This page is dedicated to a well-known slot game manufacturer, on the market for years and enjoys a good reputation. This is Novomatic, an Austrian group, with whom we now known.

Here you will find full and interesting Information on Novomatic, their games, the list of safe Casinos online, where you could try one of these Slots. On our online game platform, the player can select any game and test it.


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As it was written above, you will find lots of useful Information about the online game collection of Novomatic. Novomatic slots have a lot of advantages that are immediately visible. First, what must be emphasized is the simple and comfortable look that is recognizable for the Fans very easily, because in the past one could play the slot games only in real Casino. Secondly, the slot machines by Novomatic, have a wonderful and simple Design, and any novice can handle without any difficulties with this game machine. Most Slots consist of 5 reels and 9 play lines . But it can also be more.

The large number of lines gives you the Chance to win more money. By the way, you can use the slot machines from Novomatic for free, in the so-called Demo Version. The free Version of this Slots without registration and Download available and this means that each player can test all the Slots and after a best and suitable for you can find. Of course, the new machines appear very often games from Novomatic, and our expert testing, update the list, and then offer only the best variant for you.

For example, Novomatic, the provider of such a well-known online Slots, like Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, Columbus, Marco Polo, etc. For REAL MONEY NOVOMATIC CASINOSexample, if it is the slot machine Marco Polo, experience in an adventure game, you travel through the countries, and will make you feel as if you had all that in reality, done Or even a super cool Slot “Sizzing Hot”. It is made for those players who want to experience a lot of emotions. This is an online slot machine game Fruit, where you will meet a lot of different fruit and can also taste the flavor from the fresh drink on the winning tune. And if we are talking about the most famous and the most played Slots from Novomatic, we have to pull the slot machine “Columbus”. Very great game, with wonderful graphics, great payouts and fascinating Subject.

The discoveries of Columbus all know, but not everyone had the opportunity to experience it myself. Novomatic gave such an opportunity to all players of the online Casinos. You will be located in its place and on the way to great discoveries. We have here described only a few games to show how cool you are. But on our web-site you can find more and your luck free try. If you find a online game for your soul, you can continue to play on real money in real online Casino, and the game process with the full pleasure of enjoying.

If you have already found a slot game online and this game you want to get to know each other, our detailed game descriptions. In the description of a Slot, you can find all the important Information about dasselbes game, bets, payouts, Bonus games, Jackpots, etc. Before our expert enter the new Casino in the list, check it out yourself according to numerous selection criteria. The unsafe Casinos you will not find with us, because we only work with the Casinos, which enjoy a good reputation and real money our players could bring. We offer you to make a list of the tested and well-known Casinos and to try then in one of them the luck.


Novomatic admired his players not only the game news, but also with the way you can play these games. If we could previously only play on the Computer, everything is easier now. Imagine, you sit and wait for the Bus or the S-Bahn and at the same time spend your time interesting. How? Quite simple.

You should either download the online games from Novomatic to your phone as an App or on our game platform to play. It doesn’t matter how big your screen is. Our page is customized for each screen. The quality of graphics, the game process and everything else remains the same as it is in the Computer. Also, Mobile slot machines by Novomatic are adapted for use on the iPhone, so iOS, Android and Windows.


Novomatic Software is known not only for its slot machines, but also because of such Games, such as blackjack, online Video Poker, online Roulette and scratch card. For Example, Blackjack. Novomatic has in his Spieliste a few games from the Royal Crown series. Blackjack from Novomatic admired you with a very intellectual game, good rules, and almost realistic Interface.

Or Roulette, which is very well-known between the game fans. The manufacturer has tried all of the features of the game in the Roulette enter. Very popular are also such kinds of Games such as Video Poker and scratch card. What relates to the last game, it was earlier not so well known, but now everything has changed. Scratch cards from Novomatic can immediately bring up the profit, you do not need to play all day.


We are convinced that you have heard about this group, especially if you are a Fan of virtual online Casino. Therefore, you can read a little Information and the success story of the Novomatic. Novomatic (Novomatic Group of Companies) is a well-known and global group of companies with the seat in gumpold, which is located in Austria.

The group was founded in 1980. The group is concerned is to Play with the online Casino, game systems and game equipment. Novomatic is a company that has more than 19,000 employees and about 200 branches. Currently, Novomatic has worldwide, approximately 23 subsidiaries, and is very successful and profitable company. The sales of Novomatic per year is about 3.8 bn euros, so you can imagine how good and successful the group is.

What relates to the management at Novomatic, is elected as Chairman of the Board Harald Neumann. But if you want to know a little bit more Information about this great company, you can like their official Internet site a visit. There you will find also the games they offer and what you to our online game platform free of charge to try out.

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