Youtube Has Blocked Casino Streamers

As most of you know a lot of YouTubers have been banned either on lifetime or gotten excluded from live streaming. Monday the 28th of May YouTube started shutting down live casino streamers – Channels that have received a permanent ban that I’m aware of: Casinoreggie, Daskelelele, TheBigJackpot, BrianChristopherSlots (first two were during livestreams, the second two I’m not sure).

Maybe a gap in the market to start your own streaming / video platform? With the way content is delivered these days it’s costs pennies to run and if you have the right people running things its fairly straight easy to maintain.

With the pending crackdown by ASA in the UK, gambling ads are going to be highly regulated (maybe banned) on TV so would expect YouTube to start restricting things further when pressure is applied by the Government.

Youtube Has Blocked Casino Streamers

Why have they been shut down?


The reasons for this have not as of yet been confirmed. There have been rumors going round, however at this point they are still merely rumors.

Someone connected to Letsgiveitaspin had this to say regarding the on-going situation:

“We are currently trying to find out why it happened and working towards finding a solution.”

Fckn Lier ))))

As of yet, there has been no further official report or statement detailing why the channels were shut down. Sources tell us that an effort is being made towards finding a solution which is suitable for all parties involved in the situation.

Both channels received an email from YouTube after they had already been banned, explaining why their channels had to be shut down. Some players are claiming that this is unfair treatment, as the channels should have been guided by YouTube staff in making the appropriate changes.

In addition to this, the streamers will not be given a chance to fix any possible issues in order to keep their channels. It is very difficult to remove a YouTube ban once it has been placed on any channel. However, to reiterate, nothing can be confirmed or denied at this point – and the roads remain open for both streamers.

Where can I still watch them?

If you’re avid fans of both casino streamers, you can of course still follow them on their Twitch channels: Letsgiveitaspin and CasinoDaddy Fake Brothers. Both streamers are still active on these fronts, and do regular live streams for all to watch.

Their popularity is unlikely to die out because of this incident, although it will still be a blow to both players in terms of income. Only time can tell at this point if they will be able to recuperate their YouTube channels or not.

Keep watching this space for any further updates on the situation.

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