UK Gambling Commission decides new rules for Online gambling

UK-licensed gambling providers will be required to verify UK customers prior to making a deposit in the future. The new rules will enter into force from May 2019 – a few information and background to the decisions I am trying to give here.

The UK regulatory authority has set itself the task of protecting children and young people. For this reason, Online gambling operators should check the age and identity of their customers more quickly in the future. This should not only have an impact on the protection of minors, but also benefit the players themselves.

If verification is completed before the deposit, you should be able to simply withdraw funds, as the gambling provider can no longer carry out a withdrawal.

Goal: Fair and safe gambling

As early as March 2018, the UK Gambling Commission noticed that 15% of complaints involve gambling providers ‘ practices requesting identity verification documents prior to disbursement. In the UK, gambling providers have 72 hours of registration to verify the identity of the player. You may withhold withdrawals until completion.

If it turns out that the players were minors, the stakes must be returned. The same applies if the players are known as gamblers and have been blocked in the Online Casino or via Gamstop.

In order to remedy most of the problems, the Gambling Commission now insists on checking the identity and age before the deposit or the use of bonus funds.

However, you go one step further, since you can also offer the demo versions of casino games in the UK in the future only if an age check was made beforehand. Technically, the offers of free play of Slots or other Casino Games are not gambling. You don’t play for money and you don’t get any prizes. However, there would be no legitimate reason why such Games should be available for children.

What exactly does this mean for online Casinos with a UK license

Online Casinos and sports betting providers will be required to verify a customer’s name, address and date of birth before making their first deposit. Only then can he start playing. You should request information and documents for review immediately after registration.

For gambling operators, the advantage is that damage can be better avoided and criminal activities can be detected more quickly. The operators would eventually have more information about their customers. In addition, there are fewer disputes between players as operators can no longer carry out payouts because they still have to carry out identity verification.

The actions are designed to better recognize players who play under self-exclusion. This applies to players who have locked themselves in the Online Casino itself, but also have locked themselves via the online multi-Operator self-exclusion system Gamstop.

The customer may not play until his data has been correctly entered and a comparison with the operator’s database and Gamstop has been made. Children or young people should therefore not come to play at all, because already before the deposit should notice that they are minors.

UK Gambling Commission is convinced of the changes

Neil McArthur is the managing director of the Gambling Authority. He defined the objectives as follows:

These changes will protect children and addicts from damage caused by gambling and reduce the risk of crime related to gambling. They will also make gambling more fair by helping consumers receive their profits without undue delay.

The regulatory authority has established that the UK Online gambling market is the largest regulated market in the world. We want to continue to ensure that it is the safest and fairest market. The changes are intended to improve the review of online gambling. One would like to continue to improve the standards for players, so that the regulatory measures actually have an effect.

Jeremy Wright is Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. In particular, it regards the extension of youth protection to the demo versions as particularly positive:

By extending strict age verification rules to Free-to-Play games, we create a much safer online environment for children that helps to close a possible gate to the detriment of gambling.

The new rules will enter into force from May 2019 On 7.

The new rules are to enter into force on 13 May 2019. The regulatory authority is currently planning an open consultation. The aim is to advise on what expectations are placed on the interaction with customers who may have a game addiction problem. It’s all about dealing with gambling block.

In the team meeting, like developments in the UK, we discussed and see them as very positive overall. If all EU-licensed online Casinos were to carry out the checks at the time of registration, there would be a few problems less. However, you can not even quickly try a new Casino. Unless the Online Casinos perform the checks faster and perhaps hire more staff. In May 2019, the impact of the new rules on the gambling markets of other EU countries will be shown.

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