Online Casino Streams of CmdKrieger and Montanablack

More and more Twitcher or Youtuber, who have previously limited themselves to Gaming Videos, are currently starting with Casino Streams. MontanaBlack and Commander Krieger are among the most famous German-speaking twitchers, who are currently playing in Online Casinos on selected days after midnight.

I have to admit that Youtuber and Twitcher of Gaming Videos never really impressed me. For years, there have been Live Streams, where Battlefield or Call of Duty are streamed with any comments from various players. It never addressed me, yet Julian asked me once to look at the Streams.

He found it alarming that the two Twitcher (MontanaBlack88 and CmdKrieger) the other well-known casino streamer as Casinotest24, Roshtein, casino daddy, Shirox1980 or Jarttusslot a lot of competition. However, it is much more important that the two people speak to a wider audience as they have significantly more followers, including many young people.

I looked at the Streams and Kurzviten of COMAND warrior and Montana black once and go here on the two Twitcher and their new Casino Streams.

What else are the two YouTubers streaming?

Normally, the commanderwarrior (or CmdKrieger) and Montana black, are restricted in their Streams on Videogames, you can try out either (Let’s Play) or the comment and play. In the past, isolated Casino Sessions were found, where the commander, warrior casino games preferred, Montana black played Live but more Slots.

In general, the new Casino Streams only start after midnight, which is a good step in our eyes. Before that, they play Videogames. In part, I also experienced that CmdKrieger didn’t want to go to the Casinos and just played Fifa or reported on his diving course.

Commander Krieger as Streamer

Commander Krieger is actually called André Krieger, is 38 years old and belongs to the TOP 100 of the German Youtuber. It has over 750,000 subscribers, so the reach is already enormous. In fact, he was a passenger protector who taught as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant. Due to an injury, he worked as a regional Manager at Google and later became a Croupier in the Casino of Duisburg. Today he is an independent media producer and streams to Twitch and Youtube.

Commander Krieger

He has been uploading Videos since 2010. In 2016 he had some problems, wanted to stop streaming but now again very active at fixed times. He himself admitted in various Realtalk Videos once that he was never the best player, but can easily entertain people through his kind and comments.

In 2016, he was increasingly annoyed by the comments of some users and has looked for other broadcast formats. In the field of gambling, he was able to win the Let’s Play Poker from Pokerstars, which took place on 23 May 2012. ^ A b c d e f g h i n a n c I”. In 2018 he participated in the WSOP Main Event 2018 in Las Vegas for the German 8 Team.

The Casino Streams from CmdKrieger

If you look at your Stream, you will find that it is not the typical Online Casino player. Apparently, he also has no relation to slot machines from the gaming library. He doesn’t know titles like Triple Chance, Double Triple Chance or other mercury and Novoline Games.

Overall, his posts have little to do with advertising. Sometimes he seems to be more frustrated about sitting in front of it. He always demonstrates that you can’t win anything in gambling. In part, he does not know the Games he plays and asks again and again, what actually has to come. He is waiting for Scatter in games that have no Scatter or free spins – as a gamer it is relatively boring to look at the whole. If you like this kind of comedy, however, it is certainly not bad.

He is increasingly annoyed with certain comments. Especially you notice it when User want in the Chat of him that he plays higher, so it makes Montana black and it is still compare.

From my point of view, at least he’s honest with what he’s doing. Real advertising for Online Casinos is not it. There are few to no Logos. However, anyone who knows the Casinos will recognize the online casino Wunderino, which is on our grey list. There he plays in the rule.

However, he does not praise the Games, but says clearly, that he plays them only to offer the audience some entertainment. He also does not want users to promote any websites in the Stream. The Nightbot does not issue a link to the Casino, but only to its Equipment in well-known Shops.

He represents, in my view, the stark pool to Montana black, and behaves like well-known casino streamer, and with High Roller stakes plays all the night long by the Casino.

Montana black – Germany’s largest Twitcher

Montana black is actually Marcel Eris, is 30 years old and comes from the Hanseatic city of Buxtehude in lower Saxony. After school, he trained as a retail clerk. According to his own Realtalk Videos, he became a drug addict (alcohol, grass, coke, etc.), came on the inclined path and then also has his gambling addiction in gaming pharmacies.

Montana black – Germany's largest Twitcher

Since this year, he has been the largest German gaming live streamer on Twitch with his streams of video games (Call Of Duty, FIFA, Mario Kart, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite). The Hautpkanal was founded in 2009 and now has more than 1.5 million subscribers on two channels.

Montana black has been celebrated in a Video in March of 2017, actually, that he has beaten his gambling addiction. He didn’t go to libraries at the time and no longer threw his money out of the window.

He himself said that at the age of 18 he immediately went to the arcade. I guess that’s where it started. By the profits he was further angefixt and followed the well-known cycle of an addict. According to his statements, he is prone to anything that is addictive.

His goals for 2017 were that he wanted to go to the arcade less. Since 2. In January 2017, he was no longer in one – according to his own statement, the time was better for him – than a sixer in the lottery. At that time he was very proud of himself and his will. In the Video, he also denounced the System behind the game halls. He himself played with the idea of seeking an addiction counselor post.

Montana black fight with the Finanzamt Stade on tax evasion. He made the tax returns himself for the first 2.5 years, errors occurred. He had to pay taxes for 2014. In addition, his penalty for tax evasion should be calculated on the basis of current earnings. Some of the additional claims of € 90,000 were in the room. In July 2018, he said that he paid all taxes, but still contends about the amount of the penalty.

In part, he did not specify Twitch’s funds. He had revenue from the United States and thought that he would not have to declare it because they were already taxed there. He has admitted this error and must now bear the consequences. Overall, he sees the errors and now also has a tax consultant who takes care of the accounting.

The Casino Stream of MontanaBlack88

The whole Realtalk by 2017 has not held Montana black of 2018 (nearly 1.5 years later) with the Stream of Online Casinos to get started. He started at 888Casino and then played at LeoVegas. “Monte” has now selected Lapalingo as a “reliable Partner” with whom he seeks a long-term partnership.

He has negotiated a 500% Bonus as a Deal, which he only has to wager 3 times. As a result, it is much better placed than Casinotest24 in terms of the Streamer special bonus, although they stream for the same Casino.

Who will say look at the Stream of Montana black, that he’s playing with€ 10 or more. He doesn’t seem to have to worry about a Max Bet Rule. His best win so far was at Hotline, where he played on 90€ and by a full screen 300-fold, so has won 27.000€. According to his own data, he has an extreme streak of luck and in the last 1.5 months 80.000 € collected from the Online Casinos, with deposits of only 5.000€ (own statements).

Its Streams act like the Standard Casino Streams. He knows the Games, knows what his viewers want and uses the normal expression of casino visitors. What is striking is that he often emphasizes the seriousness of Lapalingo and proves to them “honor”. Nevertheless, the feedback from his Community is rather mixed.

What gets “Monte” for streaming

According to his own statements, he has no traditional Affiliate Deals that relate to the losses of the players found or the initial registrations of new players. Although he has an Affiliate Link in his descriptions, this is intended for Lapalingo only for statistical purposes. Montana black receives a fixed amount for its Streams, similar to TV advertising.

Commander Krieger has also confirmed that he has received offers for such Deals. He also expressed the opinion in a Stream that “Monte” sold to the Casinos.

We have never heard of such Deals, but we do not want to exclude them. In the end, Montana has 1.5 million viewers, which represents a significant potential for a Casino to customers.

From Gaming Twitcher to casino Streamer

Overall, we find the developments within the team very strange, since so far Twitcher mainly addressed to a younger audience. In our circle we know that Montana black is, in part, among young people very popular because of its Gaming activity. In the Chat to the Stream you read again and again from inexperienced users, who sometimes do not understand the games, specify never have played Slots and want to be familiar with the function.

Apparently, the two twitchers watch even after 24 clock still inexperienced users, the casino games did not know. For this reason, developments should be viewed very critically. The two must be aware of the fact that minors watching could also be. Ultimately, you would need to know your Community and there must also be a reason why you start with the Casino Streams after midnight. At least a little Wink, which shows that the two streamers are aware of their responsibility and try to act properly.

A few years ago, “Monte” had talked about his responsibility and said that he wanted people to learn from his experiences and protect themselves from them. Now he sits in front of the casino stream and suggests that he wins with “J” only 2,000€ at 20€ stake in free games at Book of Dead. Where, according to discussion,” J “should be in the Stream for” Jew”. However, he must not say so because he was afraid that Twitch would block his channel because of inappropriate comments.

Lapalingo is again involved in critical developments. The company had recently made headlines with the Streams of CasinoTest24. Calvin (or Jörg) had caused a stir, because a fellow streamer had unpacked, that he (the maker of CasinoTest24) is Minors and there was a meeting in Malta. Real evidence was not available to the suspicions so far. Lapalingo or Calvin never said anything about it. CasinoTest24 disappeared for a few months. Meanwhile, Calvin is back as a Streamer, since he has now reached the age of majority.

Lapalingo has now won the biggest Twitcher as a Partner, who himself states that he was or is game-savvy. Not only does the” Monte ” advertise a System, which he thought in 2017 despicable-he also tempts spectators (who are partly minors)to play. Particularly questionable is the Whole in connection with the No Deposit Bonus of Lapalingo.

After all, anyone with Fake data can register there and claim the Bonus. It is granted without any deposit. You can simply play there and you will be charged with free money.

Warning: incorrect personal information & Fakeprofile always lead to losses!
If you create more than one player account or Fake Profile in Online Casinos, you must expect that any winnings will be forfeited or the relevant player accounts will be closed. Each Online Casino must verify the identity and age of each player before any winnings are paid out. We therefore strongly advise against creating Fake Accounts in Online Casinos.

He himself had described as Realtalk the circuit in which one can get into. At that time he was proud to have broken out – today he sells himself so and perhaps crashes users who have never played or heard of Online Casinos in the same problems.

If the Online Casinos with MGA license become aware of the Videos in which the gambling addiction is discussed, you have to cease the cooperation. In the past, this Problem had hit the Streamer’s “bonus hunter”.

Bonus hunter had also mentioned in the Stream that he is addicted to gambling. Online Casinos with an EU or UK license could no longer work with him from now on than this became public. EU and UK regulators react relatively Strictly when they advertise with game-savvy people and pay them for Active Gaming.

First effects can be seen by their own Followers

A large part of the followers criticized Montana black for this step. Even among his Realtalk Videos there are various negative comments. Many accuse him of becoming relapsed and selling himself. Lapalingo has been hit by DDOS attacks for several days. You had overloaded the Server with a lot of Traffic. Partly during the Streams so that he could not open any Slots, or they turned extremely slowly. Meanwhile Lapalingo has got the Problem under control by Cloudflare.

Montana stressed after a successful fight against “honour” of Lapalingo. In the Stream he was approached several times on Calvin and CasinoTest24. He never gave a reply. He skilfully overlooked the subject.

Julian said to me, however, that he always “hosted” another Twitcher after streaming, so his audience redirects to another active Streamer. CasinoTest24 was one evening the only great German-language casino Streamer online. He deliberately saved him and rather chose a small Streamer, which had under 100 spectators-apparently there is a competition between the two.

Spectators sift through manipulations at Lapalingo

The spectators have repeatedly stated that Lapalingo may “provide” the Account with some form of winnings so that he can better promote the Casino. “Monte” strongly contradicts this, as this is not possible in reputable Casinos. In the end, the Games are provided by the software manufacturers and you are only forwarded to the servers in the Online Casino. The fact I had already explained, when it was about manipulations at the Slots in Online Casinos. If you want to find out more about the functioning and the chances of winning Offline and Online slot machines, check out the articles on slot machines and slot games on our website.

Much more important at this point is his Bonus. He gets 5 times the BET and only has to bet 3 times. Compared to a normal player, a bonus and deposit must be wagered 35 times. In addition, they do not have to comply with any betting limits as to the amount of their bets.

Note: 5€ Max Bet Rule, and other bonus conditions!
Normal players who claim a Bonus at Online Casinos should first read the bonus terms and conditions and, in case of doubt, give up the Bonus completely. If you do not comply with the bonus terms, you are at risk of losing any winnings. In our Forum you will find numerous complaints from players who have not paid large sums because they have violated bonus conditions.

This fact alone makes it much easier to fulfill the Bonus sales conditions and leads to a profit almost every evening when he enters a medium-sized profit (such as 300 times in the Hotline).

In between, he may lose a lot and deposit again, but overall, he has very iconic bonus terms that help him clear out at the Casino. The only question is what the Casino really pays off or what the Deal looks like overall. In the end, streamers are also actors who live out their thought-out role.

Overall, strange developments on Twitch and Youtube

At this point, I must also point out again the strange role of Twitch. In February 2018, they decided to focus on the actual goal of the platform and wanted to focus more on Gaming.

Twitch wanted to focus on the Loot boxing issue and limit gambling. Some of the talk here was that there should be time limits for streamers in the representation of gambling of this kind. Meanwhile, this does not seem to play a major role.

Youtube currently closes the channels of most casino streamers. This also includes the channel casino black Montana black. Half an hour after the release of Videos on the Channel were deleted. Youtube is so massively against Casino Streams before, but you overlook some seemingly.

Twitch makes this procedure cold. They even introduced the new category “Casinos”. Overall, the actual twitchers still seem to have a little respect for the legal Situation, yet some are now trying to beat off the Casino theme Profit.

Montana black noted in one of his Streams that he has the most viewers, if he plays in the Casino. In part, more than 40,000 people are with him in the Stream online values of which other casino streamers can only dream.

Conclusion: streamers come and go

Ultimately, the whole last year has shown that the streamers come and go on the platforms. Sometimes they are banned because of the content, false remarks or even just showing a naked upper body. They still come back again and again. The source of income therefore seems to be quite lucrative.

Nevertheless, it is certainly of interest to many Users, what was on offer Montana black, so he is streaming for Lapalingo. As rich as he is in the Videos, it must have been a decent sum.

Finally, I would like to discourage all young people from gambling. Whether Online Casino, arcade or casino-you will not make a profit in the long run. In the end the Bank always wins. For this reason, you should not start playing at all and certainly not accept bonuses in Online Casinos with false data. Make a bow to any gambling provider. Online gambling is prohibited for children and young people under the age of 18. It is better to stick to this ban!

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