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The Great Archer — Microgaming

Every gambler dreams of finding a slot machine that will be a source of inspiration, positive emotions and big winnings. If you are looking for one, take a closer look at The Great Archer slot from Microgaming. This slot machine will impress you with stunning graphics, colorful interface and really large payouts.

General information.

The slot has 5×4 reels, 1024 paylines and wild symbol multipliers up to x27!

Functions and mode of the base game.

1. Winning combination.

All symbols play from 3 pieces, with the exception of the top symbol-from 2 pieces.

2. The Wild Symbol.

Replaces any symbols other than Scatter symbols and has no intrinsic value.

Wild can only appear on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels

the great archer

3. Stacks of the top symbol.

The top symbol can fall out in both partial and full stacks, which makes it possible to get all the reels occupied by the top symbol.

top symbol

Bonus game mode

When 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols appear on the reels, the bonus game starts!

The number of free spins depends on the number of scatter symbols that appear:

— 3 Scatter symbols = 8 free spins + x2 of the bet
— 4 Scatter symbols = 15 free spins + x5 of the bet
— 5 Scatter symbols = 20 free spins + x10 of the bet

Function of the bonus game

1. Multiplying the Wild symbol.

In the bonus game mode, the Wild symbol can have a multiplier of x2 or x3, and it appears similar to the main game mode – on reels 2, 3, and 4.

If several Wild symbols appear, their possible multipliers are multiplied among themselves.
This way you can get the total multiplication of Wild symbols to x27 (3x3x3)

wild mulriplier

2. Additional free spins.

If 2 or more Scatter symbols appear on the reels, the player is awarded additional free spins:

— 2 Scatter symbols = 5 additional free spins
— 3 Scatter symbols = 8 additional free spins
— 4 Scatter symbols = 15 additional free spins
— 5 Scatter symbols = 20 additional free spins


Technical information

Paylines: 1024

Maximum payout per spin: x3840 — all reels occupied by the top symbol without taking into account possible multipliers

RTP slots: 96.81%

Release date: 13/01/2020


More than a decent release from the new Microgaming partner: 1024 paylines, the ability to get the top symbol field, as well as Wild symbols with multiplying multipliers (up to x27).

Add here a fairly high RTP of 96.81% and get a slot that you will want to return to even once!

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