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Reel King

Welcome to Reel King, where regal reels and majestic wins await. Step into the royal realm of winning, where each spin brings you closer to a kingdom of rewards fit for royalty.

Game Studio:Red Tiger Gaming
Release Date:
Available Now
RTP: 90.19%
Volatility: Medium – High
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 40
Max. Win: 250,000x
Rating: 9/10

The King’s Reels:

Reel King

Engage with the king’s reels and experience a regal display of symbols that hold the key to your fortune. From crowns to cherries, the king’s court is adorned with symbols that could lead to princely wins. Spin the reels and let the royal adventure begin.

Random Royal Prizes:

Encounter the king’s generosity as he bestows random royal prizes upon lucky players. The Reel King feature may grace your spins, showering you with unexpected riches. Keep an eye out for the king’s visit as he could turn any spin into a majestic win.

Symbol Payout (5 of a kind)
10, Q, K, A 2.5x – 5x bet
Slum 10x bet
Cherry 15x bet
Wild 0.1x – 25x bet
Jackpot 0.1x – 25x bet

Regal Bonus Rounds:

Unlock regal bonus rounds that add an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience. The royal bonus features offer opportunities for free spins, multipliers, and more. Let the king’s benevolence lead you to a kingdom of abundant wins.

Reel King:

Reel King

Reel King is more than a game; it’s a royal affair where every spin is a step closer to princely fortunes. Let the king’s reels guide your journey, embrace the regal features, and discover the wins that await in the royal realm. Are you ready to play like royalty? Join Reel King now and spin your way to a kingdom of winning!

Embark on an extraordinary adventure as you delve deeper into the royal tapestry of Reel King. Beyond the captivating visuals and princely symbols, the game’s mechanics unveil a world of potential riches. Blueprint Gaming, the mastermind behind this regal creation, has intricately woven an immersive experience where the fusion of gameplay and royalty is nothing short of majestic.

As the majestic reels of the king unfold, the thrill intensifies with the chance to encounter Random Royal Prizes. The Reel King himself may grace your spins, turning each rotation into a spectacle of unexpected wealth. It’s not just about the symbols aligning; it’s about the king’s benevolence, which can transform any ordinary spin into a truly majestic win. The anticipation builds with every whirl of the reels, as players eagerly await the king’s generous visit.

Moving beyond the base game, Reel King boasts Regal Bonus Rounds that elevate the gaming experience to new heights. These bonus features are the crown jewels of the kingdom, offering players opportunities for free spins, multipliers, and more. Unveil the secrets hidden within these bonus rounds, and let the king’s benevolence guide you to a realm of abundant wins. The synergy of the royal bonus features with the captivating gameplay creates an irresistible allure, inviting players to explore the depths of the kingdom for maximum rewards.

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Experience the royal treatment at Reel King, where regal reels and majestic wins await. Spin your way into a kingdom of rewards with the king’s court of symbols. Encounter random royal prizes and unlock regal bonus rounds for a truly majestic gaming experience. Reel King isn’t just a game; it’s a royal affair where each spin is a step closer to princely fortunes. Play now and enter the royal realm of winning!

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