Martingale: deadly Roulette strategy is still advertised

The great time in which The Martingale System was advertised as a method of making money, thank God, are over. Why this Roulette System does not work, or does not overcome the lucky factor, I describe in this article.

Probably everyone dreams of getting a lot of money quickly and easily and this is best with as little use of capital and / or labour as possible. All armies of scammers and charlatans build on this natural wishful thinking and promise the big money with little work on numerous “money-making sites”. In most cases, dubious and forbidden in Germany Buckball systems or just the Martingale System, a well-known Roulette strategy, are touted.


The Martingale System has been a system since the 18th century. It was not first discovered or developed, as often claimed, “recently” by alleged graduate mathematicians and computer scientists.

Martingale roulette system are dead
Martingale table

In practice, this strategy is set to either red or black, and if the stake is lost, it doubles until the ball falls back on the set color. Example:

  • 1 € bet on red.
  • It comes the color black. The loss amounts to€1.
  • 2 € bet on red. It’s coming back black. The round loss is now 2€ the total loss is 3€.
  • 4 € bet on red.
  • Now the ball falls on Red. The round-net-profit, which is 4€. 1 € more than the previous total loss.
  • Now you start the game over again and bet€ 1 on the color of your choice.

In order to come up with this strategy, one must now really have studied neither computer science nor mathematics. Probably, every player who deals a little with Roulette comes to play intuitively to the idea of this game in this way.

The Problem

In principle, The Martingale System is only one of many Roulette strategies and for experienced players, who consider Online Casino as a leisure activity with a chance to win, IE can afford it, worth a try. Of course, these players also know the danger of this system and know that the word gambling does not start with the word gambling for nothing – a fact, which also changes the best strategy, unfortunately, nothing.

In The Martingale game, you can thus not achieve a secure income and depending on how much money you use as starting capital, this strategy can also lead to rapid and violent losses.

Who now thinks the chances are zero, that 10 or 16 times in a row the ball in the cauldron falls on the wrong color, wrong. Experienced Roulette players know only too well that such Permanences, both in casinos and in Online Casinos repeatedly occur.

In order to achieve the promised income with this strategy (you only win one Euro at a time), countless rounds must be played successfully and this time factor inevitably leads to the fact that you get into such a negative permanence and lose everything. In addition to the problem that the ball can fall to zero in addition to red and black and also limited table limits prevent the functioning of this Roulette system, even if you would have infinite money. So, for example, would be. even at the VIP Roulette, where you can bet up to € 50,000, after Round 16 final end.


The Martingale System is one or the most dangerous Roulette strategy and can very quickly lead to high losses. Since it has been known since 18. In the 21st century, there would be no gambling banks or online Casinos in guaranteed winnings today. Unfortunately, this strategy is still conveyed to inexperienced or non-players by countless dubious websites, as an infallible way to generate income.

The Martingale System can of course also lead to winning, but here too, as always with gambling, a Portion of luck is included. You can try this strategy, but not with money, which you can not afford to lose. The longer you play after this strategy, the higher the probability that you will suffer heavy losses or lose everything you win quickly.

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