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Curacao license-key features and pitfalls


Curacao is a small island located off the coast of Venezuela. Curacao is an excellent jurisdiction for newcomers to the market and is deservedly one of the leading regions in terms of advantages in obtaining a gaming license.

Curacao jurisdiction offers excellent conditions that are ideal for a new company in the field of virtual gambling. The Supervisory Department has introduced a low tax rate, as well as reduced the rigidity of market restrictions to a minimum, which is very welcome for new firms. The main advantage is a quick and easy entry into the jurisdiction, obtaining a license.

Curacao online casino license

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Curacao gaming Commission offers all specialized packages that allow you to buy a license and server hosting at a bargain price. The period for obtaining a license is approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of application. There are some cases when the review may take longer. Type of organization of the company in the field of virtual gambling: limited liability Company or private limited liability company. On the territory of Curacao, there is a law according to which any platform in the field of virtual gambling must pay a regular fee of 2% of the total gross profit of the company. Import duties and sales tax are not taken into account. This tax percentage is guaranteed to be insured against changes until 2026. There is no additional game bet on the territory of Curacao.

How to get a license

To date, it is possible to obtain only one type of license – Sub-license. Before that, they issued a Master License. What is the difference? The main license was issued to companies by the Curacao government itself. Master license holders have the right to issue sub-licenses to other companies and charge a fee for this.

The issuance of master licenses is stopped and you can get a Curacao gambling license only from those who received it earlier – Sub-license. This imposes additional requirements: the payment of not only the state fee, but also the fee of the license holder, the variability of the set of documents, depending on who to apply for a sublicense.

Having obtained a license for Curacao, you can create your own casino, attract customers to gambling and poker rooms. The license allows you to work with clients from all over the world. However, it concerns primarily online business. If your goal is to create a real casino in any country, then this license is unlikely to help. The reason is not that it prohibits Curacao, but that almost every country has its own rules for licensing real casinos. If you want to open a casino in Russia or the UK, you will have to get permission on the spot.

The ground of the company

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The basic elements of registration of the company E-zone Curacao:

  •  Company administration must be performed exclusively in the E-Zone.
  •  Only a small part of the company’s activities can be carried out by persons who do not work in the company established in the U-zone.
  •  Company offices, work areas and / or warehouses in the E-zone must be open during standard business hours.
  •  The E-Zone company must display its products and offer its services in or out of the E-Zone.
  •  E-zone must have a Bank account in Curacao.
  •  There is a need to appoint local Directors.

Curacao license: advantages and disadvantages

pros and cons

Many operators choose the Curacao license because of its undeniable advantages. The advantages of a license, as a rule, include:

  1. Quick registration procedure. However, the process of obtaining a Curacao license is much easier than, for example, working with the British gambling Commission.
  2. Favorable tax legislation. Curacao charges a tax of 2% of the net profit.
  3. Relatively inexpensive registration procedure. The fee for the main license is $34 thousand with a monthly surcharge of $5600 for the first two years of use.
  4. Primary license holders are allowed to grant sub-licenses. However, the primary owner is responsible for all actions of the sublicense owners.
  5. Only one license is required for any type of gambling.
  6. In addition to licensing, Curacao eGaming provides technical and financial support to the online gambling industry . Some of these services include specialized services, private cloud servers, international Finance, and assistance with other issues related to the launch of an online casino review.

Curacao gambling license is a document that allows you to organize a full-fledged gambling establishment on the Internet. It allows you to operate on the European market, conduct remote international activities without opening an office on the island, gives legal permission for all types of gambling (opening casinos, bookmakers, sweepstakes, poker rooms)and has a short time to get. Another feature of the Curacao Gambling license is the absence of sales taxes, import duties and VAT.

The most significant drawback of the Curacao license is that it is not considered prestigious. Anyone who has certain financial capabilities and honest business can get the right to gambling activity.

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