High Roller – VIP or Whale

What is a Casino High Roller, VIP or Whale?

Of the three names, high roller, VIP and whale, it is the latter that you will almost never be called by a casino employee – at least not while you’re in earshot – yet all three refer to the same type of player.

Casino High RollerA high roller is someone who both live and online casinos love to have on their books. A high roller is someone who can command the biggest bonuses, the most lavish rewards and be welcomed back with open arms no matter how much they win on any given night. Why is this the case? Because they bet big and they bet often.

Have you seen the film Casino by Martin Scorsese? Can you remember the scene where K.K Ichikawa, the mega-rich Asian businessman, flies into Las Vegas and Sam Rothsetin (Robert De Niro) sends a limousine to pick him up from McCarran airport, treats him like a king and then puts him up in a lavish suite in the hotel? THAT is a high roller. They live for the thrill of betting big. They buzz with excitement of playing for the largest jackpots. Casinos love them.

While you may not be on par with these players who seemingly have endless funds, by betting larger than your usual customers, possibly up to the table’s limits, and betting often, you’ll soon climb up an online casino’s VIP or loyalty scheme and quickly become known to the management team there.

What are the advantages of being a High Roller or Casino VIP?

The most obvious advantage of being known as a high roller or VIP in regards to your online casino play is the welcome bonuses that are on offer to you.

Almost all online casinos offer new customers a bonus when they sign up and make their first deposit at the site, but if you are going to be wagering larger amounts than your typical casino customer, then the cbonuses are generally much larger.

For example
A standard welcome bonus may be 100% matched up to $500, which means the casino will match your first deposit by 100% and match it with a bonus up to $500. However, high rollers may be offered something along the lines of a 200% up to $3,000 casino bonus and sometimes even more than that.

It’s not only new high rollers that are welcomed with open arms because existing big spenders are usually offered regular reload bonuses when they come to make additional deposits into their accounts. If you are a high roller, it is worthwhile contacting the casino’s customer support team – or even its management – and ask them for a reload bonus because you may be pleasantly surprised at how accommodating they can be.

Furthermore, by wagering lots during a calendar month, it is likely you are going to earn a bucketful of loyalty points – if the casino you play at has a VIP or loyalty scheme to take part. Often, these schemes award reload bonuses, sometimes large amounts of cashback, and sometimes amazing gifts such as tickets to sporting events, and even trips and holidays!

Where can I find high roller casino bonuses?

Gamblers.casino should be your first port of call for all things casino related and that includes where to find the biggest high roller bonuses. Our team of experts are always on the lookout for the best deals for our readers and our marketing team continually negotiates and renegotiates bonuses and bespoke welcome packages for everyone – from recreational players up to the highest of high rollers.

Best casinos for high rollers:

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Do sites offer high roller live casino tables?

The recent trend is for casinos to offer a live offering to their clients, particularly those who frequent the high roller tables. These live casinos are exactly what they suggest, they are actual people dealing physical cards, or using an actual roulette table.

While the random number generator used in the standard online casino is 100% random and fair, some casino game players prefer to play games for large sums of money with an actual person dealing the games.

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