Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance Slot review

Once in a while a video slots comes along and knocks the living daylights out of its competitors. Immortal Romance is a slot from Microgaming. With 243 paylines, 5 reels and a massive non-progressive jackpot of 3,645,000 coins it’s going to be very difficult to trump.

As if this is not enough the house edge of the slots is 4% and it features 4-tiered bonus (free spins) games. The game is further amplified by a soundtrack that’s not only eerie but scary too. The graphics are sublime and the game play is simply flawless. It can be played for free or for real cash on all mobile phones and computer desktops.

Immortal Romance has a vampire theme to it albeit one with a ”dark take of love and intrigue”. What are the key features to look out for? The first one is the ‘Wild Desire’ which is randomly triggered but the star of the game is its ‘Camber of Spins’ feature. It’s triggered when you hit 3 or more Lion Door Knocker icons. What makes this feature tops is that it comprises of 4 levels each with its own character: Amber, Michael, Troy and Sarah. The good news is that the free spins can be re-triggered.

Coins and Bets
Before you get embroiled in the game’s supernatural love theme get your betting options sorted first. The coin range is 0.01 up to 0.2. Bets can be made from £$0.3 up to £$6.

Wild Desire

Immortal Romance Slot review

Immortal Romance Slot Payouts

This is a random bonus feature and a rare treat when it does pop up. You’ll receive a re-spin where you can win up to 5 but 1 or 2 is the norm, so don’t expect more.

The Chamber of Spins

As the name implies this chamber or screen is unlocked when 3 or more golden lion scatter icons appear any where on the reels. It features 4 characters. As the game unfolds each characters’ secrets and payouts are revealed.

Amber Free Spins

This is the first story line that’s unlocked. It introduces Sarah’s best friend, the witch. It offers 10 free spins coupled with a multiplier of 5 times. I must say that she’s quite a feisty little character and speaks her mind even if it means going up against the head honcho Michael…

Troy Free Spins

Let’s just dub him the playboy or pretty boy of the game. By way of vampires he’s only 200 years young and on a mission. He’s trying to figure out how Michael his ‘master’ fell in love with the beautiful Sarah, a human. When this feature is triggered you’ll receive 20 free spins as well as random multipliers.

Michael Free Spins

He’s the boss and kingpin of the game and only 800 years old. He’s so old that he completely forgot what it was to have been human once until he meets and falls in love with Sarah. His unconditional love for Sarah will land you 20 free spins. What I like about this bonus game is that the icons on the reels tumble down resulting in bigger payouts.

Sarah Free Spins

Sarah Free SpinsShe’s the dame responsible for all the fuss and will stop at nothing to leave her mark in the scientific world. The question is will her burning desire for success have dire consequences for her? Nevertheless, she’s an on the go girl that lives in the spur of the moment and her actions awards you 25 free spins. The spins have wild vines attached to them that replicate across the reels offering you huge wins. Suffice it to say in this slots she’s the bell of the ball and not Michael as much as he likes to think that he is. The key on the third reel is the Wild Vine symbol. It randomly turns the symbols into wilds. If you hit between 2 and 5 scatters you can win up to 4 extra free spins making it 29 in total.

  1. Andy Hug

    Immortal Romance is a slot game with 243 paylines which comes from Microgaming. I have to tell you that I haven’t played this game a lot in the beginning. When I played it I would mostly loose a lot of money. On the other hand I was amazed by the graphic and sound of this game.

    The theme of Immortal Romance is a bit dark for my taste but generally like this game. A few days ago I saw some winner screenshots here at AskGamblers and I realized that this game could give some really big wins. The last time I played this game I had some very big wins at the very start. It encouraged me and I kept playing with minimum bet of 0.30 per spin. Soon I got the free spins bonus and cashed in about 50 euros from those free spins. In the next half an hour I had a few more big wins. During the short time I played this game I was 100 euros in plus. That’s when I decided to stop and come back to this game some other time. After an hour or so I decided to come back again but I didn’t have some big expectations. I knew there was no slot game that would give you wins over the whole day. But again I got 3 scatter symbols and free spins. This time I cashed in over 60 euros from those free spins. Than I got the wild desire bonus and I was 80 euros in plus again. I kept playing this game and after 10-15 minutes without any big wins I started thinking of changing the game. At that moment I got free spins again and cashed in over 200 euros.

    That was really an incredible experience. I think I won something on every spin. For the end I have to say that now Immortal Romance is one of my favorite games coming from Microgaming.

  2. Andy Hug

    Was it Playboy first or Immortal Romance first, or both came at the same time? I’m no great follower of Microgaming, so I’m not sure, but they certainly are identical in features and in base game platform. Graphics are excellent, with beautifully rendered icons, and the music is soft and nice, yet very melodramatic and haunting! It sinks into you in just a short time. 1 star up.

    Yep, almost identical to Playboy’s paytable. Low for the all the symbols, including for the ladies icons, a low 1500 coins for 5 of that Immortal Romance Wild symbols, but a superb 6000x total bet win for 5 scatters. If only the scatters could come much more frequently and in greater numbers. Even getting 3 of them is already a big headache and a long wait most of the time. A borderline case still, so 1 star down.

    Two features really stand out in this game – the free spins with 4 choices of special features, and the randomly triggered Wild Desire feature which would drive any player go wild. Once triggered, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 reels can be turned into fully expanded Wild Desire reels, for really astonishing payouts. Not available in Playboy but available in Immortal Romance, this is the kind of desire that could bring in that unbelievable jaw-dropping 3,645,000 coins, or $72,900! As for the free spins, no matter which option you choose, any one of the 4 free spins feature can bring in very nice huge wins. 1 star up.

    In play, the game can go both ways, either paying out well, or eating up well, but that’s only to be expected in any game. Honestly speaking, I haven’t played much of Immortal Romance as yet, but the few times that I have played it, the game play was not too bad, was enjoyable and entertaining, but also exasperating in waiting for 3 or more scatters to appear.

    If getting 3 was hard enough, getting 4 scatters was even so far out of sight most of the time, not to mention getting 5 scatters. The Wild Desire feature game has a random waiting time, sometimes not even appearing at all from the start of a game till its end. Small wins may look quite plentiful visually, but they are in fact usually less than my bet amount, making them actual losses instead! 1 star down.

    In fun play, I’ve had several 5-of-a-kinds, yes, including Sarah and Amber, and also 4 scatters and 2 reels of Wild Desire too, but in real play, I’ve probably got a long way to go before achieving anything big with Immortal Romance. I’m not rushing for the Romance though – I’ve got enough of other problems to handle! Still, a very good promising game for which I’ve yet to win on. 1 star down.

  3. Franky fellow

    Immortal romance this is the most favorite microgaming game for many players, i think it is hard to find a player who didn’t know about this game. I am also one of this guys who usually spent some money on this game in try to achieve some nice win, but this never happens to me. You can’t imagine how hard i would like to stop playing this game, but i can’t because it is really amazing and nice.

    Amazing characters , music in features, achievements system, oh god, and this wild desire feature, it is hard to not open this game and give it few spins. But 99% times i give it not few spins, i play till i lost my deposit, or win something nice. Of course like for every high variance game, most times i lost without any chances, but sometimes i had great wins, and my personal best is around 600x total bet on first feature – amber. I am usually pick it, because it fast and with nice x 5 multiplier. Sarah feature also nice, but it is long, and almost all the time wild vine did not do anything decent, making wilds instead of wilds , or placing wilds on last reel without any win before it. My best number of wild reels on wild desire is 3, and it pay me around x 300 total best, and now i can only dream about 4 or even 5 wild reels. I found interesting thing, that for me it is never boring to open this game and start playing, i am always get entertainment. And this means only one thing – microgaming did amazing job.

    Conclusion: Super interesting slot, with high variance, and which usually eat players money, nothing else i want to say. 10 stars, such great game can be rated only with best mark, and i will continue play this game.

  4. Andy Hug

    Another good and excellent slot for Microgaming software presenting “Immortal Romance” my experience here was really cool! Okay, before i start i’d like to tell you something do you know that this slot is my favorite because they’re like TST2 slot? It’s also a microgaming made slot but based on my opinion TST2 slot is more favorable and great for me. There are several times that i regret to this slot because of my consecutively losing but that’s not my point playing this game and it’s not the disadvantage of this slot. I will reveal the “reasons” why this slot is a worth playing slot and one of the greatest microgaming slot that ever existed.

    First the slot graphics, we all want especially experience players a nice, presentable, easy to handle and also many features to a slot right? Of course we want! The Immortal Romance gave that characteristics to us and we’re so lucky to have this slot! I remember my biggest winning is when i bet the maximum bet and after that i won almost $193.6 credits! So, how does this happen? Let’s go back at that time i struck the 3 knob of chamber with 10x free spins and 5x multipliers that’s awesome because at that time i struck the wild that gave huge credits! So, i got that decent winnings!

    There are many feature that this slot has to be offer like the free spin features, wilds, and also the bonuses that’s pretty amazing i tried it once but it’s elusive for me now a days. Did i mention the wild feature? Where the one reel turns into wilds? Well, that’s also amazing feature of this slot it will give huge winnings but at that time i was betting a small amount $.50 so i only got small winnings it’s okay at least i experienced it on how it works!

  5. Franky fellow

    At the very beginning I must admit that I have never been a big fan of this game. Sometimes I would only play a few spins here and move on to other slots. This game was like a wild beast that just devours your money or a bottomless hole where my money would just disappear and disappear. I constantly lost money here. But last night something happened which made me write a review about this game and share my experience with you.

    I played this slot at Gaming Club casino and after the few first spins it seemed that I would finish again without some big win but then something totally unexpected happened. On my 0.30 euros bet I won over 70 euros only on one spin, a few more spins and another big win this time over 40 euros. A really incredible feeling. For 5 spins and a total bet of 1.5 euros I won over 110 euros. If I had these wins in the free spins feature with a multiplier x5 it would be 550 euros and lets say if the bet was 3 euros it would have been a win of 5500 euros.

    I kept playing this slot for a while and saw 4 scatter symbols on my monitor. Huraaah, that means a 6 euros win at start and 10 free spins. I was really excited and expected more big wins but nothing. In the 10 free spins I only won 6 euros for 4 scatter symbols. Taught by some of my prior experiences playing this game I decided to give it a rest. I will never forget last night and the excitement this game brought.

    Overall this is a great slot game with 243 lines, a great story where you can expect some great payouts off course with a little bit of luck.
    For Immortal Romance I give 9 out o 10.

  6. Slotster

    Immortal Romance I really like the name of this game.Although I didn’t know much and didn’t like this game some friends has persuaded me that this game is really fantastic.

    Immortal Romance is video slot with 243 way of win-lines which can really bring you huge winnings.But i have to say i had only once luck on this game which I won 358 euros but didn’t managed to cashout ,because i thought i could do better till the end i lost it all.

    So this game its about Vampire story with 4 main characters or features Amber,Troy ,Michael and Sara which if you will trigger the free spins features you get the free spins on selected character ,well that depends how many achievements have you unlocked so you will be rewarded with the free spins from Amber which by my opinion i had most luck and nice winnings then the rest Troy, Michael or Sara,because the Amber free spins are X 5 .

    With Sara I have always small winnings ,so whenever I need to choose from the free spins I always choose Amber,well she gives me big winnings when I play hers free spins.What I mostly like about this game its about wild desire ,it can be shown but very ,very rare ,well in my case and the winnings from the wild desire are huge ,well off course if you got the other features all connected together with the wild which is Immortal romance then you have great huge win.

    This game is really wort of trying ,I like this game but like I said I had luck only once on it,but because i like the theme of the slot I am playing this game from time to time because I am nit that big fan of the Microgaming games.

  7. Slotster

    The immortal romance is another well designed microgaming video slot with 243 lines. This video slot is very similar to the thunderstruck 2 but it has a big difference between the two video slots, you can stop your spins any time in the immortal romance. This simply feature allows you to maximize your winning chances because you can stop the game any time and could hit really big amounts but with that feature you can sabotage the normal spins, many times I made hard decisions when I stopped the game but a few times it worth it.

    The immortal romance has the same structure like the thunderstruck 2, and the minimum bet is the same, 0.3 euro each spins. When I played here I wasn’t brave enough to risk much money so I played with 20 euro only. I began with the minimum stake and I always raised the bet when I thought it give the free spins feature again. Many times I had luck to triggers the free spins but I didn’t win much from the first two of them.

    The first kind of free spins are the same like the thunderstruck 2, 10 free spin with 5 times multiplier. I was very disappointed when I finished my first free games and get only 5 euro from it. I am a gambling addict so I tried to get back the feature with bigger bets. That strategy drives me to make another deposit. After I lost my money and made a new deposit I went back to try again my luck. A few spins later I get the wild desire feature; it gives 3 reels of wilds and gets my loosed money back with that single spin. The free spin feature was hided for a while but when I triggers it again it gives me 30 euro profit.

  8. Andy Hug

    Hello, Immortal Romance is probably the most popular of those 5-reel Microgaming-slots where you can win 243-ways and which has some kind of special theme and also features. It is nowadays very popular and I know some gamblers who play only that slot. I think that all casinos which has some games from Microgaming, they have also Immortal Romance. And about Immortal Romance I have seen screenshots in many sites much more than from any other slots, except maybe NetEnt-slot Dead or Alive. 😀 Anyway, I have always preferred Thunderstruck II of that kind of slots, but Immortal Romance has always been number 2 for me. Also I do not play so much Microgaming-slots, but still Immortal Romance is very well-known for me. I have played that in many different bets. From 30 cents, which is minimum-bet, to 6 euro, though mostly I have played it in small bets.

    In Immortal Romance I have noticed very high variance, even if wilds are very common and two scatters, which give your bet back, comes also quite often. However, I have not ever got any really big wins from that slot and when I have got big win, I have always played in very small bet. Still there is possibility to win big even in small bet. Rarely I have got three scatters, which open door to Chamber of Spins, and depending your experience of Immortal Romance in current casino, you can choose 10, 15, 20 and 25 spins, with different features. Well, because my lack of experience of Immortal Romance, I could choose only Amber-option, which gives you 10 free spins in 5x, but every time I have won at least something from those free spins. Wild Desire-feature is very rare, and I have got it 2 times just, and got only 2 reels to wilds, though there is possibility to get even 5 reels to wilds.

  9. Franky fellow

    I remember the day before yesterday, got a free tenner from a microgaming casino where I a member of for about three years. My gut told me to play this game. after spending 2 euro the 3 scatters appeared and the free spins bonus was triggered
    at the fifth free spin the lady in red appeared on all reels and got 2 wild symbols too. my stake was minimum 30 cent and thanks to the lady in red I won 100 euro. Never won that big with a video slot with 243 winlines, at least not with a minimum stake.
    i find the free spin soundtrack of the lady with the green jacket very addictive and only her free spins pay big because the 5 x multiplier.

    If you play this game you will notice that the soundtrack of this free spins is too short because the free spins end quick (you only get 10 free spins). The free spins luckily can be re-triggered on the free spins bonus itself, I had those re-triggered free spins only once in all the time i played this game. Big win with this game? it’s possible but that happens not that often as you expect thou.

    The wild desire feature does not come very often, I have spent more than 300 spins and it only came once, that’s the only down side of this game. This game reminds me of the movie Twilight, I think I am not the only one. The characters in this game are so similar from the Twilight movie, only the names of the characters are different. Then again, nice job of microgaming for making this one, I am and still addicted to this game, the golden lion doorknob always make my heart beats fast. Maybe I should play it with a minimum audio volume. The graphics could a little bit better, I find it a little bit blurred, I bet with a better and larger resolution the game will be extra interesting.

  10. Tyler Durden

    This is probably one of the hardest slot machine review that can be done. Same hard to review dead or alive or thunderstruck II. But lets start from such regular things, immortal romance it is a slot with 243 lines and was created by microgaming.

    Immortal romance has fantastic graphic, fantastic sounds, and fantastic features. I can really say that i love this slot, and i can really say that i hate this slot. Sometimes it give me amazing playtime, lot of fun, and big wins. But sometimes it can just suck all your money without giving out anything decent, and you will hate yourself for entering this slot, and you will swear to yourself that you never enter this slot anymore… but of course you will return to it, of course , 5 wild reels will give you more than 8.000 of your total bet, and i believe every player can only dream to achieve this win.

    I want to suggest you a casino in which you can play this slot – betat casino. They had amazing promotion, if you complete all achievements at average bet of 0.3, for example, they will give you 1.500$ bonus with only 15x wagering. The higher average bet – better payouts in this promotion you will have So why not to try this slot and does not give yourself a chance to get amazing bonus? But bear in mind, that complete all achievements it is a very, very hard goal, and you need a lot of spins to do this, i think ever more than 1 million spins.

    What my last words about this slot? Of course it is very great slot, it is one of the best slot machine i ever play, but variance is insane, so be careful, and probably much more better choice is a slot machine with lower variance, because you can play this slot all your life and did not get max. win on it.

  11. Slotster

    This is indeed a very popular Microgaming video slot! I can also see many writer’s have already begun writing a review before I got a chance too. Immortal romance is a 243 way wins slot that tells a story of loyalty, friendship, darkness and forbidden immortal love.

    This slot grabs my attention in every way! From the possibility of winning without the need of limited paylines to the bonus progression bar. They also provide background stories of the characters in the slot for Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah! Every time I trigger the feature by landing 3 scatters I will be one step closer from achieving a new set of free spins with it’s own ability to win. The most I have gotten far into the series is under Troy’s free spins where I will have 15 Free spins with bats appear anywhere in a combination to give a multiplier of 2x or 3x….6x if I’m lucky to find two bats. Michael’s feature sounds like the longer feature of Tomb Raider’s Rolling free spins and Sarah’s feature sounds just like Loki’s Wild Magic feature on Thunderstruck II. I don’t usually chase the final two characters because they feel like imitations of other slots but more glamorous to the eyes and more so because it’s a lot of work to find that many triggers to unlock them both. Think of the many bets I have to put in before I can try out those new features. Again the same question applies: Is it worth it?

    Now I don’t have much hate on this slot because I find that it gives and gives over time once I gotten used to the slot. $0.90 is the reasonable bet to use every time I’m using Immortal Romance. Amber’s bonus will probably be the best even for 10 Free spins because it’s equipped with not only a 5x multiplier but it can be retriggered indefinitely! Imagine if there are two more retriggers following the initial free spins? This will degrade the effectiveness of the other features. I can tell Sarah’s feature can trigger only a small amount of free spins from within based on the paytable but it lacks the multiplying ability of 5x to win big! Scattering Wilds that may or may not land just won’t do the job for me and believe me futile randomness can be vindictively annoying! I was curious to find out how the last two features (Michael and Sarah) would be played out specifically by researching on a video website to give me the heads up. My findings have left me to not bother with them. If I had to choose, Amber’s feature really takes the cake on this one despite the small amount of free spins to start! What I win in her feature are usually in the $20 – $40, sometimes less if I don’t hit anything within 10 free spins for $0.90. That would be a waste if nothing interesting shows up right!?

    Overall a valuable slot worth 9.6 out of 10! It’s also a great way to stay in shape under wagering bonuses.

  12. Andy Hug

    This is one of my favorite slot games because this is the first slot game that I played!And from the first time I was very excited and I had a lot of fun!

    This is a 243 ways to win slot by Microgaming and its packed with stunning graphics and the most important thing,with a nice story about vampires,with love and intrigue!
    Another important thing about this slot is that it has original soundtracks that was specially designed for the game!I remember that I have searched the internet for the soundtracks a couple of days and then I realized that I wont find them! Finally I grabbed them from youtube after one of the online casinos uploaded them and I was very happy!

    I am playing this slot game at the lowest bet,0.30$ and sometimes on 0.60$!But I can tell you that I won nice money on this low bets especially when the Wild Desire feature triggers randomly! I like very much when I catch 3 scatters and I am entering the Chamber of Spins!The first chamber will give you 10 free spins at 5x multiplier and also introduces you to Amber,the first character of the game!

    The progress in the Chamber of Spins will unlock the next character which is Troy and will offer you 15 free spins with the vampire bats feature and up to 6x multiplier!
    To be honest,I like the free spins of Amber because I think you have more chances to win something big!Of course if you unlock the next character,Michael,you will be awarded with 20 free spins with Rolling Reels feature and up to 5x multiplier but just one time I won something big from Michaels free spins!

    The last character to be unlocked is Sarah and if you manage to do this,you will be awarded with 25 free spins and also with the chance to trigger additional free spins!Also this free spins have Wild Vine feature and this feature can change multiple symbols into wild symbols!

    I like this slot because it has a nice story,nice soundtracks and graphics and also a lot of features from the Wild Desire to the Chamber of Spins!

  13. Tyler Durden

    Before I’m going to start writing down my review about Immortal Romance, I must say I’m pretty surprised that I’m the first. WOW! Immortal Romance must be one of the most popular online slots at any Microgaming powered casino.

    It’s certainly the game I play the most and is probably my most favorite slot ever! Why…you might think! Well, I really think it’s the greatest slot ever made, simply because the game play, features and music is very appealing. Most online casinos allow you to play the game with a bet between €0.30 and €6, but there are some exceptions where I’ve seen bets being possible until €30 per spin.

    Albeit only for high rollers, I mean which average Joe has the funds to bet so high right? Immortal Romance is a 243-ways-to-win slot and consist out of a free spins bonus (3x or more scatters necessary), and a completely random Wild Desire feature.

    I like this slot because of the random element, since no matter how bad your session is, one good Wild Desire feature can bring your whole bankroll back and even make you end up with a huge profit! The bonus round consists of four different features which you can choose, once the progression bar has fully been completed.

    The progression bar starts at zero stripes at every online casino, and unlocks a new feature after every 5th bonus round. Amber feature gives 10 free spins and 5x multiplier (can be retriggered, however it never happened to me), Troy feature (Vampire Bats) gives 15 free spins and turns random symbol(s) into multipliers and wilds basically.

    The Michael feature (Rolling Reels) gives 20 free spins and has an accumulating multiplier until 5x, while the Sarah feature awards 25 free spins (Wild Vine) turns random symbols into wilds. I always pick the last feature when possible, simply because it gives me the most playtime. The most I’ve won with the Wild Vine feature is around 400x my bet I believe.

    The music is also very enjoyable at most of these features. This is what makes Immortal Romance so much fun to play. So are the graphics and symbols/story line. Last but not least I love the Wild Desire feature which can just randomly pop up and award 0x to 2000x bet size.

    I hit a 2,000x bet on this slot (see winner screenshots section), but only on the lowest bet once. Keep in mind that it can take lots and lots and lots of spins before having that luck.

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