Learn to choose a casino – or how not to walk on the rake

When choosing an Online casino, you have to take into account lots of different variables, here are some of them:

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Deposit bonuses

These are mainly used by Casinos used weapons, to Online attract players. “Free”money is hard to reject, however, there is a large hook, the play-through requirement.

Some Casinos have claim a 10X play-Through, some go up to 40, 20 is the industry standard. If you are entitled to a $ 500 Deposit bonus and the Casino in which you play, claim a 20malige through the game, you have $10,000 in bets before the Bonus will be released. This seems to be a lot, but keep in mind how easy it is to bet $500 on Blackjack in an hour, even if you only bet 5-10 dollars per Hand.

You are on the lookout for a Casino that offers at least a 100% compliance [industry standard] and at least a $ 500 Maximum Bonus, the higher these Numbers are, the better. A good idea is to stick to a Casino that has a 20malige play-through requirement, however, if you find a Casino with a 10maligen demand, and it is what you were looking for, fear not to strike.

Support Team

I look at a Support Team on two things. The first is the flow time. No one like to wait hours and days to the Arrival of an important EMail. You might need help with a banking problem and may only have a simple question, in both cases, a more or less immediate response.

Online Casinos invest a large part of their profits for the satisfaction of their customers and to attract new customers, you have finally realised that the offer of a rock-solid 24/7 Support is the best way to do this. Secondly, I don’t want to feel the three types of contact with the Support Team of the Online Casinos phone or Live Chat, if I want an immediate answer and EMail, if I’m so sociable. Almost all Casinos offer phone and EMail Support, Live Chat Support, however, is still quite rare.

Record of success

In the past 2-3 years, so many Casinos have emerged, I have to look very carefully to find a Casino that is created before 2007 or 2008. Average for all casinos it goes up sharply, you should have no Problem to receive their withdrawals, but caution is better than indulgence.

Would you entrust your hard-earned money to a company that was founded 10-15 years ago, the timely payment to its customers a week 500 examples, or an Online Casino, there are for 50 weeks? older Casinos will have a larger player base, which means that they are usually a step further, as regards Software, as they can be afford in every way groundbreaking and up-to-date.

Other aspects

All other aspects of Online Casinos are pretty much the same (Banking options, Paypal or Paysafecard, the Software, game variety). It all boils down to where you feel the most comfortable when you Play and where you think you have the most fun Playing. The minimum

Deposit at most Casinos ranges between 20-50 dollars, which begin to create an account, and then Playing to a very small investment. Put 3-4 of you interested in the most Casinos an account and see what best suits your needs. The Casino industry has made over the years great progress and you, as a player looking for a new Online Casino where you can play, will benefit in the end.

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