Real Money Slots VS Social Slots

Slots are no longer mechanical machines with some lame flashing lights and lucky 7’s. Slots are not only games that you can now play online but they have stunning 3D graphics, incredibly composed soundtracks and software developers that are creating the next best thing minute by minute. It’s been quite a journey for this old-fashioned casino game that is loved by many.

Some things have also remained the same. You spin the reels, win money (or not) and the coins are still there. The coins are not going anywhere. So what is it about real money slots that peaks our interest and has us wanting more?


So what exactly is a real money slot? Maybe you’ve heard of this phrase or maybe you haven’t but, real money slot machine games reward slot spinners with real cash for their winnings. If you want a deeper understanding you can check our casino online slot machines page.


A lot of the time newbies do some research on where they’ll find online slots to play but that still doesn’t direct them to the online casinos that offer real money. Now, there’s nothing wrong playing for free but imagine beating the odds on Starburst and winning big, wouldn’t the earnings make it that much better. Playing slots is already entertaining and a huge mood lifter so why not add some values to those coins?


They might be free, but free slots are just as entertaining and sophisticated and in a way give players the ability to practice their skills. If you’re a beginner, playing for free can be the best way to brush-up on your video game slot knowledge so that you can hit the jackpot.

Modern-day free slots are also available from virtually anywhere like real money slots: mobile, tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop. There’s no downloads, no deposit, just you and the machine. However, hear us out on why we think these games are super fun when the coins hold real monetary value.

Online casinos such as Casino-X have real cash slot games mostly—all winners get their prize in the form of real money. And if you hit the jackpot? Well, let’s just say you’re one of the lucky ones.

When you know you have something to lose or win, the magic happens. It adds that much more excitement to the experience and gets the adrenaline pumping. It’s full-on, entertainment to the extreme.


Social slots

  • Gaming is an enjoyable, pastime activity. As long as you’re responsible it really can keep you entertained for hours on end. It’s a mood up lifter and isn’t that what we want sometimes in this life? Something to spice up our day and wash away that mundane feeling of a daily routine?
  • Social slots are when you play for virtual money (fake money) and can either win or lose. The interesting thing is, if you’re out of all your fake money or lost it all—you can use your real-life money to buy more fake money in the game you’re playing? Sounds outrageous doesn’t it?
  • But think about it. You’re all ready to play your favorite game. You have your coffee in one hand, your dog pleasantly sat next to you, a few snacks, and now, you’re out of fake money and it’s quite a bummer. So what do people do? They buy fake money. In America, it is illegal to play for real money which is why you might see this happening over there.
  • This raises an interesting point, players love the thrill of slots whether free, real or social and it’s the games that keep them coming back for more. We say, if this is the case play for real money and enjoy the fruits of your labor—er, well not exactly labor.


If you’re already enjoying social (free) slots and have the ability to play for real money, then what are you waiting for?

Make every spin count and reap the benefits!


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