Top 10 biggest Casino wins

Who doesn’t dream of big Casino luck? Pick a Slot, feed it with a few coins, wait for the spin and cheer together with an acoustic sound. After the machine is displaying an incredible amount the player has just won. And this amount is so high that you have borrowed for the Rest of your life. Yes, there are such profits. And we introduce the top 10 winners in our Ranking.

  • Who does not dare, who does not win
  • The hope dies last
  • Modest happiness all the days of

These and other expressions in terms of happiness are known. And although gambling cannot be influenced, many players make their living space dependent on it and challenge their luck both in the Online Casino and in the stationary arcade. And even though the belief in winning doesn’t have much to do with reality, it seems as if players are attracted by the exclusive atmosphere that prevails at the Casino. And while the Online Casinos are the classic casinos in nothing. In the virtual Casino, the player also enjoys a graphical and acoustic atmosphere, as can be experienced in the real Casino. Live Casinos like 888 Casino or Eurogrand also support the realistic Casino atmosphere, and thanks to the Chat feature, the player can even chat with other players at the table.

The reasons to visit a Casino can be very versatile. A player needs the entertainment to be able to switch off after work, another player uses gambling to pastime, and training can also be a reason to visit the Casino. More and more people start one of the training courses for the Croupier rarely offered in Germany and use the Casino-events to deepen their learned skills and to practice their performance. Nevertheless, most players only have the prospect of high winnings in mind.

The Casino visit allows with a lucky hand stunning profits. With a little luck, utopian sums can now be won. Since it is not surprising that many people can be influenced by the happiness of others and also want to dust off properly. And honestly, the ten winners in our Ranking probably didn’t expect them to become multimillionaires at the Casino. And yet they have challenged their happiness. And it was worth it. Here is our Top 10 of the biggest Casino winnings. We will first consider the top 5 stationary Casinos and then the TOP 5 of the Online Casinos.

The Top 5 of the biggest winnings in the stationary casino

Place 1: multimillionaire on rates

If you ask yourself the question, in which Casino the highest ever cracked Jackpot was recorded, in answer can only get the Excalibur Hotel & Casino. Where if not in Las Vegas should this record be set? Who is the lucky Knight, can not be said exactly, because the name of the then 25-year-old was not revealed.

The only thing you know is that it is a Software developer who will be responsible for the Casino on 21 September. It was visited on March 15, 2003, and then left with incredible $ 40 million. After his visit to the Casino, the developer was not only a millionaire, but also a multimillionaire, and has since represented the title: highest Casino profit ever. And anyone who thinks now, the nameless could become arrogant and the money just so stray times, the wrong. Because in the US laws are different than in Germany. Therefore, the player was not paid the total amount. Instead, each year, it receives a sum of $ 1.5 million.

2nd place: progressive Jackpot to be amazed

35 million win at the Casino? Yes, that is possible. Cynthia Jay-Brennan has won this amazing sum. Where? Of course in Las Vegas. Although Jay-Brennan was not at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino, she fed the same Slot, which also beat our first-placed to the lucky Knight: “Megabucks”. This machine is a so-called Progressive Slot.

This means that the slot machine is linked to a Jackpot, which continues to grow. Until he gets cracked sometime. Just like Cynthia Jay-Brennan. The waitress just cleared the Jackpot with his $ 34,959,458 million. How did she do that? She fed the Slot with some coins and was at the right time in the right place, in front of the right machine. I guess she won’t need her job as a waitress anymore.

3rd place: a pension in millions

And it goes on in Las Vegas with the biggest Casino wins ever. In third place, it’s about a pensioner who was 67 years old at the time and visited the Casino Palace Station. But the retired pensioner is anything but passionate player. She just wanted to have some entertainment and fed a Slot with coins. The lady had $ 100 with her and she didn’t want to spend any more. The money was enough, because she won slackly $ 27.5 million.

A pretty sum to make his living as we find. She also challenged her luck at a “Megabucks” machine. Her Recipe For Happiness: Patience. It wasn’t long before the pensioner tripled her stake of $ 100. And then she cracked the XXL Jackpot to raise her pension in one fell swoop. In millions. The special: This was not the first Jackpot, the lady cracked. Shortly before, she won $ 680,000 at the Casino. At this point we simply assume that not only the pensioner herself, but also her family should have taken care of.

Place 4: missed winning

And we’re staying at the Megabucks machines, which seem to be the easiest to plunder. And again, it was a pensioner who obviously had the Ambition to improve her pension. Johanna Heundl visited Casino Bally’s and suddenly became a millionaire. The 74-year-old lives in California and just wanted to put on a bit of cleaning in Las Vegas. Actually, the pensioner was on her way to breakfast when she decided to make a few rounds in advance at the Casino.

The “Megabucks” slot machines are one of the world’s most famous Slot Machines. The pensioner fed the machine with $ 170 and suddenly became a multimillionaire. She even read herself. She assumed she won $ 2.7 million. But in reality, it was more than $ 20 million. We find that at the age of 70, the pensioner earns her golden life. And with this sum, your family certainly benefited from it.

Place 5: Mini-mission brings millions

The success story of “Megabucks” simply does not want to end. The machine is so widespread that it is represented in almost every Casino in the USA. Our fifth-ranked manager is a management consultant who also had reason to cheer in the desert city of Las Vegas. The then 49-year-old challenged a “Megabucks”vending machine and could hardly believe his luck when the Slot with an acoustic Signal broke out that another millionaire was born in Las Vegas. The popular Slot Machines are progressive slot machines. This means that they are always linked to an ever-growing Jackpot.

These progressive Jackpots can take on huge dimensions within a very short time. The lucky Knight only used $ 10 to spin a few relaxed rounds. Surely he didn’t expect to be able to turn his $ 10 stake into a slack $ 21.3 million profit. And for this, not even several Spins were needed, because the management consultant cracked the Jackpot already with his first spin. To this day it has remained his secret for which he used the money.

The Top 5 of the biggest winnings in the Online Casino

1st place: thanks to Internet to multimillionaire

“Mega Moolah” – admittedly, the Name makes us smile. As far as naming is concerned, creative marketing heads have taken great care of themselves. But when it comes to breaking the beast wild Slot with a progressive top Jackpot, it is completely unimportant. It is much more important to put the coins in the right slots at the right time.

The Slot was able to establish itself several years ago on the gambling market and is now becoming increasingly popular. From the well-known online Casinos, the machine is no longer a thing of the past. Especially when the machine behaves cooperatively and spits millions. In October 2015, a player named John Heywood visited the Betway Casino on the Internet and was convinced by the fact that he won a lot of money. With his guess, he was right. The UK based gambler facilitated the Slot by EUR 17.88 million.

Place 2: the gold mine in the Casino world

If you were lucky to have been active in the Online Casino, you might have already made acquaintance with the “Mega Fortune” Slots. Larger Jackpots in the virtual gambling area probably hardly exist. With these Monster Jackpots, the machines made it into the Guinness Book of records. And that twice. A Finn made it and the highest Jackpot ever snapped at a slot machine. In 2013, he gambled at the Online Casino, winning the utopian Jackpot sum of $ 17.8 million.

He still defends his title to have cracked the highest virtual Jackpot. It is even more incredible that the Finn had to use just 25 cents. “Mega Fortune” was developed years ago by Net Entertainment and is considered a true gold mine. Both experienced players and new entrants. Of course, the question arises as to how it may be possible for the Jackpot to shoot so fast in the shortest possible time. This is not a witch’s work, because the Slot is coupled with all Partner Casinos. This means that all bets made in these Casinos will flow into a common Pot.

3rd place: as multimillionaire in the Guinness Book of records

However, before the Finn, a player made it into the Guinness Book of records. The slot “Mega Fortune” made headlines at the time, because a Norwegian with a win total of 11.7 million set the first record. Incredible 11.7 million the player pressed out of the Slot at Betsson Casino. Without warning, the Slot made him a multimillionaire. The Norwegian was shocked and could hardly believe his luck. We’re just assuming he’s got used to his new millionaire.

Seat 4: Seduced by 1001 night

And also our place 4 should be quite grateful to the developer Team of NetEnt. The slot Machine “Arabian Nights”, which was launched on the market a few years ago, comes from NetEnt. This is also a progressive Slot, which impresses with its simple graphics. This seems almost nostalgic, but is secondary in terms of millions of profits to consider. After all, the graphics are of little use when it comes to wanting to become multimillionaire with a progressive Slot. A player sat in front of the Slot, which is known in this country, but is offered in a Casino, which is not very popular in Germany. In 2012, he let himself be enchanted by the magic of 1001 night and had to use only 5 EUR to be ultimately 8,6 million EUR richer.

Seat 5: A new car for 50 EUR

And the fifth-placed player is also a Scandinavian. So slowly the impression arises, as if the people in the countries there were particularly marked by happiness. Because it is indeed the case that most top Jackpots have been cracked in Scandinavia and neighbouring countries. At least so far. In 2012, a Swedish Gambler sat in the virtual Slot “Hall of Gods”.

The lady also wanted to shoot only a few rounds and did not expect that she can become a multimillionaire on the Internet. The Slot comes – how should it be otherwise – from the house of NetEnt. The Schwedin bet a total of EUR 50, hoping for a moderate profit. After all, she wanted to buy a new car and needed the necessary change. After emptying the Slot, she could definitely buy more than a new car, because she won EUR 7.8 million.

Conclusion: with a few clicks to the millionaire

The dream of millions-winning probably not only have passionate players. And just a Casino seems like it’s easy to become a millionaire. No matter if in the stationary arcade or in the Online Casino. The fascination with small stakes to crack Jackpots in the millions, fascinates all generations. And even though the Jackpots in the Online Casino are not nearly as high as in Las Vegas, gambling on a virtual level is particularly tempting by its convenient handling. With just a few clicks to riches. A dream that has already come true for our Top 10.



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