streams viewers

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pinup casinoPin-Up Casino$500 + 250 FREESPINSPlay now
joycasinoJoycasino$2000 + 200 FREESPINSPlay now
playfortuna casinoPlayfortuna$500 + 50 FREESPINSPlay now
argo casinoArgo Casino€200Play now
zigzag777 casinoZigZag 777€200Play now
casino-xCasino-X$2000 + 200 FREESPINSPlay now

On the Youtube info page of the casino is the daddy, you can also find the game times of the well-known Streamer:
Casinodaddy: real professional player or just a Fake?

  • Monday: 12:00-21.00 CET
  • Tuesday: 12:00-21.00 CET
  • Wednesday: 12:00-21.00 CET (HIGHROLLER SESSION START)
  • Thursday: 12:00-21.00 CET
  • Friday: 12:00-21.00 CET
  • Sunday: 13.00 – 20.00 CET

When one calculates the length of a game, a season, an average of 8:45 hours per day. One expects this is the year to approximately 3,200 hours per year, or approximately 192.000 minutes – a full-time Job! In this 192.000 minutes, the boys make about 3.8 million (EUR 3 800 000) Spins.

Who has understood with the payout rate in the counselor-articles, white of the with a payout rate of 95% has a slot game on average. This means that you will lose, on average, 5% of his bet per Spin.

  1. The guys from casino daddy play, on average, with a Minimum of 2€. With a payout ratio of 95%, the 10 cents loss per Spin!
  2. It is now estimated that the 3.8 million Spins * 10 cents, then you will come to a total loss of 380,000€ per year!
  3. Casino daddy (if it’s real) so a SAFE loss of 380,000 euros per year, or about 32.000€ per month, if you gamble, on average,€ 2 per Spin.

It is also no way around it in this case – no matter how many times in between the 5 researchers in Book of Ra or similar winning pictures will be thrown. With so many Spins and such excessive game the payout percentage is attacking behavior. In this case there is no luck or bad luck.

It is also a fact that there are since more than 100 years of slot machines. In all the years there has never been a player that was able to achieve in the regular way or with a strategy to a regular income with the slot games. NEVER!

Casino Daddy streams

Gambling can be fun and you can in the short term, also have luck and win, right. But you should not try to do that casinodaddy. Because in such an excessive way, the payment reaches with absolute certainty rate and is not on the side of the player!

  1. Andy Hug

    I think every gamer at least 1 year of reasonably regular plays this don’t know is possible. Nevertheless, such Channels exert an almost magical attraction. It is because the dream of the people like, and such stories are WANT to believe. It’s like with the big Hollywood blockbusters – all pure balderdash, but you want to be entertained. The danger here is mixed the reality and reverie – and this could cost-a head and collar. The power of such stories as morally so dubious.

  2. Tyler Durden

    Yes I see exactly. The young players of 18, 19 years of age often believe that you can defeat by Practicing at some point, the machines. And then casino daddy, MzA, risk a casino, and sometimes GambleJoe or other channels / websites. But hardly any of which explains to in any way.

    In Other respects, is not well elucidated in the casinos properly. All notices and flyers are complete ass fürn. There is simply said only that the machine pays back xxx% to the players.

    The vast majority of players see that a vending machine is a AQ of 75% (in casinos), and 95% in Online Casinos or gambling houses and think awesome! At first glance, many think that if someone very much, we of€ 5,000 to put in a box has to say, then, that soon mandatory 3.750€ in casinos or 4.750€ in OC’s and game banks, get out of there – no matter what the use to play. The machine will throw, or MUST these profits soon in whatever Form.

    At the beginning I thought so. I was in a pub started and there’s always a guest who had good money and a day 400€ in the boxes sank. So I always thought, that soon the giants winning is thrown. He was already 10x da = 4K loss. So now must come soon violent.

    I think if people would be informed of the number of really selfish players would be lower. The players knew from the start exactly what you’re getting into. Well, in the case of players, the sowieo are already addicted, unfortunately, hops are often lost (me included).

    People in this industry are not your losses and, therefore, a myth to be created and young players dressed, act in a grossly negligent and should be prosecuted. The Online Casinos should be held responsible, because you choose to ignore this condition or even actively promote.

    In principle, it should be Online, says Casinos to streamers or Affiliates disproportionately many or high bonuses. Also bonus money without Deposit, should be prohibited, since this simply confuses the reality. If anyone would like to make a Stream or Videos, he can play to the same conditions as all the others. This would also be the Best long-term for the IGaming industry, such business practices will deliver the state competition strong arguments for a ban. But so far the thinking in the industry unfortunately, no one, but only to the fast money …

    You can earn money in the industry but you should try to do it fair. It is not always the profit-maximizing rail!

  3. Andy Hug

    These practices, the principle of locusts, but today, in all fields of business.I’m afraid this is not going to change, and certainly not in the gambling area.The linkages , in particular of the authorities , are simply impenetrable.You can only grind more , repeated over and over endlessly, warn and educate.Many players do not want to hear that, actually, because it is destroyed in order to painful way of your illusions.It is really difficult.

  4. Franky fellow

    So for me, this is Fake !

    The play think much on Quasar and I the of which will be paid or get a authenticity account, where the sum is already on it-so Fake !

    As in the case of MZA, it is always remember to identify the players of the Fake Videos never a URL ,so a complete browser window,is to see, and no payout is to be seen in the end as in Daniel or Matthias Videos .

    And in the case of MZA, I have listened to I still believe, and never put money in the tray jingling in his Videos !

    If such Videos are intended to bring authenticity over then at least these characteristics !

    Show what you Deposit and what you withdraw…

    Would be still a guarantee of authenticity but a credible !

  5. Tyler Durden

    You you know everything, I must confess that I even look at any Gambling Videos. I only look if I lost a certain new Slot a lot, to see what can go in a Slot in theory.

    Live Streams, I do not look at all. First, the 95% is Fake. In principle, this is also no matter, since the chances of winning are always the same and the image would come if the people would have gambled for real money. I like to be fucked. Me, it annoys simply, that the people of their viewers think they were stupid. Therefore, I could never be a “Fan” of the casino is the daddy & co.

    Secondly, it is for me personally, also boring people to watch at the Gamble of really boring games. Slots are just boring, if you gamble yourself, or it’s not real money.

    The Only thing I’ve seen Online-Casinos-Tube but since I was unfortunately disappointed – what a shame! What you have to say is that OCT, compared to the other assistance, at least in their way of how they promote gambling, yet realistic. And it stuck, at least the real players behind it – even if the rumzufaken start now as well.

  6. Tyler Durden

    Es war der erste der seine Zockerei live kommentiert hat. Er hat noch zu der Zeit gezockt, wo Casinos noch kein Bonus-Money rausgaben. Er war unterhaltsam und hat das insgesamt ehrlich und gut gemacht. Leider sind die guten und ehrlichen Leute nie lange dabei oder pfeifen aus dem letzten Loch …

  7. Franky fellow

    I’ve now just read everything and I now just don’t have the time, but I’ve read that someone wrote, Casino-Test 24 would not play with real money! I don’t know if this was already explained somewhere later, but The two play with real money! You get in the Stream only a 100% Bonus on top of it that needs to be implemented.

  8. Slotster

    First of all, I know there are a lot of Faker on the internet, also on Twitch and Youtube of course this is not the case. However, I do not understand why I should have to be broke because I stream every night because I’m losing not only in the Stream, I’ll pay and in what. And as already mentioned, we almost always play with Deposit bonuses in the Stream, also for this purpose, people have different views of money if a Deposit bonus as a real game or not, for me at least it is real money if I can lose real money and win, others say if I have to do until the sales before I can pay it is not a real money.
    Fact that I is but every time I stream even in the Casino Deposit, in very rare cases, I play without a Deposit bonus.

    I don’t know where you get the Information want to stream, we could not afford it because we are living from an Affiliate income and it would not be enough for this, you know you make random how much money I have and Jörg?

    Regardless of what views you have about the gamble with Deposit bonus, I find it relatively claims without any evidence to the claims we can play with Casino money and Win or lose, simply because it goes beyond the imagination of one and it is so unrealistic that it must be Fake. I can’t understand why you have a Stream to look at what you believe the is played there fake because the people behind it are sympathetic, I would not enjoy watching when someone wants to sell me for a fool in order to enrich themselves at the players and then any lie stories he tells how much of the allegedly gewonenn or lost if I assume that it is Fake.

  9. ppuk

    Everybody in this threat needs to learn English. It reads as if someone created this with a crappy translator program… It is impossible to follow, and any nuance is lost in translation.

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