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The gambling industry of France.Features and history.

gambling in france

Due to the peculiarities of the European Union as a Confederation, as well as the fact that the Western European gambling market has general principles of operation, it is often taken to be perceived as a kind of monolith on the gambling map of the world. At the same time, each state has its own unique and long history, including the formation of gambling traditions. In this respect, France is the cradle of the cultural characteristics associated with gambling establishments. And since, as you know, the devil is in the little things, and focus on them.

History of the gambling industry in France

france gambling

In 1986, for the first time, the right of women to visit casinos was established.

Gambling has a special place in the cultural history of France. Before the introduction of the modern system of placing gambling facilities, which, by the way, also differs from the Western European tradition, a huge number of gambling establishments worked in the country. However, not all of them differed in the scope that the current casino. In 1942, at the height of the Second world war, it was decided that the excitement should be concentrated exclusively in localities that have the status of resort areas. At the same time, the French once again stood out – unlike most European capitals, which are the centers of gambling life, gambling facilities were forbidden to open not only directly in Paris, but also at a distance of 100 kilometers from the city of love.

After the adoption of restrictive legislation, most French gambling houses had to be closed. Currently, there are about two hundred land-based gambling facilities in the country.
One of the modern rules for opening new gambling establishments is that a work permit is issued personally by the Minister of internal Affairs. In this case, the operator must first obtain permission from the municipal authorities. In addition, the list of games that will be presented in the gambling house, as well as the staff of the institution, is formed and approved by the Ministry of internal Affairs.

There are special requirements for the service personnel of gambling establishments in France. For example, they are not allowed to bring cash or playing chips to work. In order to avoid possible violations, the special uniform is made to order, it does not provide for the presence of pockets. People in uniform have no right to cross the threshold of gambling establishments. In addition, participation in gambling by minors is strictly prohibited. Every French casino has a black list, which can be entered by gambling addicts at the will of their loved ones or on their own, as well as once caught cheating or simply violating the rules, dress code (if such was provided) or etiquette.

“Not gambling” institution in Paris

not gambling france

There is a version that the roulette was invented in China. Presumably, the cells of the prototype of the modern wheel were not numbered, instead of numbers they depicted animal figures. And later in France, for convenience, enterprising Europeans replaced too complex images with Arabic numerals. By the way, it is considered that France is the birthplace of not only European roulette, Degas and Descartes, but also the game of blackjack.

Despite the fact that classic casinos in the capital are illegal, the French came up with a way out and called it Aviation Club de France.

Aviation Club de France is a closed club, which can be entered only if the guarantee from the current member. This is an unconventional luxury establishment, which features only games of poker, baccarat and backgammon. The club was founded in 1907. All visitors are required to follow a strict dress code. In 2005, this non-traditional venue was chosen as the venue for the World Poker Tour.

There are gambling houses in 169 French cities, but Cannes has an exceptional place in this respect. There are three casinos in the city, with a total of 63 gambling tables and 655 slot machines.

Ending the historical review of the features of the gambling industry in France, we note that contrary to popular belief, gambling establishments in this country are not much like those that are presented in Las Vegas, and even those that are located in neighboring countries. The French are a very gambling nation, but like everything else, they create gambling houses with taste and a special love for beautiful things. Among other things, France is considered the birthplace of the game of roulette and blackjack.

Land-based gambling establishments

The largest casino in the country is considered to be Barriere Enghien-les-Bains, it has 43 tables for gambling and 500 pieces of equipment – slots and video poker.

Despite the fact that most gambling establishments in France have a special history, there are still exceptional facilities, such as Lyon Vert Casino (Lyon) and the Palais de la Mediterranee Casino (Nice). The first one is one of the largest in the country, it has about 400 slots. Visitors to the gambling house can treat themselves to a game of roulette, poker or blackjack. All clients undergo a mandatory identification procedure.

Palais de la Mediterranee Casino

Lyon Vert Casino

The Palais de la Mediterranee is a place whose distinctive feature is its immaculate decor. At one time, it was influenced by Egyptian, Greek, and French culture. The gambling house has 17 tables for table games, six units of gambling equipment for American roulette and two for European roulette. As mentioned earlier, the exclusive right to grant licenses is reserved for the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Online gambling

online gambling

According to current information, the gambling regulator is ARJEL, which is responsible for issuing licenses and controlling the segment. Recall that soon the country will create a new regulatory body-the National gambling authority (ANJ).

It should be noted that the gambling regulator does not issue licenses to open online casinos. At the same time, international operators offer their services in the country, and the French can use their sites without fear of breaking the law. However, the state warns that it is not responsible for the quality of services provided and can not monitor the observance of the rights of users.

At the same time, it is incorrect to speak about the absence of online gambling in France, because online bookmakers, including bets on horse racing and poker operations, are allowed in the country.


poker france

One of the favorite gambling games of the French is poker. Therefore, the country is looking forward to holding major tournaments in this discipline. Every year, gambling houses that host poker Championships set new records in terms of the number of participants in the competition.

In addition to sports series, charity games are welcome in the country. The heyday of the online segment of the world’s most popular gambling game was associated with the formation of a common pool of players in four European countries – France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Sweepstakes in France

Betting on horse racing is one of the favorite pastimes of the French. The first tote was introduced in the country in 1870, since then, the popularity of this type of betting has spread around the world. Longchamp is one of the most popular places in France. The racetrack can accept 50 thousand visitors at the same time. Pari Mutuel is actually a monopolist in the segment of sweepstakes.



At the moment, La Francaise des Jeux holds the exclusive right to conduct lottery draws. The French national lottery is planned to be privatized in the near future, the process has already been launched.

The monopoly operator provided a wide range of services, and the funds allocated from the drawings were directed to important public needs. The termination of Francaise des Jeux as a monopoly operator is caused by many claims from the EU authorities that the existence of a single operator is contrary to the principles of market competition.

For its part, the state, which controls the company’s work, countered with the fact that in this way it is possible to protect users as much as possible.

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