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Five of the most famous movies about gambling.

Molly’s Game

molly's game

The film tells the story of a determined girl who managed to organize a casino and successfully manage it for a long time. The girl became engaged in gambling business due to difficult life circumstances.

The main character was a promising skier, but due to injury and a fatal accident, the way to the podium was closed. Molly lost the meaning of life, but a temporary job and a difficult relationship with the boss pushed her to create an underground casino.

The talent to convince people, an honest approach to the game process and big bets have become the basis of the success of the gambling establishment. The best players were eager to get to Molly’s green-baize table. Famous people became clients of the institution: athletes, movie stars, businessmen, musicians.

The film Molly’s Game is based on the real autobiographical story of Molly bloom. She personally selected the actors for the film, supervised the writing of the script and shooting. The government of Canada gave the convicted Molly permission to enter the country for two days to attend the first screening of the film in Toronto.

Gambling theme attracts many directors, so movies about casinos and gambling are not uncommon. The main theme of the “Big game” was poker.

The audience sees the gambling “kitchen” from the inside, the excitement of the players, risky moves. The behavior of gamblers at the table reveals their hidden desires and talents. Half of the picture is devoted to the game of poker with its rules and nuances. The second part is about Molly, relationships with players, law enforcement and the mafia.

Think Like a Man Too

think like a man too

The action of the Comedy sequel about romantic relationships between men and women takes place in the gambling capital of the United States – Las Vegas. It was there that the friends decided to spend the last weekend before the wedding of one of the couples. Glittering Vegas greeted the company affably-offered a casino and entertainment in full.

At the very beginning of the adventure, four friends read a book about how to tame a man. The recommendations were effective, but not without comical situations. And so the couples go to Las Vegas to spend a bachelor and hen party before the fateful event.

Although the main theme of the Comedy is not the casino, but the relationship of the sexes, the film can be classified as a film about gambling. And all thanks to the fact that several main scenes are completely devoted to the gambling process.

The action at the game table reveals the hidden character traits of the characters. Gambling is presented as an entertainment that allows you to experience sharp emotions under the pressure of situations in which decisions must be lightning fast.

Smokin’ Aces

smokin aces

An action-packed crime thriller captivates with a dynamic plot and colorful characters. The film is shot in the spirit of “Alpha Dog”, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barells” and “Pulp Fiction”. In the movie about gambling, however, a lot of blood, senseless murders, confrontation between the mafia and the FBI.

The main character – a skilled magician, striking tricks with playing cards, which is hunted by the mafia boss. The picture casually touches on the theme of casino games and shows views of glittering Las Vegas. Whether the hero nicknamed Aces will help the ability to deftly juggle cards and how his adventures will end, you will learn by watching the film.

The Gambler

the gambler

The dramatic film is completely devoted to the topic of gambling addiction. The main character – a successful writer and teacher-spends all night at the game table. His addiction is so strong that he loses control of his own life, job, reputation and falls into a vicious circle of criminal connections.

The film is worthy of the attention of all who pay too much attention to the game, forgetting about other aspects of life.

American Hustle

american hustle

A comedy film about casinos and gambling is dedicated to two talented scammers who turn witty and intricate scams. Some clever tricks were done in the casino. Soon the schemes begin to make good money, and the main characters pay attention to the FBI.

You can stay free. The heroes decide to make a deal with the feds to roll out the largest operation to expose four corrupt officials.

The film is based on real events, which makes the plot even more exciting.

No less exciting and documentary pictures dedicated to digital gold. Movies about bitcoin will be interesting for those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies, and those who are just starting their way in the world of electronic money.

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