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Spinata Grande

Join the lively celebration in Spinata Grande, where every spin is a fiesta filled with vibrant colors, festive sounds, and the promise of sensational wins. Immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere as pinatas of all shapes and sizes grace the spinning reels.

Game Studio: NetEnt
Release Date:
Available Now
RTP: 96.84%
Volatility: Medium – High
Min Bet: 0.01
Max Bet: 400
Max. Win: 12,000x
Rating: 9/10

Colossal Symbols Galore:

Spinata Grande
Experience the thrill of colossal symbols that dominate the reels and bring colossal wins. From sombrero-wearing animals to traditional playing card symbols, the fiesta-themed icons create an electrifying spectacle on every spin. Get ready for colossal excitement!

Mini-Slot Madness:

Trigger the Mini-Slot feature within the colossal symbol, unveiling even more opportunities for wins. Land free spins, bonus symbols, and even more colossal symbols to elevate the excitement of your fiesta. The Mini-Slot is your ticket to a carnival of rewards.

Fiesta Free Spins:

Unlock the Fiesta Free Spins by landing the colossal Free Spins symbol. Watch as the reels transform, offering more colossal symbols and increased chances for festive wins. The fiesta truly comes alive during the free spins, promising a carnival of spinning delights.

Spinata Grande:

Spinata Grande isn’t just a slot; it’s a perpetual fiesta where every spin brings you closer to festive wins. Dive into the colorful world of colossal symbols, experience Mini-Slot madness, and revel in the joy of Fiesta Free Spins. Ready for a fiesta that never ends? Play Spinata Grande now and let the spinning celebrations begin!

Cascading Confetti and Lively Animations:Spinata Grande

Immerse yourself in the lively celebration of Spinata Grande with cascading confetti and lively animations that accompany each winning spin. The joyous atmosphere is further heightened as confetti showers down, creating a visual spectacle that mirrors the festive spirit of a true fiesta. The lively animations add an extra layer of excitement, making each win a cause for celebration as the reels come alive with vibrant energy.

Community Fiesta Challenges:

Join a community of fellow revelers in Spinata Grande and take part in special fiesta challenges. Engage in friendly competitions, achieve milestones, and share in the collective joy of hitting colossal wins. The communal aspect enhances the fiesta experience, turning Spinata Grande into a shared celebration where players can revel in the successes of their fellow spinners.

Mariachi Madness and Soundtrack:

Enhance your fiesta experience with the lively Mariachi Madness and an upbeat soundtrack that accompanies your spins. The catchy tunes and energetic beats transport you to the heart of a Mexican celebration, creating an auditory feast that complements the visual spectacle on the reels. The combination of Mariachi Madness and the soundtrack ensures that every spin is a fiesta of both sight and sound.

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Join the vibrant fiesta in Spinata Grande, where festive spins and colossal wins await! Immerse yourself in a world of lively colors, colossal symbols, and Mini-Slot madness. Unlock the Fiesta Free Spins for a carnival of spinning delights. It’s not just a slot; it’s a perpetual fiesta where every spin brings you closer to festive wins. Play Spinata Grande now and let the spinning celebrations begin!

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