Double Bonus Poker

It starts to rival the popularity of Jacks or Better, which is among the top three video poker variants, mainly because of its high payout potential. For instance, the game offers big payout for four Aces. The lowest paying hand in the game is a pair of Jacks or better, while the highest payout of 4,000 coins is for a hand of royal flush. Double Bonus Poker is a more volatile variant and while playing it players will experience big ups and downs.


To get started, deposit real money into your online casino account and then select how many coins you like to wager per hand. You can wager between one and five coins. Then click on the Deal button in order to get five cards. Click on the cards to hold the ones you like to keep. Then click the Draw button to receive new cards. To get a payout, you need a hand of jacks or better.

Double Bonus Poker


Double Bonus Poker uses a regular deck of playing cards. They are reshuffled after a gaming session has ended.

  • Min. Coins: 1
  • Max Coins: 5
  • Min. Winning Hand: A pair of Jacks
  • Best Hand: Royal Flush

Doubling: If you choose to double your winnings, you will be given four face-down cards and the dealer will get one face-up card. Then you need to pick one card and if it is of a higher value that the dealer’s card, you will double your original winnings. If it is lower, then you will lose everything you have won.

Payouts: Royal Flush pays 4,000 coins (highest); A pair of Jacks pays 5 coins (lowest)


The variant uses a different strategy from the regular video poker strategy because of the bigger payouts for four Aces through fours. The following are a couple of tips for a good strategy tips:Double Bonus Poker

  • Keep four to a royal flush than to a straight flush.
  • If you have a high pair keep it over four to a flush.
  • Discard a full house with three Aces and go for 4 of a kind Aces.
  • Keep four to straight flush over a high pair.
  • Bet the maximum if you want to win more money.


Thanks to the popularity of the video poker variant, software providers have created two more similar versions of it, namely Double Bonus Poker II and Double Double Bonus Poker. They are going to be explained below.

Double Bonus Poker II

The next generation of Double Bonus Poker follows the same pay table as the original variant. The biggest difference is that in Double Bonus Poker II players can play up to 52 hands.

Double Double Bonus Poker

This variant is different from other video poker games because it has special payout for 4 of a kind hands that come with special kickers. For example, if you get 4 2s, 3s or 4s with an Ace as a kicker, you will be paid 800 coins, while if you get four Aces with two, three or four kicker, you win 2,000 coins.


RTG Software (USA): Double Bonus Poker I & II, and Double Double Bonus Poker I & II

Players from around the world including players from the United States can play all of the above mentioned video poker variants at reputable and safe online casinos powered by Real Time Gaming like Sun Palace Casino. The casino is legally licensed and trustworthy.

RTG software creates high quality games that offer enjoyable gaming environment and the video poker variants along with the other RTG games have superb graphics and audio.

BetSoft Software: Double Bonus Poker

VideoSlots Casino and Sun Palace Casino use BetSoft software that offers Double Bonus Poker in 3D graphics. The graphics of the variant are realistic and offer high quality gaming. The casinos are also well-known, safe and reliable and offer excellent service. Sun Palace Casino also welcomes US players.


Double Bonus Poker is fun and rewarding video poker variant if you are in for the big payouts. To hit the big money, use suitable strategy and bet the maximum number of coins.


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