Tip: verify before making your first deposit

The subject of verification is a troublesome evil for most players, but it cannot be circumvented – at least if you choose one of the best online casinos. With the balance of your personal data which be reiber protected not only himself. Above all, it’s all about knowing your money safely – as well as all the information needed to register. In general, it is only necessary to verify if a withdrawal is to be made for the first time. Then, because the love money comes into play, and at the latest at the point it is also serious for the casino operators. Our tip: just verify yourself before your first deposit! Why this is useful in most cases and what you need to do at all to complete the step? Of course we have the answer for you.

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Benefits of direct verification:

  • No delays in payouts
  • Only a one-time query of personal data
  • Fast entry – the annoying duty is done
  • Instant protection against data misuse

Reputable Casinos, and verification

The fact that your person is required to be legitimized, there are no two opinions about this at least in well-known online Casinos. And the operators do not even want to take you valuable time, but rather protect you from unauthorized access to your player account – as well as money on it. Therefore, it is generally required that customers verify their Accounts. As a rule, it is sufficient to perform this step directly before the first payout. In this way, the Casino ensures that it is actually the player specified at the time of registration. Third parties do not have access to the transactions. At the same time, the protection of young people is very high. If you are less than 18 years old, you will not receive any winnings. In fact, giving incorrect information about age will result in exclusion.

Our practical tip: register, legitimize, deposit!

Sure you can leave a little time with the verification. At the latest in the course of a first withdrawal, however, it is anyway necessary to send an identity copy to the Casino – via PostIdent procedure, by post, by Fax or by uploading the scanned document. Since the verification of the information you provide may take a few days (not least due to the millions of players who are often registered at a Casino), you should consider legitimizing yourself immediately after registration. An identification copy can be produced quickly. In addition, if a current account statement is required, you can send all documents to the selected company in one transaction. This saves time, and as soon as you have the opportunity to withdraw for the first time, it will be carried out directly without delay.

The Legitimation can also be done even before a deposit. It is therefore not necessary to wait for payment. In this case, the company will only be asked to prove its identity. Nevertheless, you do not have to ask in reputable Casinos long and can at some point necessary steps directly check. How this works can be read in the FAQ. Each company has its own ways to protect themselves and the players.

First the work, then the pleasure? The guiding principle, which has often been heard decades ago, is still true again and again. Especially if you could get high winnings paid out, it’s a good feeling not to have to spend a long time on the verification. If you do everything that is required for this duty, nothing stands in the way of an unadulterated gaming fun in the Casino. By the way, the providers only require the unique identification of your Person. Once you’ve done the whole thing, you’re officially on the move as a “safe” player and can carry out one-and-a-half payouts as you like. Only changes of your address or the like need to be communicated again. At best, you use the Upload form space-if there is one.

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