Things you should never say to a winning gambler

Did you enjoy our recent post about things you should never say to a gambler who is losing? Well today we have a treat for you. It’s all about the winning gambler. At first glance, you might assume this post doesn’t make any sense. After all, when someone is winning, there’s not much you can say to anger them. Winning is great, right?

Not so fast. It turns out there are big statements to completely avoid when talking to someone who is winning at the tables or slots (or really any type of gambling game). If you have a friend who keeps winning, keep these all at top of mind.

You’re on such a sick run, you can’t lose.

Yes, the results are completely random. But for some strange reason, when you utter the words “you can’t lose”, the person who seemingly can’t lose suddenly sees their fortune turn for the worse. You’re basically jinxing the player and, trust us, they won’t forgive you when their chip stack starts to dwindle.

Dinner is on you.

If your friend just one a huge fortune playing the slots, don’t expect him or her to pony up big money for dinner. You don’t know what’s going on in their financial world. Perhaps they have a big medical bill to take care of. Perhaps their car needs a repair. Maybe the money is the exact amount they need to cover a birthday gift for that special someone. Let them make the decision of how they want to spend their money.

Can I borrow some of your chips?

Again, just because a gambler seems to be winning, it doesn’t mean they’re obligated to become some sort of charity case. You don’t know what’s going on in their world, so asking them for a handout isn’t a cool thing for a friend to do.

You should be tipping the dealer more, bro.

This is a contentious one. If you sit down at a Blackjack table, you’ll see two kinds of players. There are those who tip the dealer when they’re winning and those who don’t. There is no hard and fast rule that says how much you should tip the dealer, nor is there a rule that you should tip the dealer at all. Remember, when you play online, there is no option to tip the dealer because the dealer is virtual. Even in live dealer games, tipping just isn’t a thing. If your friend is coming from the online world, he or she might not even be used to tipping. Plus, if your just joining them at the table, you might have missed out on some tipping action, so keep your mouth closed.

Increase your bets and win more.

Everyone wants to win more, but not at the risk of losing a lot. Don’t tell your friend how to bet. There’s a good chance they’re following a betting strategy and getting them to sway from it could put a big dent in their bankroll.

How much are you up now?

Some players are superstitious and one of them most superstitious things you can do at the tables is constantly count your chips. Asking your friend to count his or her chips in front of you could anger them big time. If you must know how much they’re sitting on, eyeball their stack. Of course, you’ll need to know how much they sat down with, so counting on your own won’t give you the whole story.

It doesn’t matter if you lose everything. You’re playing with the house’s money.

What’s worse? Sitting down to play Roulette with $100 and losing it all in a few spins? Or sitting down with $100, winning spin after spin to boost your bankroll to $1,200, and then breaking even? Obviously losing $100 is better than breaking even. But for the player who worked hard for that big winning streak to suddenly lose everything, breaking even is worse. They had $1,200. They fantasized about what they’d do with it. And then it all came crashing down. So do yourself, and your friend, a favor. Don’t tell them that they’re playing with the house’s money and they can’t lose. Even breaking even can feel like total gambling devastation.

Congrats on your big win. It balances out my big loss.

Making your friend feel bad about his big win is a pretty crappy thing to do. Instead of letting her know you lose big, just congratulate her and keep your financial situation to yourself. Otherwise, you risk coming across as someone who is looking for a handout.

It’s only an addiction if you lose. So clearly you’re not addicted.

It’s a common myth that you’re only addicted if you lose. Your friend might have a gambling problem if they can’t pull themselves from the tables, even after a big win. So please don’t perpetuate that myth. If anything, you might want to tell them to quite while they’re ahead because it’s been a great night.

Lower your next bet. You’re destined for a loss sooner or later.

Every spin, every flop of the card, and every toss of the dice is completely random. Thinking someone is due for a loss because they’ve hit a string of wins is the same as thinking you’ll win big soon because you’ve been losing horrible. That’s called the gambler’s fallacy and there is no truth to thinking you can overcome randomness.

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