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Live dealer casinos: what progress has been made



The introduction of live casino has revolutionized the world of casino games. The main change was in the way the players thought. Initially, users had a psychological prejudice that this niche is already reserved, that to participate in the game you need special knowledge and skills or a large amount of Deposit. Over time, it was possible to convey to the consumer that nothing like this is required, and dispel the myths around games with live dealers.

At first, the creation of games with live dealers marked the main goal of the opportunity to give the player an experience similar to visiting a land-based casino. A distinctive feature was that the visitor could get this experience remotely, in a comfortable environment. Since the goals of the companies were common, the proposals that were received at the output also differed little from each other. Soon technological progress made it possible to improve the quality of images. This made it possible to create an atmosphere in which the user felt as if alone with the dealer. The setting was personalized.

Ten years ago, users could only use the live casino service on a desktop computer. The option was arranged with a Logitech camera, and the lens had one girl spinning a roulette wheel. At the moment, there are games with 21 cameras and turns in slow motion shooting. In addition, the industry segment is represented by games that combine live and RNG. Some developments in the format are more like a game show than a Board game.

However, there were also illogical changes – a departure from the green screen technology, which undermined the trust of users and affected the involvement of players. Due to the fact that players in 2018 prefer mobile versions of games to any other, live games have changed dramatically and have little in common with live casinos that worked in 2006.

Complexities of managing a casino with live dealers

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The most difficult thing is to ensure that every game host at every table is always involved and does their job at a decent level. This is possible if the focus is constantly focused on the game host, who is provided with the appropriate working conditions. Selection of managers and dealers is extremely important, their professionalism is a key component of the project implementation. The primary condition is that the language skills.

To create a unique product, its core must be innovation. The provider must be flexible in the offer, which not only stands out from others, but also complements them. It is difficult to manage such a casino.

“The Evolution Gaming team consists of 30 people who constantly monitor changes in Chrome and other browsers. The staff is engaged in video optimization for each specific part of the world on devices of various types. In addition, we have a staff called iTeam, which consists of 15 people. They test games, identifying new optimization opportunities. The total number of employees in different countries is 5 thousand people. Games happen around the clock”,  said Todd Householder, CPO at Evolution Gaming.

Providers are required to protect games from fraud and a variety of risks. The view that live casino is limited to the fact that the dealer throws the ball and it is broadcast live is incorrect. Innovation is key in these games. Therefore, in order to create a quality product, it is necessary to generate unique trading offers. Continuity is the first rule of live casino. To do this, it is necessary to use the latest technological achievements of the industry.

Live casino profits


The percentage of profit that each particular operator receives varies depending on the company’s resources, focus, and market maturity. It ranges from 5 to 25%. However, trends in recent years have contributed to an increase in this indicator.

The last frontier of innovation

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Leading companies in this field today invest in technology, thus trying not to interrupt the innovative progress. In the list of achievements, you can designate 3D, sports widgets and live rewards. However, the specifics of working with innovations are such that they must be produced constantly, giving new and new solutions and improving games. The company’s performance depends on the quality of the technologies used in product development. Given the constant increase in competition in the market, the only correct solution is to strive for innovation.




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