Overview of the development of a slot machine

In the Forum the question came up again and again, how a Slot is actually developed. I once tried to work into the matter and briefly outline the most important steps. At least in the rough you should be able to imagine, which way must actually be completed, until a machine can come from the idea to the Online Casino. I rely on the information provided by the manufacturers as far as they are available.

I rely on information that some online casinos have provided in the past or have been discussed in forums especially in the English area. In addition, there is the NetEnt series “The Challenge”, where the company structures became somewhat clearer. The series was a huge image campaign some time ago, so that the Swedish software manufacturer can find more employees for various locations.

The rough Plan for Game Development at a glance

It usually takes about a year for a modern and extraordinary Online Slot to be created. It starts with the idea of a few paper tart and hopefully ends in publishing on many different platforms. More than a dozen people are involved in the development: mathematicians, designers, Server developers, one to three Front-End Developer, Back End Developer, project Manager, game tester and a Creative Team, sometimes even psychologists are involved with.

Not always is the wheel or roller reinvented, the developer Teams can usually rely on existing Slots, mechanisms or symbols. You may have already outlined some mechanisms that can be taken over, or Designs that you may use again, or which you can fall back on. In the end, every Detail is precisely planned during the game, so that the last Pixel sits correctly and draws the player into its spell.

At the beginning of the idea

First, there must be a game concept. There are many Briefings in which mathematicians, designers, psychologists, Marketing Managers, Product Managers and programmers come together in large companies to find new ideas as openly as possible.

It probably starts a first Brainstorming, at the end of which you must be given rough direction. Statistics from Marketing, demography and many other data are used to create profiles about the users you want to contact. The data will then be used as a basis for a variety of approaches that could be explored. After further Meetings, Briefings, and votes a concrete idea should be found, which will then be forwarded to a Creative Team and the product Teams. The groups then analyze the market and decide how to bring a Slot with the same theme online, but reach more players.

First of all, the basic questions must therefore be clarified. In addition to the theme, the variance of the slot plays a special role. The question of whether it is a Low, Mid or High Variance Slot has immense influence on the target group. Starting from this, the rough layout of the slot is determined, because Games with realistic symbols speak to other target or age groups than machines in comic style. If there is a Basis for the execution, the development in the different Resorts is pushed forward.

What people are working on the online machines?

The development of a slot machine is relatively complex, so it needs a structured project manager who always keeps track. Some areas rely on the involvement of other groups, but some Teams also work side by side. The project manager should plan this wisely to ensure a smooth operation.

Happiness and Chance – the pure mathematics

The mathematicians are busy with the game modes. You specify which and how many symbols appear on which roller. They also describe what bonus features exist, how high the winnings can be maximum and how often they should come on average in order to keep the corresponding payout ratio.

It is important that the player can’t make profits, so that the game becomes boring. In some cases, the psychologists ‘ statements come into play, which ensure that the mathematicians are better able to get into the players and know what they like.

Designer & programmer – a hopefully harmonious Interplay

The designers are then familiar with the design of the individual symbols, so that at the end of the Slot also looks like this and has the subject of what you imagine. As a result, various programmers and Front-End developers have to implement the ideas more and more.

In addition to the design in the Frontend, i.e. the area that you actually see, the Backend must also be developed. The Slots and the random generator must be implemented in accordance with the mathematical specifications. In addition, sales and profits must be registered and stored in a table so that, in the event of system crashes, it is possible to understand what actually happened. Then it needs more features like the transfers to the Casino – the profits and losses must ultimately be communicated to the gambling provider, so that the casino account and history is updated in real time.

In addition, there are HTML5 developers who only deal with the mobile implementation and functionality on the mobile devices. In the end, the games should run smoothly on all mobile devices, whether they are iPhones, iPads, Android or Windows Smartphones.

Copywriter – descriptions, Intros and more

The descriptions and tables must also be written. Sometimes there are also Intros that are partly created by Content writers. Some of these are Videos, which are produced by the designers alone or in cooperation with the copywriters, depending on the scope.

The main task is to explain to the players how the Game is constructed. Sometimes a table is enough here, at the moment many machines are becoming more complex, so it needs more descriptions. They must then also be translated if necessary.

Game tester-hated quality assurance

When the development is complete, the Games are first tried internally. A great Moment for everyone involved, as you can now see what the work is actually worth. Probably most of them have the hope that no serious errors will be found and that they will not have to be reworked for a long time. Testers are usually reluctant to see and are sometimes hostile when they have to deliver a bad news in the Form of non – working Features-job was known to not be a friend of all world.

Review of Games by licensors and third parties

The games of chance must comply with the requirements of the gaming authorities. The UK Gambling Commission has the most strict rules here, as all third-party Games have to be checked for the payout ratio. We are not aware of the extent to which the slot machine Code must be disclosed to the authorities. In any case, a checksum checks the content of the code, so that after acceptance by the regulatory authorities the Code cannot be simply changed. All changes must be submitted and described.

Only after all the tests have been completed and the Games have been approved, the software manufacturer may offer them in the Online Casinos. However, this is not yet the end of the development of a slot machine.

Hello World! Our new casino game is here!

In the end, the marketing department has to come up again to successfully promote the Games in the corresponding Online Casinos. Server Developer and various programmers will also help the Online Casinos with the integration. In the best case, the Slot goes online without any problems and the player is offered the same day an incentive (free games or other promotions)to try the Slot also.

In the end, the development of a game is an extensive project. Several people work for at least one year to create something stunning new. After that, still no end is in sight, partly because there are always new versions to fix security vulnerabilities or errors – the more Slots, the more maintenance and follow-up work for the respective software manufacturer.

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