Pros of live dealer casino

One of the cons I mentioned above is that your dealer is a human – on the flipside, a pro is that your dealer is a human.

Cons of live dealer casino


People tend to distrust computers, especially since they can’t see the cards being shuffled. Despite the fact that RNG programs are regularly tested for fairness, people can’t help but believe that they are being gypped, and there’s no way to make sure or call the online casino out.

With the introduction of live dealers, players can now continue to play from the comfort of their home while watching the dealer handle their cards. And in case anything does go wrong, players have video proof of malfeasance if they want to write a complaint or take legal action. Players often fear that the stream they are watching is prerecorded, and therefore the game is fixed.

To dispel the concerns of their players, live casinos will often place a television showing a live newsfeed to guarantee that the video is happening in real time and that the game is fair. It’s things like this that help players put faith in their dealer and their casino.

Best Live Dealer Casinos

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It’s common knowledge that playing a game with a live dealer is the closest thing you can get to the traditional “brick-and-mortar” casino experience while gambling online. Depending on which live casino you patron, you can choose the extent to which you experience the all-around land-based casino atmosphere.

As mentioned earlier, some casinos have one table per room to minimize outside distractions while others place all of their tables in the same room. If you choose one with more than one table in the same room, you can enjoy the quiet murmur of talking at other tables and the whisper of shuffling cards and rolling balls as you chat with your dealer and place your bets.

If you aren’t prone to getting too distracted, the background noise mixed with the direct interaction with your dealer can help you really get in the zone, and it might be what you need to pull off that masterful victory you’ve been working towards. In comparison, virtual games can feel impersonal, isolated, and a little fake. The clicks of cards and the wheel are clearly fake, and you simply click a “Deal” button rather than watching the dealer go through the motions.

Social interaction

A huge reason live dealer games are so popular is the potential for social interaction.

The way that the game is set up, the players can live chat with each other as well as with the dealer. The dealer reads your messages and responds, so it feels just like you’re there in person, talking to those around you. Another con-turned-pro is the fact that online casino tend to choose very nice live dealers. These croupiers are more often than not young and attractive women.Social interaction

They know how to pay attention to you and make you feel warm and fuzzy. If that’s the kind of interaction you’re looking for, then live dealers are the perfect form of online gambling for you. And to really help their live dealers sell like hot cakes, live casinos will often employ a uniform that you would never find in a land-based casino.

These ones are often more revealing and designed to show off their dealers’ “assets,” if you know what I mean. As long as you don’t get distracted during your game and start making reckless bets, the social aspect of having a live dealer is the single, biggest pull for its players. So next time you’re at the roulette table, you can ask your fellow players about roulette betting over the chatroom feature and get their two cents on how they win.

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