Online Slots on FaceBook

Here’s something we’ve definitely established so far: online slots are everywhere. Not just on our laptops and smartphones, but Online Slots on FaceBook, too! And, even more specifically, Facebook. Wondering what types of online slot machines await on Facebook? Well, we’re here to shed some light on the topic. Let’s talk slots on Facebook, shall we?

3D SlotsOnline Slots on FaceBook

Even when talking about social gambling on Facebook, we’d have to narrow our choice down, as lately there has been an increasing number of slot machines. 3D slots being one of them.

Just like it is with any Facebook app, 3D slots are free of charge. However, if you want to upgrade your gameplay, you can buy extra coins with real money and proceed to play the slots in style. Or, if that’s not enough, the good news is that 3D slots can be found all over regular online casinos, as well. So, if you prefer spinning the reels with real money from start to finish, you know where to find ‘em!

Slots FarmSlots Farm

Wasn’t social gaming on Facebook synonymous with farm-related games at one point? Well, slots have their own farm realm, too. Slots Farm combines turning reels with growing crops, so if you’re into both, you’ll be all set.

If you’re a slot tournament lover, you can nab great prizes in Slots Farm!

What’s more, there are various slots that include bonuses, free chips and rewards. Also, if you’re a slot tournament lover, you can nab great prizes there, too!

Lucky Slots

Wanna know why we can deem Lucky Slots as one of the most widely played gambling apps on Facebook? Because it’s got over 1 million active players who use it on a daily basis.

Truthfully, it’s not that difficult to see why; it’s free and the more you play it, the more benefits you have. These perks can range from free chips to unlocking additional online slots. Plus, new bonus games crop up every day, so you can be sure boredom will not be in the cards.


Our last choice from the vast pool of online slots you can play on Facebook belongs to Slotomania. Even if you’ve never engaged in social gambling on Facebook, surely you must’ve run into the name or seen your friends playing it.

Slotomania has millions of players and the number just keeps rising.

Arguably the most popular slot app on Facebook, Slotomania has millions of players and the number just keeps rising. Not just on Facebook, either; you can find it in other places on the internet and spin its video slots and classic slots to your heart’s content. And what about mobile slots, you may ask? Don’t worry, they’ve thought of everything, so yeah, you can play Slotomania on your phone, too.

Your Experience with Social Gambling on Facebook

What’s your experience with playing slots on Facebook? Are any of the listed slots your go-to games? Which other types of social slots we should’ve mentioned in your opinion? Make sure you stop by our forum today and tell us all about your preferences when it comes to social gambling – we can’t wait to learn something new from you!

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    Facebook slots – just for fun!
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