The Online Casino doesn’t pay: What to do?

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time, that great Online Casinos make problems with the withdrawal of profits. In this article, I describe you can do in such a case.

A few weeks ago has turned a player with a plea to Gamblers.Casino. You won with a low around 13.000€ in a larger and more well-known Playtech Casino of what she wanted to 9.000€ to pay. Unfortunately, the Online Casino cross and did not want to pay out the profit due to flimsy reasons. Long days of intense involvement with this case, could I and the affected player to obtain, but in the end, a withdrawal.

Even when such cases arrive rarely, not allowed it’s my time to take care of each individual case. Especially when it comes to Online Casinos, which are not managed in the Online Casino comparison of

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We write, therefore, determined to a counselor about this issue. Because contrary to popular belief, the odds are extremely good to come to his legally obtained money. Assuming, of course, it is the Online Casino a European-licensed and regulated.

Reasons why a Online Casino payouts may refuse to

In many cases, unfortunately, the players who violates the Terms and conditions and against common sense, and, as a result of a withdrawal of refusal by the Online Casino. You should, therefore, be first honest to yourself and check whether you did not commit one or more of these errors:

  • Multiple Accounts: you, as a player, several game accounts at the same Online Casino, to refuse withdrawals, the provider has the right to. This is especially true if the Accounts were used to this, the offered welcome bonuses multiple times. In a very small extent and, if no bonuses have been used multiple times, are reputable Online Casinos often Fair and pay out winnings according to a warning yet.
  • Fake accounts: Be opened, for whatever reason, Accounts with totally wrong people and address data, the chances are close to Zero in the case of winning money. At the latest, before the first payment, every Online Casino is obliged once, a photo ID (passport, driving license, passport) and a Address (phone bill, electricity bill, etc.) by the player. The data do not match with the Account specified, is not allowed to withdraw the Casino. This applies not for the small Typo, but for right fake accounts, where the information was completely wrong.
  • Chargebacks / Chargebacks: cancelled payments to an Online Casino retroactively, will also retain any profits. For some payment providers, wire Transfers will be charged at a later date from the Bank account. The account at this time is not met, the Casino receives no money and the player is no profit and only then, if the account was compensated by the payment provider.
    Fraud against the Casino and / or the Other players Will, in some way, the Online is trying to manipulate the Casino or be cheated in a Poker game by using arrangements other players, you can lock the Online Casino the player and the fraud resulting profits will be forfeited.
  • Multiple Bank accounts: also it is Problematic if funds from accounts or credit cards of other people – or Paid to be. The Online Casino can not know, whether the payments are to be by mutual agreement or by a criminal Act arose. At best, you are only playing with his own money, which comes from an account that belongs to a self.
    Money-laundering suspicion: In the case of suspected money laundering or suspected misuse for criminal activities, and the Casino funds have to hold back so long until this suspicion has been dispelled. Such a suspicion can arise if very often with Paysafecard paid, and without or hardly play, again on a Bank account was paid out.
  • Step-by-step: how to get the money
    It happens only very rarely and almost exclusively at the Playtech Casinos, that normal players have committed none of these gross errors, problems with the payouts.

Online Casino doesn't pay

If this is the case arrives, however, should you resign or profits lost, but the following steps go to be a money fight. The chances are at licensed and regulated Online Casinos very good that you will be lawfully obtained money.

Complaint procedure of the Online Casinos make use of:

As a first step, you should try to solve the problem by using the Supports, and these attempts at a solution are also documented. Emotions should be kept in check, verbal abuse or insults are to be avoided. Much rather, it makes sense to specifically ask what will be required on the part of the supplier and, thus, a payout may take place.
All of the required documents to submit: all of Online Casino in addition to the required documents should be submitted. But even that has its limits. Pay slips to prove that you can afford to Play, do not need to be submitted. Other ehrrührige claims, such as a picture of yourself with Paysafecard in Hand should, in principle, be answered in the negative.

Final warning grant:

it Should be on an objective level, must be conveyed to the operator that you have to take from now on, other ways, if not within a week a reasonable solution to the problem or the money is transferred. On the next steps you should take closer.
License-giving authority letter: In the Footer, or the footer of each Online Casinos, a Link to the respective license is to find the authority. Here is a comprehensive and detailed complaint should be submitted (unfortunately in English). In order to speed up the process, should the complaint, the documented attempts at a solution are attached.By this step, a bend of the provider and pay out the profit! So it was in the article at the beginning of the case described.

At the game developer’s contact (optional):

Online Casinos purchase their Software from certain game developers such as Playtech, Merkur, Novomatic or Playtech. This can also be written to. Great effect you will be able to but probably not. Nevertheless, it is often the small Tweaks were a success. And the software manufacturers, many of such cases, could lose the Online Casino in the best case, the license for the specific games.

International law attorney on:

Has it really led to any of the preceding steps to success and the profit by a higher amount of 5,000€ and more, remains as a last step, the only way a specialized lawyer.
of Course, Today and in the future, only absolutely clean Online Casinos, what winnings of any amount to pay off at once in Gamblers.Casino listed. I therefore ask that providers make the problems in the payments made to the sub-contact E-Mail-address. However, as discussed in the input text, it is my time to work on all cases but it helps the Casino to keep the comparison clean. In addition, it does not help me as a player to play in rogue Online Casinos and to test.

If you have problems with an Online Casino, you can us like this in the Forum under the “Public complaints” report. For this, you have to register and can then immediately in the Forum a Thread for your case to create. We (Daniel and Matthias) have to take into account the listed and many other Casinos. If payments are not made, we talk with the Online Casinos and try to convey.
Anyone who uses money in an Online Casino and to lose it risked should also be able to with luck, and a winning confidence that the operator pays for this without hesitation. Because the Casino wins at the end anyway, even if some players win big, it is today only very rarely, that Online Casinos make issues with payouts. Operators who work with such methods and harassment, will disappear in the Short or Long also out of the picture. The competition, which was over the years becoming more professional. And also the licensing authorities in dealing with such cases.

It comes to an Online Casino does not want to withdraw winnings, players have many powerful tools at Hand and is not so powerless as is often claimed – even if you have to fight in such a case, for his profit only.

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