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Even though the jackpot on regular slot machines always seem smaller than and not as lucrative as on the progressive slots, the chances of winning on a regular slot machine are significantly higher.

Normal online slot machines

On normal slot machines, the jackpot is always the same. The amount will never change and is more often than not very easy to see on the slot machine.

Regular slots also offer more realistic odds of winning. As a rule, it is pretty smart to play on a traditional three reel slot with the symbols “Bar” and “7”. Because of the three reel system, the machine doesn’t have as many combinations available as on a four or five reel machine. These slot machines obviously offer bigger prizes, but because of their many available combinations, with single, double, triple bars, “sevens” and other symbols, the chances of winning are also smaller.

As before mentioned, the jackpot is always smaller on a regular slot machine than on a progressive one, if you are looking for the best odds of winning you should play on a normal slot, however, if you are willing to take the chance to win big, then you should definitely play on a progressive slot machine.


Where to Play Progressive slots

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Progressive online slot machines

They are called progressive slot machines and as the name implies, the jackpot grows second by second for every coin that is wagered. If you have the guts to go for the biggest jackpot available, then you should go for one of these, just remember that the odds of winning are higher on normal slot machines.

The winnings on progressive slots can amount to a lot more than normal jackpots, often reaching into the millions… and you never know if you are the lucky winner of one of the gigantic jackpots.

So what is a progressive jackpot?

Slot machines with progressive jackpots attract players from across the world every month. Why, you will soon understand.
If you wish to try your luck to get that big win, you should go for a progressive jackpot. At the moment, there are progressive jackpots on slot machines (aka. slots, one-armed bandits, pokeys etc.) video poker and even some table games. The progressive jackpots aren’t just limited to online casinos as they can also be found in normal casinos, but we are only focussing on online casinos here.


But why is that so interesting?

You probably already know what a jackpot is: in short it’s a relatively large cash prize you can win on an online slot machine.

Normally you would win a jackpot after you get the right combination of symbols on the reels of the machine. A regular jackpot is essentially the same as a normal jackpot and then again it’s not. It grows and grows the more you play. Every slot machine is a part of a network of machines and that creates the foundation for the progressive jackpot. Every time you play for any amount on a machine, a small part of that is transferred into a collective pool for all the machines on the respective network.

Exciting, isn’t it? As if it wasn’t enough that the jackpot gets bigger as you play, it also grows when other people play on the same network. This way the prize will grow at a very fast pace and in many cases reaches up into the millions. The bigger the amount gets the more players will be interested, they start playing on the network and now the jackpot grows even faster! When a progressive jackpot is big and it has been a while since it has been won, it will be defined as a “hot jackpot”. We at Casinoportalen have made a list with the biggest and hottest jackpots that are online at the moment based on the casinos we cooperate with.

When you participate in a game with a progressive jackpot, you actually have an advantage when you start playing when the jackpot has reached a large amount. This way you have the chance of winning a jackpot that you did not help build.

To qualify for the biggest jackpot, you have to wager the highest amount possible, normally, you can win smaller jackpots that are affiliated with smaller wagers.
You still need to get a certain combination of symbols to get the jackpot – and often it’s combined with a form of bonus round. It’s a science to itself, but also very exciting. It’s understandable that some players only go for the progressive jackpots and hunt them from casino to casino. After all, anyone could be tempted by the prospect of winning a couple of million dollars.


The mathematical part

Another thing you need to know is how many coins you wish to play for and how the payout system works on the machine you are playing on.

Most machines accept between one to five coins and the payout of the jackpot depends on how many coins you play for. For example, if the value of one coin is 50, the value of two coins is 100, three coins is 150 and so on… In this case it wouldn’t be an advantage to play for more than one coin, unless the value of 50 is not enough.

On other machines, the jackpot is paid out with a far higher multiplier by playing the maximum amount of coins. Let’s say that that by playing one coin, the winnings are 50, by playing two coins the winnings would be 120 and by playing three coins it’s 200 and so on. In this case it would be far better playing the maximum amount of coins. You should always play the maximum amount of coins in case of a bonus.


Let the hunt begin

As mentioned before, the hunt for the biggest jackpot is a science to itself. If you want to try your luck, go right ahead! Most casinos have lists of progressive jackpots so you can get a good start of “practising” on your favourite casino.

Do you want to find a great online casino?

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We wish you good luck on your quest for the biggest jackpots out there. We are keeping our fingers crossed and if you are the lucky winner of a jackpot, we would love to hear from you.

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