Gambling games be addictive

Almost 200,000 people in Germany (like example) are addicted to gambling, the most gambling vending machines. The devices have the biggest potential for addiction, yet they are not regulated by the state. The reason is that It is a question of billions of euros.

Dennis K.’s career as a game addict began in a Snack bar in the vicinity of Bremen. Between French fries and beer mugs of the 17 saw-Year-old a money slot, in the money was. Dennis pressed a button and the 170 Mark roared in the output slot. He was hooked and began playing regularly. “For those moments I forgot everything that was around me,” he says in a YouTube Video that he wants others to explain his year-long addiction to gambling.

Gambling games be addictive

With a profit most of the game to begin careers with the loss of family, friends, workplace, or even the lives of many. In view of their huge mountains of debt, some see no other way out than suicide, among all the addicts gambling addicts have the highest suicide rate.

Dennis is currently be 193,000 Dependent in Germany. If we add also those who were at least once in the course of their lives, addicted to gambling, it is of 530,000 people, as a study by addiction researchers at the University of Lübeck.

Ringing machines, feelings of happiness trigger

Machines the entry – level and most of the Enddroge for many, they are the most dangerous variant of the gambling. The threshold is low: Even with 20 cents, you slots is one of the only 236,000 of money in Germany. Approximately one in twelve slots player is the Problem or is looking for players. The lottery is only one out of every 300. Player. Addicts are subject to the Illusion, to be able to the Addiction in control. If you win, you make more, because you believe in a lucky streak and your hormones push. You, make you lose even more – in order to recoup the loss.

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