Everything You Need to Know about Online Slot Tournaments

When we say ‘slot tournament’ today we usually mean the kind that lets you play from the comfort of your home. All you need is an online casino, a set of rules and a big ol’ slice of luck. Let’s go over the basics of online slot tournaments, why they are a popular form of online gambling, which types there are, how they work and more.

What Types of Online Slot Tournaments Are There?

Online slot tournaments can be either freeroll, which, as their name suggests, are free, or buy-in, which require an entry fee. There are usually multiple tournaments available on a daily basis and some can even last a week or up to a month. What may come as a surprise to you, however, is that these events typically last from 5 to 10 minutes. That’s it!

Online Casino with Slot Tournaments

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How Online Slot Tournaments WorkOnline Slot Tournaments

You’ll start the tournament by opening up the eligible online slots and pushing the “Spin” button. And once you’ve starte­d—d­on’t stop! Like we said, you don’t have much time, so it’s in your best interest to press “Spin” as many times as possible. Usually there’ll be a window showing you how well you’re doing compared to other players which can be exciting, but also discouraging for some. Don’t let it get you down; perhaps the next spin is your big shiny moment!

“Once you hit the “Spin” button, don’t stop pushing it till the tournament’s over!”

The Autoplay and Quickspin features are usually disabled in online slot tournaments, so you’ll have to spin the reels manually. Do it fast and you’ll have a good shot at winning!

A Bit about Slot Tournament Prizes

The prizes vary from tournament to tournament, but one thing is for sure: the best of the best will be entitled to the main prize. Then, as it’s usually the case, top 10 or top 20 players will also be winning cash prizes established by each tournament.

Sometimes the prize pool will be fixed, but it is much more common that the prize pool is determined by the number of participants in the tournament or buy-ins, especially if the tournament has the option of re-buys.

Buy-ins, Add-ons, Re-buys

So far we’ve mentioned buy-ins, re-buys and we can add another essential term—add-ons. Buy-ins are, as you’ve already gathered, entry fees needed in order to join the online slot tournament and have your shot at winning.

Then we have add-ons. Say you’re done playing for the time being and you’re initially satisfied with your results. Then you glance at the leaderboard and notice you’re no longer the first on the list. Okay, it’s time to improve your odds. What you need is an add-on, which essentially lets you continue playing from the point where you stopped the first time around. Your new (and hopefully much better!) score simply gets added to the old one and, voila, you’re right back where you wanted to be—on the top of the list!

Still, you can be entirely unsatisfied with your results and feel like you deserve a second chance to start from scratch. That’s where re-buys come in.

A re-buy is effectively a clean slate. What you do is pay a fee and buy a fresh stack of chips. That means your previous score is deleted and you start anew. Some online slot tournaments will put a limit to the number of times you can re-buy, while others will let you do it an unlimited number of times.

Online Slots Tournaments

Why Go for a Slot Tournament

Have you perhaps read our recent blog post about different types of gamblers? Or, more importantly, done our personality test and discovered which online casino games suit you the best?

“If you belong to the Competitive Type of casino gamblers, then online slot tournaments are the perfect choice for you.”

If you did and got the ‘Competitive Type’, then, yes, online slot tournaments are definitely your cup of tea. They’re fun, exciting and, most importantly, they cater to your competitiveness. So, if you like a bit of a challenge and you work best when you’re competing against your equals, then there’s literally no reason you shouldn’t give an online slot tournament a go right away!

Take Part in a Tournament and Share Your Thoughts

If we’ve intrigued you enough to give a slot tournament a shot, we have a suggestion where to go next: 888 Casino. Namely, they host online slot tournaments all the time, plus they’re a safe and high-quality casino, so you’re bound to have a good experience.

To share your thoughts, experiences and comments, stop by at our forum thread and tell us how you feel about online slot tournaments, brag about your winnings and add any essential info you might have about tourna­men­ts—­we’re expecting you!

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