Letsgiveitaspin Fake Money casino streamer

I have done some research on the Twitch streaming online casino and found out that Leovegas gives out fake money to their streamers. Some of you already know about the incident that occurred with the streamer called Casinorobot.

How I cant understand is that now one of the biggest Twitch casino streamer called Letsgiveitaspin is promoting Leovegas and no one seems to care about it anymore. To me this is really upsetting because there is clear proof that this casino has been giving out fake money this is an example. Here the streamer that has been betting 5+ euro bets for like a year shows his deposits by mistake under an account named something xxxxx.

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So basically Letsgiveitaspin promotes a casino that has absolutely no care about how he gets his players to their Casino. The funny thing is that almost every time he streams he talks about how much he hates casinos that gives out fake money to streamers, and there he is playing on one him self.

So i also got some information from a friend of mine that all the money that Letsgiveitaspin deposits and loose he gets back in the end of the month to his company. For me this sounds true since he has absolutely no respect for money depositing over 500 euro every stream. I also checked and he has a company.

Last time this was brought up, there was no response from LeoVegas, from what I remember. I wonder if we can get a statement this time around?
As for why people would watch people play slots, this has also been discussed previously. It’s entertaining to watch others play, and interacting with others who are also watching. I guess if one does not understand the point of streaming in general (which I’m assuming here, as this is quite common), one wouldn’t understand why people are drawn to slot streamers.

Furthermore, I think fake money streaming is quite unethical, and regardless of your stance on streaming in general, you all should feel that way too. It’s encouraging irresponsible gambling, as these streamers quite often bet huge amounts without really speaking anything of the dangers of doing such. Imagine if someone signed up here and posted a bunch of winner videos using fake money (but claiming that the wins were done using real money), specifically saying that all the wins happened at a certain casino. It’s not quite the same thing, but it’s definitely not okay.

It has been proven almost beyond any doubt the CasinoRobot used/uses fake money. Leo Vegas no longer allow CasionoRobot to stream I believe. Unless you are sayingg he still does? He uses other casinos who obviously dont care.

However please keep him seperate from Letsgiveitaspin who is a genuine streamer who gets good bonuses just like many other genuine streamers.

If LeoVegas made a mistake in the past they have rectified it. As others have said they are a tried and tested and safe place to pay and get your winnings,

Kim is fun to watch so I do not give 2 fooks whether he is playing with fake money or not…
Does it harm you as a viewer OP?
If so,you are free to not watch his streams.

It is nice to interact with the streamer and other viewers in chat.
And I find it very entertaining.

If it is his own money, fair play to him, he obviously has enough of it.
If it is fake money, I will nominate Kim for an Oscar next year because of his insane natural talent for acting.

For me it is pure entertainment whatever funds the streamer is using.

I do not understand why viewers get upset about it.

Maybe start streaming yourself OP? And experience the world of casino streaming first hand.

I watch a lot of World of Warcraft streams too as I play that game myself and there are tons of good looking girls streaming WoW and make some kick ass money from donations from followers.
Sometimes they are being called cheap wh*res and stuff, outragious and disrespectful.
I am sure those are not so good looking people just being jealous.
Let people do what they love to do without judging them, they ain’t doing anything wrong or against the law.

We’re gonna get them from time to time mate. And streaming seems to be “the biggest Marmite” issue out there in CM-land. This isn’t the first toxic thread we’ve had regarding the issue of streamers, and it will certainly not be the last, because as Craig might say….

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.

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