Jamaica: lottery winner takes Jackpot of 1 million euros with Scream mask

A Lotto player from Jamaica had won 158 million Jamaica dollars (1.05 million euros). To acceptance of the prize, he came in a Halloween costume with Scream-mask just to stay anonymous.

This is a Super Lotto winner identified only as A. Campbell. In Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, he has made a spectacular appearance at the Spanish Court Hotel. To pick up his Check over 158 million Jamaica Dollars (1.05 million euros), he came dressed with a mask from the Slasher Film “Scream”. The pictures went through all English-speaking media.

In the Super Lotto you have to select 5 out of 35 numbers and additionally a Super number from the numbers 1 to 10. The tickets cost either 200 Jamaica dollars ($1.32) or 300 Jamaican dollars (€1.98). To get the Jackpot, you have to type 5 correct and the Super number correct. At $ 200, it gets a portion of the jackpot paid out at $ 300 off the entire Jackpot. 5 bring only 2.2 million dollars (about 15,000 euros) and 1.45 million dollars (about 10.000 euros). Campbell is 17. Player who has cracked the Jackpot at all.

The players felt sick after Jackpot win

A total of 54 days has taken the winner from the actual Cracking of the jackpot to the collection of the prize. Supreme Ventures operates the lottery on the island in the Caribbean and had given the winner all the time he needed. On 5. The Check-in was then ready on February 12th and the Check-out was picked up.

Campbell told Jamaica Star that he felt sick for days after winning in November 2018. He’s been thinking a lot. Meanwhile, he was kind of good, he was just a little deaf. In front of the newspaper, he described the day of profit as follows:

I looked at my Ticket, ran into my bathroom and said, ” I won! I won!”[ … ] From the day I found out I had won, I was sick. My head hurt me for three days because I had thought so much. I had abdominal pain for two weeks, and sometimes I had so much pain that I forgot I won.

Campbell knew that the withdrawal must be completed by February 2019 at the latest (there is a deadline to collect the 90-day winnings). He just wanted to collect himself again before he came to the operator of the lottery.

Winner caused a stir at check-hand

Supreme Ventures last week published pictures on her Twitter Account showing a man with a white cloak, black gloves and a classic Scream mask taking a Check. For those responsible it was a clear homage to the horror film “Scream” from 1996 – there, among other things, Neve Campbell played along.

In front of the press, the happy profits indicated that he wants to buy a beautiful house. But he had other goals:

I can handle money well. I’m not begging, I don’t borrow money. I’m looking for items to put the money into. I have a small business, so I plan to make it bigger and buy an apartment. I love having money.

Anonymity is not a rare wish when winning the Jackpot

Last year, a woman had won the Super Lotto and wore a mask of a winking Smiley Emojis when she picked up the prize. Simone Clarke-Cooper of Supreme Ventures explained that this is a widespread phenomenon in Jamaica:

Unfortunately, Jamaica is not like other markets. In other markets, they do not necessarily. But I think, you decide to protect yourself. We will not tell you that you should not do this because your safety is of paramount importance to us too.

Nevertheless, it is seen worldwide that Jackpot winners want to remain increasingly anonymous. In China, for example, winners have dressed up as panda bears, babies or robots. In the US, a man from California had his face covered with a huge check to remain anonymous. A woman in New Hampshire struggled in March 2018 for her anonymity when picking up the Powerball jackpot and eventually won in court.

Ultimately, the desire for anonymity is not particularly surprising. A list of the Jackpot winners, who lost everything, had shown that Neider can cause huge problems to the winners over and over again.

It is no secret (according to some observers) that Jackpot winners will see relatives after receiving the money at once, of which they did not know before. Jamaicans should also tend to feel bad or mean when they do not become a benefactor for all relatives or friends. Therefore, various experts advise that it is wise not to publish a Jackpot prize.

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