Mayan Bingo

The objective of the game is to fill your Bingo card once the first 30 numbers are drawn in order to win the top prize. You also mark off different win patterns for different payouts. For more chances of winning, players can also buy up to 10 bonus balls. The game has nice graphics and beautiful animation as well as sound effects.


Game Details Mayan Bingo

  • Progressive: No
  • Min Coin Size: 0.1
  • Max Coin Size: 5
  • Game Type: Fixed odds

To play Mayan Bingo, select the size of your bet and click on the Play button. You can play four cards at once, each with 15 numbers. The aim of the game is to mark off all numbers on a card within the first 30 numbers drawn. This wins you the top prize. If you mark off a particular pattern on the card, you will win a certain payout according to the pay table. For example, for completing one line you get 50x, for two lines 800x, while for marking off 12 boarder numbers you receive 500x. You also have the chance to buy a bonus ball if you are one away from bingo. There are up to 10 bonus balls available and the price for each ball varies.


Both Bingo variants are quite similar. In both games 30 random numbers are drawn and players mark off numbers to complete winning patterns. They can also buy up to 10 extra balls for the chance to complete a pattern. However, they differ in the pay table of the winning patterns. For instance, players get 3x payout for completing one line in Samba Bingo, while in Mayan Bingo for the same winning pattern they get 50x payout. They also differ in themes.

Mayan Bingo has an ancient South American theme, while Samba Bingo brings the beat of Samba and makes you dance when you hit the big payouts.


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