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Trends in gambling business development in 2020

The use of cryptocurrency

The use of cryptocurrencyThe use of cryptocurrencies continues to spread to various areas of business, including the gambling industry. Legislative consolidation of the legal status of cryptocurrency assets encourages their scaling and strengthens their positions.

For online gambling users, the ability to Deposit and withdraw funds in cryptocurrency provides anonymity and security. This determines the current and subsequent popularity of the method.

According to some analysts, in 2020, cryptocurrencies will gradually replace the old payment methods in gambling. The strongest side of this type of transaction is the security provided by the blockchain technology, thanks to which the probability of identity theft is reduced to zero.
In addition, users tend to choose the cryptocurrency method because of the low Commission rate, the lack of ability to adjust data, and the accelerated procedure for entering and withdrawing funds.

Live casino

Live casinoAccording to experts, players around the world will more often prefer live casinos. All thanks to the atmosphere of a traditional gambling establishment while maintaining the main advantage of an online casino-accessibility from your own sofa.

An important factor that makes the format even more popular for users is the presence of a live dealer in the game. However, the format is attractive not only for players, but also profitable for land-based gambling establishments. The fact is that for its introduction, an online gambling operator must rent a room in a land-based casino, which provides additional income for the latter.

We should add that, according to H2 Gaming Capital, 25% of the online casino’s revenue comes from this type of entertainment. The popularity of live casinos is supported by another important trend of the last few years – the spread of mobile gambling.

Mobile gambling

Mobile gamblingThe number of players who visit online casinos using mobile devices is increasing every year. The Rub90 portal published the results of a study, according to which the number of players using mobile technologies to visit gambling sites increased by 117% in the period from 2013 to 2018.

This stunning result is achieved by making devices more functional and accessible. Improving the quality of Internet coverage plays an important role in the spread of mobile gambling.

Some casinos even launch their own mobile gambling apps.

Experts are convinced that the relevance of mobile applications for gambling will not only remain on the agenda in 2020, but will also increase. We add that mobile games have been called the second breath of gadgets, so the interaction of industries is relevant in both directions. You can read more about this in our separate article.

New board games

New board gamesGambling establishments offer a fairly wide selection of table games, while poker and blackjack remain timeless classics. However, both games require a whole set of special knowledge and skills. Since gambling is primarily entertainment, people tend to choose simpler systems. Knowing this, operators are constantly trying to introduce new Board games that are both simple and exciting.

In addition, land-based casino operators understand that their segment is gradually being replaced by the online casino industry, and therefore try to make the user experience more interactive. Let’s take a closer look at the balance of power between online and offline casinos.

Ground segment: the trend of decline

Ground segmentAs mentioned earlier, operators of land-based gambling establishments feel that online gambling is coming on their heels. The struggle between the online and offline industries is even more noticeable in the example of the sports betting vertical. The trend of reducing visitors to land-based gambling facilities is natural. In many countries, gambling establishments are located either in resort areas or on the basis of casino resorts located far from major cities. It is simply difficult and sometimes expensive for visitors to get to gambling centers. Moreover, in many European countries there is an alternative – an online casino. However, if it is not possible to legally participate in online gambling, when virtual entertainment is prohibited in the state at the legislative level, the advantage remains with land-based establishments.

Changing user habits

Changing user habitsTechnological development has reached a high level, and the gambling industry does not exclude the possibility that this year it will be possible to place bets using a SmartWatch.

Social games have been especially popular recently. Despite the fact that they do not bring direct income to the operator and are considered free, participants can still pay small amounts, but not as bets, but to buy in-game items. The latter indicates that there is potentially a cluster of users who are willing to pay for gambling entertainment, but they are not customers of classic online casinos. In 2020, operators are expected to step up their efforts to reach this target audience.


RegulationWhen it comes to the development of the gambling business, you can not leave out the most important aspect – the rules of the markets. The latter are established at the legislative level by each individual jurisdiction. However, it is possible to highlight the General mood of world gambling, especially with regard to the restrictions of the gambling industry.

In 2019, some countries have legalized the work of gambling companies. Such a decision is usually caused by the understanding that by prohibiting gambling, the state only encourages the development of the shadow business segment. The latter does not provide not only control and taxation systems, which is unprofitable for the state from a financial point of view, but also a mechanism for protecting the rights of users.

Positive trends are also observed in the post-Soviet space. For example, Belarus has legalized the online segment, the Russian Federation has simplified the procedure for identifying users for the sports betting segment, and Ukraine is preparing legislation regulating the gambling industry.

However, in many European countries, either a ban on gambling advertising has already been introduced, or there is a not zero probability that operators will be left without the opportunity to promote their own products. And the General trend is that new markets are opening up, but existing ones are characterized by the practice of tightening working conditions.


CommunicationLast but not least, communication. In recent years, the number of events that are organized in the gambling industry has increased dramatically. Conferences, exhibitions, and other events are organized to share experiences. Thus, it is possible to establish a dialogue not only among companies with disparate specialization, but also among representatives of different countries.

According to the gambling events calendar, 2020 will be a busy year.

Recall that according to Union Gaming, the turnover of the American sports betting market may reach $2.5 billion until 2021.

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