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You are looking for a reputable Online Casino, but have not yet found a professional and trusted Casino website on the Web? In our comparison you can find a list of the best Online Casinos for all around the world.

We always do our best to meet the requirements of our visitors and therefore have the right supplier and offer available for every taste. With just a few clicks, you can get an overview of all the bonuses and games offered at any Online Casino and make the right decision thanks to authentic reviews and Real Player Ratings.

High Recommended for You

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Why Inform us?

On the Internet there is an unmanageable number of gambling sites. At the present time, 87% of these sites are run by a few large and purely commercial Marketing agencies. These dubious companies buy websites and produce fast Spam pages, which they then push up through illegal methods in the search results.

Our Minimum Requirement

  • A valid, European gaming license
  • Exclusive use of independently verified Casino Software
  • Secure, encrypted payments
  • Player protection concept

As search engines notice this Spam and regularly remove these sites from the Index, the operators of these Casino and sports betting sites compete commercially in their short or even longer periods of success. Without regard to losses, even dubious online Casinos are clearly praised in test reports written by advertisers in the sky.
Unfortunately, this includes gambling providers without a license and Fake Software, in which players not only expose themselves to the risk of an unfair game, but by playing along according to German law even commit a criminal act!

In contrast to these sites Gamblers.Casino is one of the players developed, naturally grown Casino site, which started as a Hobby site, and over the years the first full-fledged Casino comparison portal in the EU. Because of the players ‘ honor, but also in order not to jeopardize the hard-earned trust of our Community, we completely renounce the listing of illegal online Casinos. We also categorically reject gambling casinos regulated by supervisory authorities outside Europe.

Our Motto: Online Casinos are substitutable, not the trust of a Community!

Player, the information on GambleJoe, you can be sure that in our comparison only the Online Casinos which meet our minimum standards. These Standards guarantee our visitors maximum possible security, compatibility with German law and a fair, random-based process of the games.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What do I need to play at an Online Casino and deposit and withdraw?
In order to play at an Online Casino, you basically only need an internet connection. For deposits and withdrawals an account is required at a Bank, Paypal, Neteller or Skrill. The account used for the deposit must always be in the player’s name. Before the first withdrawal, Online Casinos must verify the identity of the player. A valid Identity Card, Passport, Driving Licence and an address holder are required. An address carrier may be, for example, a telephone, mobile phone or electricity bill. These documents can be scanned or photographed and then sent by E-Mail to the respective provider.
How old do I have to be to play at an Online Casino?
Players must be at least 18 years old to participate in games of chance. Online Casinos check the identity and age of the players at the latest before the first payout by requesting a photo ID such as an identity card, passport or driving license. Winnings will not be paid out to underage players. It makes no sense for minors to register at an Online Casino or to play for Real Money!
Is a player Account free?
Yes, registration and membership in any Online Casino is completely free at any time. No provider on GambleJoe requires any charges or invoices for the use of their game platforms. Players decide at any time themselves when, where and how much they play.
Is my data safe?
All online Casinos on GambleJoe must comply with the EU privacy policy. These guidelines stipulate that data may only be collected for specific and legitimate purposes and must be kept safe from third-party access. The data in Online Casinos are therefore as secure or insecure as in any other major company in Germany and Europe. From an economic point of view, it makes no sense for Online Casinos to sell data to third parties, for example. For this reason, one can be relatively sure that customer data will only be issued if the Online Casinos are forced to do so by the law.
How long does a payout take?
Since this is different from provider to provider, you can not give a flat-rate answer to this. Good online Casinos pay out the profit within a few hours, bad online Casinos need up to 10 days. Players review online Casinos and the withdrawal period is a review point.
Who guarantees me that online Casinos really pay out winnings? has a very low Chance of finding an Online Casino that doesn’t pay out. Providers who do this systematically will not be happy on our comparison portal either, because they are rated negatively by players on the one hand and on the other Sooner or later on our Blacklist. In rare cases, our providers also have disputes between players and Casinos. In these cases, players can be present at the Forum and at the relevant European supervisory authority, for example. Malta, Isle of Man, etc. This supervisory authority then decides on the respective case. This also leads to success, shows our biggest case we worked with the player, see here. Players who play in Online Casinos without a gambling license or weak licenses outside Europe, however, have poor cards and depend on the goodwill of the Casinos. For this reason, suppliers of this kind are not listed with us.
Why do most online Casinos sit abroad?
Most Online Casinos are located abroad, since EU, with the exception of Schleswig-Holstein, currently does not grant licences to Online gambling operators. Tax advantages also play an important role. There are a few Online Casinos that have a EU gambling license in Schleswig-Holstein. However, this license applies only to this state. This means that players from other states cannot play at these online Casinos. These Casinos are getting more and more about a second license on Malta, Isle of Man, etc. also to give players from other federal states access to their offer. For players outside Schleswig-Holstein, there are always other European regulators – regardless of where you play. In the Online Casino comparison of GambleJoe you can sort in the Rest of the providers with a SH-license.
Is Online gambling legal?
The legal Situation has been rather spongy for more than 15 years. State gambling providers, who want to maintain their monopoly on gambling in EU, rely on the gambling State Treaty, which prevents the participation and provision of Online gambling. Providers rely on the EU freedom to provide services and on the fact that the state Treaty on gambling violates EU law. So far, no Supreme Court decision has been made as to why Online gambling is a legal grey area in Germany. For 20 years, millions of players have participated in Online gambling, and so far, never a player has been legally convicted under §285 of the Criminal Code. There has been only one case where a player was sentenced to a monetary penalty. However, this judgment was annulled in the second instance. Players who play in properly licensed online Casinos within Europe have nothing to fear. However, it looks different at Online Casinos without a license, fake license or licenses outside the EU. Here, players would definitely make themselves punishable under §285 StGB. However, these online Casinos are not listed at GambleJoe.
Do I have to pay taxes on profits?
No, winnings from games of Chance are not taxable. An exception are professional Poker players, who through special skills, over a long period of time, earn regular revenues. In contrast to Poker, games like Roulette, blackjack, slot games & co. pure games of chance, in which no Lasting gains can be achieved. Therefore, profits from these games are always tax-free. Even average poker players are not asked to pay by the Treasury.

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