High limit Blackjack


Real life land-based casinos used to (and still do) keep high roller players playing high limit games in separate sections of the casino. This is because they are sort of privileged with many benefits that regular players can’t get. High limit blackjack players are treated the same.

Online casinos too allow for players to assume high roller status in order to be allowed to play the games with higher limits. This usually means that they need to be admitted to a VIP club or loyalty program, where they can advance through the program and receive exclusive service just because they wager more.


High limit BlackjackThere is one very obvious and logical benefit that high stakes blackjack players get. It’s the benefit of having the potential to win incredible amounts of money with each high stakes wager. That’s how the odds work: they give you the chance to win larger amounts by betting larger.

Playing a dollar per hand is definitely not the same as playing $10, $20, $50, $100 or even $500 per hand. With a dollar bet you win only a small amount even if you hit a blackjack. But if you play say $100, and win a blackjack, you get much more.

Comps and Promotions

Being a high stakes blackjack player has other benefits too, like faster rates for collecting comp points and special promotions personalized to your profile, as well as high roller promo events for the general high roller audience. Among the other things you get a dedicated VIP support team or a dedicated support manager.

High stakes players are also rewarded with luxury gifts, which are given by online casinos in order to display their gratitude towards high stakes players.

Moreover, you will most probably get regular free spins on some of the popular slots. This way you can spin some reels while you play your blackjack hands and win some additional money. Also, many online casinos set up special vacation packages for their high stakes players, or even trips to famous Las Vegas casinos.

Higher Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

This is something that many players have struggled with regardless if they are high or low stake players, because sometimes the deposit and withdrawal limits can be just too restrictive. Luckily, it’s in the best interest of online casinos to give higher limits to high stake players. If you plan to deposit more than $1,000 at each transaction, and the weekly or monthly limits simply restrict you from doing that, it’s natural for you to take your money somewhere else. Therefore, online casinos allow high stakes players to use higher limits. These limits are activated as soon as you have reached a certain status in the VIP programs or clubs. After you have become important enough for the casino, you will be allowed to make bigger transactions in order to satisfy your appetite for big wagers.


It will be ridiculous to give basic playing tips and hints to high limit blackjack players, which is why we will advise you for something completely different. Since you are able and willing to spend large amounts on blackjack, we assume that you already have a significant knowledge and experience or a playing strategy. But, are you careful enough on where to play?

Here are some tips:

  • Be careful for casinos, because some of them can make fake claims about the advantages that they give to high stake players. Look for opinions of other more experienced high stakes players.
  • Set your playing strategy carefully, and pick one that you feel comfortable with, one that suits your style in order to feel more natural about it when playing.
  • Inspect all high roller welcome bonuses carefully, because some online casinos make offers to high rollers that are actually much worse than their regular offers.
  • Contact the customer support before deciding to deposit big amounts. See if they have any high roller offers that are not visible at the casino website.
  • Lastly, inspect the entire VIP program offer, and look closely at the benefits that the casino gives to VIP members.


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