Lose all money at an Online Casino

If you have lost a small amount of money-just as they say, “forget” or 1 time you can try to win back the same amount. If you lose a large amount of money, you develop gambling addiction. If you Started to get pulled into the casino too much – then show the willpower and refuse to bet. This can be done for a time, not necessarily for all life. If you lose a lot in the casino what to do? The answer, it’s time to stop your passion for casino.It`s not a joke, it is the only way to out. Few of the gamers realizes that the dependence progresses much. A big loss is always an indicator of exorbitant azart.

Now we`re sort out with the question, what is the large sum and what`s the small. If, for example, your monthly income $2000, then losing $200 is baloney. But if you lose every month $200, in the year can accumulate a decent amount. If you`re willing to sacrifice so much for fun, then playing further. This is not yet a gambling addiction, so the player doesn`t go beyond a certain amount, and treatment isn`t yet requered. But if you lose regularly half the salary, it is a serious “call” that it is time to see a doctor. If you can not keep yourself in the right framework.

How to prevent large losses?

Their much easier to prevent than to rake the consequences. Therefore, it is very desirable:
Keep a general record of all your losses and all winnings.

This is done very simply: open the statistics of their payments and consider the total size of deposits and withdrawals. By counting these data, you will have an idea of how much you are in the overall plus or minus for a certain period. If it is obvious that the game for money beats a wallet, the size of deposits should be significantly reduced.

Any loss is not so terrible if it’s your money. Even if you have merged a lot of money, but their, just make conclusions for themselves (if necessary, coded from gambling addiction), and then life turns for the better. But if you have lost a large amount of other people’s money, the treatment of ludomania in this case is necessary! If the disease begins to develop, then you will not be able to get out of the online casino until you sell everything you have, to a cent + everything that your friends have given you in debt or even loans from banks. You can’t come to the casino with someone else’s money. It’s stupid, irresponsible and very dangerous.

On many women’s forums, wives ask the question: the husband lost in the casino, what to do? According to statistics, women, by the way, play much less, much more careful. They like the situation more, more developed natural intuition, not so much excitement. In men, the Azart in the blood, it is really peculiar to the stronger sex, because we have the instinct to win.

When men wins, the level of the main hormone testosterone increases rapidly, so the self-confidence increases. If your husband is used to assert himself only in such a way (by winning at the casino for money) that he will need a visit to a psychologist who will tell you where it is better to show themselves.

In conclusion, many are looking for where to get the money in case of loss, but it is not necessary to do so. Otherwise, you’ll merge again. It is better to seek advice from close people: they can also help you. For example, they will throw away the computer or, properly, will wash out brains.

Then you need to understand that gambling addiction has already crossed all unthinkable boundaries, so you have to go “surrender” to the doctor, otherwise life will go downhill. Worst of all, when everything has already fucked up and the apartment, and his wife,and the player is looking for collectors with very bad intentions.

Some do everything in moderation: drink, smoke, and play, so that in the end, they live cloudlessly until old age. But if the sense of proportion is not peculiar to you at all, the casino game will be the shortest path to poverty and the many problems associated with it.

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