Microgaming casino Software Review

There are not many online casino software companies that can showcase their title as “The First Online Casino Software Company” but Microgaming can. They began operating over 2 decades ago and have since grown into the biggest online gaming software company.

Microgaming software proudly powers some of the world’s most successful, busiest and profitable online casinos. Established in 1994, the software company is the oldest supplier of online casino systems in the world.

A major component of their success is that Microgaming understands in an insecure Internet environment, security and fairness are of paramount importance.

Committed to security and fair gaming, Microgaming has nothing to hide and has gone to great lengths to ensure its transparency by establishing Credibility Technologies such as the Pricewaterhouse Coopers payout report, PlayCheck player based auditing and CashCheck player account activity reviews.

This commitment to fairness in the online casino world is a testament to the software company’s success.

Top-Rated MicroGaming Casinos:

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User friendly

Microgaming software is crisp and easy to use. The speed of their cards are a bit slow, this could be a good or a bad feature, depending on a player’s preference.

Their software excels at account management, offering a player a detailed log of past bets, as well as a plethora of other information regarding a player’s betting history.

Microgaming casinos are generous bonus givers and most of the table limits are fair, with table games ranging from $2 to $1000 and Slot machines from $.25 to $5.

Microgaming is also committed to being the largest, best paying and most famous online jackpot network in the world. Several players within the network have already won jackpots totalling over a $1,000,000.


Wireless Casinos – Massive Progressives

Microgaming is also the industry leader in the new field of wireless casinos. Their product GameWire brings the excitement of the casino to a player’s mobile phone.

GameWire features unique Progressive Jackpot games, a wide range of network coverage and comprehensive management and security, plus excellent graphics. GameWire is available in certain phones made by Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and more.

Microgaming software offers over 500 games to choose from, which is the largest game portfolio you’ll find online. And if you look for large progressive Jackpots, MicroGaming casino sites are the only natural destination.

They have available all the classics a player would desire, plus many more. Their graphics are cutting edge and their management systems are user-friendly. Microgaming has earned its good reputation throughout the industry both from players and casinos that use its software.

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