Roshtein – Fake casino streamer

Meet me, in the meantime, more and more often on Youtube in the Video proposals. I have now watched some of his Videos, don’t understand all of it (because in English) but since gross profits are real. For example, he won the other day in the Book of the Dead for€ 60,000, with a full-screen mummies to 30€…

To understand that Roshtein advertise bad casinos, just try to play in these casinos. Today these 6 casinos are the flagships of the industry.

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What meets the eye to me, however, is that he is always playing and ALWAYS at multilotto. Therefore, I wonder whether the real money is, the he’s playing.

Why are Roshtein Fake casino streamer

what do you think? roshtein is just a fake channel, or the perhaps even with the casino? i Think Fake! Roshtein - Fake casino streamer

  • Fake money
  • Fake Actor
  • Fake Emotions
  • Fake Penis ( may be )

Roshtein receives a high bonus on his deposits, I believe he once told something by 500% or so. That would mean, if he pays 1000€, he’ll get 5000€ as a bonus, in addition. then it makes more sense.

but I’m also not sure he can as well be employed directly by the casino or something… at Least the Videos are entertaining and you can root for, in any case, if he is on the gamble… he Also has his webcam and commented on the whole, what sets him apart from some of the other incoming major changes

Roshtein play on Multilotto. Multi Lotto is just like Lotto land Casino. But all the streamers have a funny way of always giant Bankrolls. I do not believe, however, that the casinos handle the extra interference in the system or something. this is not possible. I just think that if you are a streamer and as an affiliate logs in, a lot of money through new customers is obtained, which is then invested back into the casino. Even as a millionaire, you would drive on in the ruin. affiliate and advertising players :smiley: then you get quite a lot of dough to gamble – just so.

I think that many are just jealous, it’s the same thing in the real Casino, so the big game, if You have sufficient use of and when Roulette always win double, and then You at some point. There are probably many high-rollers do not stream and do the same. It’s a pity that there are just in Germany, so much envy. I’m happy for every win in the online casino, then he has done it right and deserve recognition instead of envy, no matter whether it is roshtein or an anonymous high roller, congratulations on the win!

Verdict to Roshtein

Roshtein – FAKE and commercial project multilotto ! Playing only at the casino money, it is not getting any benefits, except for the referral! Tell him to deceive people is not good.

Roshtain fake streamer

  1. Ename

    Wow.. man you are really jealous.
    It’s really pathetic to write something like this

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