Celebrity Gambling Binges

Top Five Celebrity Gambling Binges

Plenty of celebs have been known to enjoy getting in some time at the blackjack, poker or craps tables.

It takes a special kind of celebrity to crack our top five celebrity gambling binges list, though.

Tons of money + inflated egos can often be a perfect recipe for some epic gambling tales. And athletes are particularly prone to pop up on lists such as this.

That same competitive streak that helped Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley succeed on the court can lead to some pretty massive gambling losses as well when things don’t go their way.

Here are five of the most notable celeb gamblers:

Floyd Mayweather

Boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather is true to his nickname when it comes to huge sports bets. Mayweather often Tweets photos of betting slips for wagers he’s placed that are well in excess of $100,000.

He’s rumored to have bet millions on the Super Bowl and college football games from time to time but huge paydays for his boxing matches can easily fund his gambling habit — for the near future at least.

Biggest Binge: Mayweather bet $1.1 million to win $1 million on an Oregon-Arizona St. college football game

Charles Barkley

The “Round Man of Rebound” claims to have gotten his gambling habit under control but he’s estimated that he’s lost over $10 million in total to what he calls a “stupid” habit.

Barkley would play just about any game in a casino and has bet big on sports but swears he’s drawn the line at basketball and never bet on it.

Biggest Binge: Barkley says he once lost $2.5 million in six hours

Phil Ivey

Many high-stakes poker players are notorious gamblers and none more so than Phil Ivey, who’ll bet big on nearly anything.

As far as pit games his main game of choice is craps, with plenty of tales of million-dollar losses and wins at the craps tables in Vegas.

He’s also a big sportsbettor, rumored to have lost millions betting on the NBA Finals over the last few years.

Biggest Binge: Ivey won $11.5 million playing blackjack at a London casino which the casino refused to pay due to suspicions about collusion.

Ben Affleck

Movie stars can get their gamble on too and Ben Aflleck is well-known for his love of playing high-stakes poker and blackjack.

He’s had success at the poker tables — including winning the California State Poker Championship in 2004 — but his craziest gambling hijinks have occurred at the blackjack tables.

Biggest Binge: Affleck was spotted on one trip to Vegas betting up to $60,000/hand at blackjack, going on a heater that saw him walk away with a cool profit of $800,000.

Michael Jordan

Jordan has made no secret of his fondness for gambling and he’s rumored to bet $1 million or more on high-stakes golf wagers.

Like Barkley, he’s taken some heat for his gambling ways when losses mounted but Jordan has plenty of cash to cover what he considers a hobby and a way to keep the competitive fires going.

Biggest Binge: $900,000 in gambling debts are rumored to have caused Jordan’s “retirement” from basketball to play minor league baseball and avoid suspension.

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