Mobile Casinos increasingly popular-the best Casino Apps in comparison

More and more users use iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone to move around the Internet. We are aware of this, since more than 60% of our users now use GambleJoe via a mobile device. It is therefore not surprising that Online Casinos are also preparing for players who want to play on the go.

Below I would like to give basic general information about Mobile Casinos or their gambling Apps and also briefly introduce the best providers in our view. In addition, I will show you what serious and good mobile Casinos are and what to look for when choosing the right App.

Mobile Casinos increasingly popular-the best Casino Apps in comparison

Some of the Online Casinos have already reported to us that 70% of their users play via mobile devices. As a result, it is not surprising that the Apps and mobile websites are becoming more and more important for gambling providers.

What different solutions are available for the Smartphone?

In the end, the Casinos provide 2 different solutions, some of which coexist. So there are sometimes native Download Apps, but due to the legal circumstances are rather rare. You have to distinguish between Android and iOS operating systems when downloading. The other solution is Web applications that are launched via the Browser of the respective Smartphones. These are Responsive mobile pages that should work independently of the operating system and only require a Browser that is supported.

Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. The native Download applications are usually faster and save the Traffic volume. Some Designs are stored on the Smartphone, which do not need to be loaded extra. In addition, a Logo Icon on the start screen, so that the handling can be more comfortable.

A major drawback is, of course, that you store data from a casino on your Smartphone, so that anyone who has the mobile phone in his Hand could know that you are playing at the Online Casino. In addition, you have to pay attention to the operating system, and whether the respective Smartphone is supported.

The Web App is still the best mobile solution in Germany. It works independently of the operating system only via the respective Browser. In the area of user-friendliness and loading times there can be minor drawbacks, but for this you do not have to download an App. If you delete the browser history after playing, not even someone gets something from the casino visit with.

Download Apps are rarely provided in App Stores. In the Google Play Store for years, real money Casino Apps were banned and not tolerated. Therefore, Social Casino Apps in which you play for coin money have become established there. The Apple Store only allows real-money gambling Apps, which are licensed in the country where the Shop is. Therefore, there were only a few applications from providers that had a Schleswig-Holstein license in App Store

Mobile Casino: what to look for when choosing?

Ultimately, the same standards for the use of Casino Apps are decisive as for the Desktop Version. In the area of handling the menus should be easily accessible. Also, you have to be able to navigate well through the menus, which should also be loaded quickly.

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The game selection should be as extensive as possible and include not only Slots, but also table games and the Live Area. In the best case, sports betting is also possible.

The areas Bonus, player protection, Support and deposit and withdrawal are also important, but differences to the Desktop Version are not so great.

Is there still a neat Casino App Bonus?

In the past, you were able to secure various bonuses for the Mobile Casinos, in addition to the offers of the Desktop Version. In some cases, there were no deposit bonuses, so you had a starting balance when you logged in via the application for the Smartphone.

In the meantime, the Casinos are no longer promoting their mobile applications so that you can get free spins on certain days via the App when you deposit. Otherwise you will find the same bonuses as on the Desktop.

What to consider when playing via mobile Casinos?

First of all, we recommend only stable LTE or better Wi-Fi Connections to Play with. There can always be problems with the connection from wireless networks, so you should keep the interference as low as possible. Who wants to give up a profit, because the connection breaks off, because you are just driving through a Tunnel.

Otherwise, you should always keep an eye on the battery and the data volume. Both the battery and the data volume are severely affected by the Games, The Associated amounts of data and the computing power for execution. Nothing is worse than a crash of the free games, because the battery is empty.

Please do not store passwords or bank details in your Smartphone. In the Forum there were several cases where the mobile phone was used by a relative to play-best protect yourself from it and enter the passwords again and again.

If you take this advice with you, there should be no way to use the mobile Casinos. I don’t like to play through the App myself, but the three providers I suggested appeared to me at the Tests still best. Try it yourself once, maybe you like the daddling on the Smartphone better than me.

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